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10 Startup Execution Steps Highlight The Finish Line

Startup Professionals Musings

Businesses always seem to take longer to succeed than an entrepreneur expects. Seth Godin once said that overnight success in startups takes about six years, and Seth is an optimist. Thus we all look for shortcuts.

4 PPC Trends To Watch For


Staying ahead of digital marketing trends is essential for your success and growing your business. Here are some PPC trends to take note of. The post 4 PPC Trends To Watch For appeared first on Young Upstarts. Others

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2 1/2 Angel Investing Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Hunter Walker

I Made These Mistakes A Few Times But You Don’t Need To. Part of successful angel investing is picking winners. Another part is avoiding picking losers. Before we founded Homebrew I made ~20 or so investments in startups using my own savings.

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