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It is called Raise Cache and it should be a lot of fun. On the evening of November 17th, the NY tech community is going to throw a party to raise $100k for HackNY. At 8:30pm there is going to be a fashion show featuring members of the tech industry on the runway.

How Etsy caches: hashing, Ketama, and cache smearing

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At Etsy, we rely heavily on memcached and Varnish as caching tiers to improve performance and reduce load. Database and search index query results, expensive calculations, and more are stored in memcached as a look-aside cache read from PHP and Java. Hot keys and cache smearing.

Cached Thoughts in Conversation

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

His solution: cached thoughts. Both of these problems are solvable by having a sufficiently well built-up storage of cached thoughts that I don't need to generate everything in real time. First, that I need to generate cached thoughts in more subjects than I currently have. Seconds, that I need an ability to more reliably steer conversation into subjects that I actually do have cached thoughts about.

WordPress Page Caching Faster than Light — @WPEngine releases TachyCache

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Today WP Engine proudly announces a new WordPress page-caching technology which actually delivers pages before the user clicks the link! Dateline April 1, 2012. Austin TX. In a joint venture with CERN, WP Engine has developed a TCP/IP layer on top of a faster-than-light neutrino beam, delivering page content in negative time. Page state and web analytics is preserved forward in time using quantum-entangled cookies.

Interrogating DNS Caches - Constantly Learning

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2 Critical Lessons From The Greatest Cyber-Weapon Leak In History

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Two big changes that must happen now that a cache of powerful cyberweapons, likely belonging to the NSA, has been obtained by a mysterious, hostile actor

2 students in custody after high school hit list found

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

AP) — Authorities in North Carolina say two students are in custody after school administrators found multiple "hit lists" with names of students, a principal and community members, and deputies found a cache of weapons at one student's FRANKLIN, N.C. (AP)

What To Do When Google Chrome Helper Eats Your Mac’s Battery Life

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Buried somewhere in one of the threads was a note to try clearing my browser cache. Of course, there is no “clear browser cache” option any more, but there is now a “hamburger menu: More Tools: Clear Browsing Data” option.

Framework Benchmarks


For the data-connected test, weve deliberately constructed the tests to avoid any framework-provided caching layer. Framework X has in-memory caching, why dont you use that?" What about other caching approaches, then?" About What we do Portfolio People Blog Contact.

Behold: The Quantified Baby

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The movement-tracking, data-caching quantified-self movement now wants to crawl into your baby''s crib. And get into his diapers. Seriously

Framework Benchmarks Round 16


Now in its fifth year, the TechEmpower Framework Benchmarks project has another official round of results available. Round 16 is a real treat for anyone who likes big numbers.

Framework Benchmarks Round 10


SQLite tests miss the spirit of the database tests by avoiding network communication to a secondary server (a database server), making them a bit similar to our future caching-enabled test type. The SQLite tests may return once we have the caching test type specified and implemented.

Historic papers behind walls of Asheville home

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

ASHEVILLE — An Asheville man has spent the past month reviewing a cache of documents found hidden in a secret compartment next to the chimney of the landmark home he bought last fall

Would You Hire That Guy Who Lists Mensa On His Resume?

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Given the myriad ways that smart people can demonstrate aptitude on a resume, it just feels like an easy way for underachievers to earn cach for their raw intelligence despite their inability to harness it productively

How to Improve Website Load Times – Infographic

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Take Advantage of a Caching Plugin A caching plugin like W3 Total Cache can compress files and pages; this enables the website to load faster. Caching plugins can also minimize the file size by removing empty spaces and lines.

Frameworks Round 1


For the data-connected test, we''ve deliberately constructed the tests to avoid any framework-provided caching layer. Framework X has in-memory caching, why don''t you use that?" What about other caching approaches, then?"

Hampton Creek CEO Wants Investigation of USDA After American Egg Board Revelations

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A recently released cache of emails appears to shows the USDA-appointed board doing the bidding of the egg industry and helping it defending its turf agains the plant-based-food startup

Beach-bound couple busted for meth

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

WILMINGTON — Two honeymooners heading for the beach have been arrested in Leland after police say they found the contents of a mobile meth lab and a cache of drugs in their car

Desperately Seeking a Solution to Google Hangouts Errors 212, 213, 214, 215, 216

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I’ve tried clearing the cache, logging out, and resetting the browser / computer, which seems to be the only constructive solutions I can find on the web. I’m a huge Google Hangouts user.

Think about Performance Before Building a Web Application


Reverse proxies are terrific for what they do: caching and serving static or semi-static content. Reverse-proxies and other front-end caching mechanisms are commonplace in WordPress deployments. “It was running fine.”

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A Simple Trick You Can Do on Google to Access ANY Site That is Down

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Just go to Google.com then type in the search box the word cache: and the website. cache:ToiletPaperEntrepreneur.com. And whammo, it’ll bring up a cached, backup version of the website. Google makes backups of websites all the time, and you can access that backup even when the live site isn’t letting you in. Like so…. SOURCE: This awesome tip comes courtesy of Mike Michalowicz over at www.toiletpaperentrepreneur.com.

