Web Designers vs. Web Developers


Funny graphic by @shanesnow that captures the difference between web designers vs. web developers: Like the issue of Startup CTO or Developer , often startup founders who are less technical have this same question.

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7 Useful Web Design Tips For Entrepreneurs

YFS Magazine

Effective web design involves creating a practical and aesthetically pleasing site. Grow Marketing & Sales company website marketing web design web developmentHere are 7 useful tips to keep in mind.

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Think about Performance Before Building a Web Application


” In our performance consulting work, we often hear variations of the following: “Our web application was running fine with a few hundred users. Web application performance is a broad discipline. However, most web applications are not blogs or news sites.

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Tips On Hiring A Web Design Service


One such requirement is the need to have a good web design firm that can handle your online presence and help you in content management services. How would you search for a web design service for your business? Choosing a web designer is a daunting task.

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How Flawed Web Design Undermines Your Brand Image


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Selecting a Web Development Company


I''ve written before about finding Web Development Firms in Los Angeles. What do they do after the web site is launched? What I didn''t discuss was how you should go about selecting the right company.

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How To Get The Best Deal On Web Hosting Services For Your Site


If you are interested in getting web hosting services for your site, there are some very important considerations you will need to make to save as much money as possible. It might actually be a good idea to downgrade the current web hosting package you have so you can save money.

Curation of the Web

Instigator Blog

And because we only have a few interests at any given point in time, we look for other ways to collect and sort through all the available material on the Web. Finding great content isn’t getting any easier.

The Optimizer’s Guide to Web Accessibility


That’s where web accessibility comes in, opening you up to conversion opportunities you didn’t even know you were missing out on. What is web accessibility? I Want To See Like The Color Blind : apply color blindness filters to your web page right within Chrome.

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The Difference Between UX And UI Web Design

YFS Magazine

Grow Marketing & Sales company website e-commerce marketing user experience user interface web design website designAs affordable UX/UI developers, in our experience UX is about making things useful while UI deals with making things beautiful.

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Liquid Web Review: Best Dedicated Web Hosting for Small Businesses

Inc Startups

Liquid Web Review - our choice for Best Dedicated Web Hosting. Technology

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5 Web Design Strategies To Engage Users on Your Site


Making sure your website is visually appealing is an important aspect of your web design. Here are five web design strategies you can use to boost the engagement metrics on your site: 1. These are just some of the ways you can use web design to improve your site’s user engagement.

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The Rise Of The Mobile Web And App Domination

YFS Magazine

Consumers and businesses, alike, will benefit from the rise of the mobile web. Is your business ready to capitalize on it? Grow Technology mobile app mobile app development mobile apps mobile trends technology

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5 Factors For Choosing The Best Web Host


You probably already know how crucial it is for you to choose the best web host for your website’s success; you do have to determine the things that you should consider when choosing the right one for your needs. When it comes to a web host, you need one that’s reliable.

Book: Product Design for the Web

Feld Thoughts

Last week Fred Wilson wrote a post recommending two books including Randy Hunt’s Product Design for the Web: Principles of Designing and Releasing Web Products. The post Book: Product Design for the Web appeared first on Feld Thoughts.

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Los Angeles Web Developer


Just the kind of person I like to meet. :) But I was a bit surprised when he emphasized how hard it had been for them to find a web developer in Los Angeles. My flippant comment was, “If you do a Google search for Los Angeles web developer, you’ll find a LOT of people and firms.” Web design typically refers to the process of interface design and graphic design. The result of web design are static pages as graphics or HTML.

Creating Memorable Brands: Brandanew Across the Web


We are now sharing another monthly post of Brandanew around the web- as we help brands spend time in creating memorable brands. The post Creating Memorable Brands: Brandanew Across the Web appeared first on Brandanew.

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Applying Product Management to Web Design in a Multiscreen Era

The Product Guy

In our a recent live stream from one of our mentors of The Product Mentor , Ian Moulton, lead a conversation around “Multiscreen Web Design”. Previously, Ari launched WebMD’s mobile web business and grew it to 23+ million monthly unique visitors.

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Applying Product Management to Web Design in a Multiscreen Era

The Product Guy

In our a recent live stream from one of our mentors of The Product Mentor , Ian Moulton, lead a conversation around “Multiscreen Web Design”. Previously, Ari launched WebMD’s mobile web business and grew it to 23+ million monthly unique visitors.

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Aim For Elegance: How Entrepreneurs Can Avoid Web Design Flaws


It’s all about making smart web design choices. In some cases, this also means compromising your business’s concept more broadly because of how much entrepreneurs learn in honing their web design. Others web design

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Meilleur Minoxidil * Pharmacie Web


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Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Your Web Marketing

The Startup Magazine

With those two factors, not much time or resources is left to be placed on actual web marketing of the product or service. When a business owner hires someone else to do this job, it’s almost always someone who has had direct experience with web marketing.

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Book: The Red Web: The Struggle Between Russia’s Digital Dictators and the New Online Revolutionaries

Feld Thoughts

The Red Web: The Struggle Between Russia’s Digital Dictators and the New Online Revolutionaries was one of two books I read this weekend (the other was Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness ).

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Web Second, Mobile First

Both Sides of the Table

The titles were: Mobile First, Web Second. Mobile First, Web Second (continued). People forgot that Fred also wrote “Web Second.” ” So I’ve had to encourage an entire cohort of startups that I’ve met not to ignore the power of the web.

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UsIng a Web Design App to Launch Your Startup Website

The Startup Magazine

Outsourcing to a web design firm can be costly and also a time drain as it usually requires multiple iterations to capture your vision. Sparkle is a Mac web design app with an array of helpful features to help you get up and running quickly. Sparkle ad for its visual web design app.

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The Building Blocks of the Web

Instigator Blog

Building applications for the web (or mobile) has never been easier. The building blocks emerging for web/mobile development make it possible for a 14-year old (or anyone) to become a developer pretty easily. The building blocks of the web are getting easier to stitch together too.

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Web 2.0 Strategy


Fantastic post by Dion Hinchcliffe - Ten Aspects of Web 2.0 Strategy That Every CTO and CIO Should Know. Raises some interesting points, but the general theme is: just figure out ways to get it to happen

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Are Web Design and Digital Marketing Overrated?

Inc Startups

Long gone are the days when having a website and bombarding the internet with keyword-rich articles did the trick. Marketing

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Technical Advisors: Every Web/Mobile Startup Must Have One


And it made me come to a new realization: Every early-stage web/mobile/online startup should have at least one technical advisor, probably two. I did a presentation recently for a graduate class from The Founder Institute around getting online/mobile products out the door.

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6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Web Hosting Service

The Startup Magazine

A major part of this is always going to be about choosing from reputable web hosting services in Australia. So, what are 6 things to consider when choosing the right web hosting service for your website? Web hosting a non-negotiable when it comes to your online presence.

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The Significance of SEO in Web Design

Duct Tape Marketing

The Significance of SEO in Web Design written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape Marketing. SEO includes a variety of factors and plays a critical role in web design. Web design and SEO work together and more web designers are choosing to integrate SEO when designing websites.

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The Semantic Web Opens a New Age for Entrepreneurs

Startup Professionals Musings

This has been a long-time dream of Tim Berners-Lee , the man who (really) invented the World Wide Web. He calls his dream the ‘Semantic Web’ (or Web 3.0), meaning it understands user context.

Customer Development for Web Startups

Steve Blank

Ash Maurya , the CEO of WiredReach, has extended my work by building a model of Customer Development for Web Startups. Go read both of his posts on Discovery and Validation for web startups. What makes sense for startups selling Enterprise Software may not work for startups on the web.

7 Web Form Optimization Insights from Testing Hundreds of Forms


Despite the impact a well-optimized form can have on the bottom line, most marketers still use “paper forms on the web” (web forms that look like forms you’d fill out on paper). Besides asking for more information, little has changed in the way that they approach web forms.

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Front Loading Web Content

Mike Michalowicz

Do same with your web content. Behavioral Influence Customer Loyalty Customer Service Marketing Strategies content writing front load front loading web content Movie trailers are front loads of the movies they pitch. Advertisements are front loads of the product or service they sell. Newspaper articles are front loaded to pack the essence of the story in the beginning, fading to the details toward the end. Front loading is a good thing. Particularly for modern society.

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2018 Web Design Trends: Your Guide To Navigating 9 Hot Trends

crowdSPRING Blog

Marketing and branding design entrepreneur inspiration marketing small business Strategy web design web design trends websitesPhoto by William Iven on Unsplash. People are increasingly shopping online. In fact, last year more than half of all purchases were made online.

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Shrewd Ideas For Effective Web Design


Your web design has a huge impact on the number of prospects you convert to clients. To implement a plan for web design, you need to know how customers are using your website. Google is the largest search engine on the web.

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Web Framework Performance - Startup Founders Need to See These Numbers


In Web Framework Benchmarks , there are some very interesting and surprising numbers around the performance of various web frameworks. Startup Founders really need to see these numbers. And I hope you are not running on Cake PHP when you see these numbers.

60 seconds on the web

Start Up Blog

60 seconds on the web: 12,000+ new ads posted on Craigslist. The world moves fast. When we we’re unconnected the speed of change went unnoticed. Now that we all have digital footprints, we can track all that happens.

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The decline of the mobile web

Chris Dixon

People are spending more time on mobile vs desktop: And more of their mobile time using apps, not the web: This is a worrisome trend for the web. Right now, apps are winning and the web is losing. Resources are going to app development over web development.

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