Feld.com Automagically Upgraded To HTTPS By Pantheon

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Even better, it is powered by their new Global CDN , with over 30 points of presence and the most sophisticated Drupal and WordPress caching technology available on the market. Their CDN speeds up pageloads by 50% to 300% by caching full page content (traditionally almost impossible to achieve with dynamic CMS systems). Use of HTTPS (which stands for HTTP Secure) has grown from 13% of the top one million websites to 19% in the past year.

Best Bird of the Weekend (Last of 2017)


The birds were busy caching food in a snow squall and did not care that Corey pulled up in his car right next to them with his digiscoping rig. Happy New Year!

Don’t Let Slow Load Times Limit Your Potential


Caching. The most frequently accessed product pages and page elements should be cached so that they don’t have to be repeatedly retrieved on each visit. Set those items to be cached, and they are removed from each reload.

Six Simple Ways To Digitally Declutter Your Small Business


Clear your cookies and cache. The cache is used by web browsers to accelerate page loading time, but this process saves itself in a file on your computer. By clearing all your browsing data, cache and cookies regularly, you can prevent this from happening.

7 High-Octane Strategies to Boost Site Speed and Leave Competitors in the Dust!

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Save Time by Enabling Browser Caching. Browser caching is a server-side feature that can reduce this time by asking the browser to store some of the components locally. How to Enable Browser Caching? The above methods will ask the browser to cache static versions of whole pages.

6 Easy Ways To Use Less Data Every Month


Cache Google Maps. However, there is a limit to the amount of data you are allowed to cache – if you surpass this limit, you’ll be asked by the app to zoom to a smaller area.

11 Low-Hanging Fruits for Increasing Website Speed (and Conversions)


Memcached is an open source high-performance distributed memory object caching system intended for use in speeding up dynamic web applications by alleviating database load. If you use WordPress, it plays nicely with W3 Total Cache plugin and you can set Memcached to do the caching. #5

11 Essential WordPress Plugins in 2016

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W3 Total Cache W3 Total Cache is one of the top plugins for WordPress. Page caching is used to avoid the delay by creating static cache pages for each page so that there is no need to dynamically load the contents each time. Caching of pages and posts in memory or on disk.

How Entrepreneurs Select And Nurture Top Performers

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They are not looking to build a cache of favors or special attention, and are not willing to make deals that compromise the solutions and can come back to haunt them. Isn’t it amazing that some people you know always seem to be working hard, but never seem to get anything done?

Reducing Domain Sharding

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Since it can be challenging to change this dynamically (and can cause browser caching issues), people typically settle on a fixed number of shards – usually two. Make sure that your CDN is configured to leave hostname out of the cache key.

Why We Hate Ads

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There was a time when searching wasn’t easy, so you had to rely on your memory cache of known things. You could argue that ads were useful in filling that cache, particularly for things that you had not needed or experienced up to that point. If you are aware that you want to find something, you search for it. Now that we have instant online search, that problem is no more.

How To Set Goals Like You’re Google (Even If You’re Not)

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A totally private, worldwide high-speed internet with locally cached video and free state-of-the-art PCs for every end user. Imagine a quick transition animation which played when you pressed the Play button that seemed to be a UX affordance but actually allowed us to start caching the video locally so we could tolerate connectivity interruptions in the post-play experience. Embrace the 10x factor.

Reducing Image File Size at Etsy

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For example, there’s load balancing involved with our ImgWriters to spread requests across the cluster, and our ImgCaches have a level of local in-memory caching for images that are frequently requested, coupled with a hashing scheme to reduce duplication of work.

Is Your WordPress Website Optimised?


The second area to help improve your WordPress website speed is to enable caching. Caching enables you to store files and images on your server or your visitors browser for quicker loading when they revisit your website or browse through other pages.

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Atomic deploys at Etsy

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Do you clear your caches, graceful your web server, prime your caches, or even stagger your deploys to groups of servers at a time and remove them from your load balancer while they are being updated? It should be possible to atomically update a running server without restarting it and without clearing any caches. When trying to address this problem in the past, I’ve made use of PHP’s realpath cache and APC (a PHP opcode cache, which uses inodes as keys).

API First Transformation at Etsy – Operations

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A big step forward was the introduction of HTTP response caching. We had to add caching quickly, and first tried the same cache we use for image serving, Apache Traffic Server.

API 44

Anatomy of an online ad

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Cache busting. Cache busting. This is used for cache busting. A cache-buster is a unique piece of code that prevents a browser from reusing an ad it has already seen and cached, or saved, to a temporary memory file.

Oversi Gets $4.9 million from Carmel, Cisco, Smac and StageOne Ventures

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The Oversi platform offers caching solutions that enable operators to deal with the huge traffic load on their servers while improving the user’s quality of experience (read: get rid of the annoying buffering while watching online TV). Oversi, the global leader in OTT Internet Video and P2P caching solutions, announced today that it has completed a new investment round, totaling US$ 4.9 I sraeli company Oversi has announced a series C round of $4.9

The Easiest Way To Start Doing Business Internationally

Mike Michalowicz

Just like rum from Jamaica instantly has cache, American entrepreneurs carry the same caches. If you are located outside the US, you probably already get this. If you are here in the US, like I am, you may not.