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Why Successful Business Owners are Moving Towards On-Demand Marketplace?

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

If you believe that on-demand will transform the way people transact in the near future, think again! Technology On-Demand Marketplace

Transportation, On-Demand And The Asian Economy – Asian Horizons


For several different versions of the on-demand economy in other parts of the world, the term itself may be alien, its implications unknown.

5 Disruptive Startup Events Which Demand A New Plan

Startup Professionals Musings

While it’s true that there is no way of know specifically what might happen, you need to anticipate the worst, and actually build a Plan B.

Pricing to the demand curve

Chris Dixon

The line is known as the demand curve. So the goal of pricing is to capture as much area under the demand curve as possible. startups

Build On-Demand Teams Instead of Hiring Employees

Startup Professionals Musings

Build an on-demand team of strategic do-ers. Welcome now to the on-demand workplace. Focus on deliverables and skills required right now.

Entrepreneur Leadership Today Demands A Human Focus

Startup Professionals Musings

Demand for coaching, counseling, and discipline training is high. But in this new age of relationships, these often work against your business.

Demand for Cloud Computing Skills Soars

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Amazon Web Services engineers may be fielding up to 20 offers a day, a recruiter estimates

21 Ways To Manage Emotional And Psychological Demands of Entrepreneurship

YFS Magazine

Here's a look at how 21 common strategies successful entrepreneurs use in order to thrive and survive. And when all else fails. hug your dog or cat.

Big Data On Demand

Peter Levine

In the next decade, even faster deployment cycles will be required as businesses want data on-demand. A while back I wrote a blog post suggesting that datacenter infrastructure would move from an on-premise operation to the cloud. They perfectly define the term “big drag.”. Enter Cazena — our latest investment in the big data sector.

5 Steps To Becoming An In-Demand Expert

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

How to increase awareness and earn credibility for your professional self

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Why Transformational Leaders Are In Demand


Transformational leaders are in demand more than ever. Why is transformational leadership growing in demand? by Brian Dozer, D. 1990).

How to spark demand when creating a new market space

Version One Ventures

So how can your startup create market demand when customers aren’t yet looking to fill a specific need? Create demand. Since target customers won’t necessarily be searching for a solution, you will need to leverage outbound sales efforts to create demand. News demand creation Frontdesk jobber mobile Mobile technology New marke

The Most Successful Business Women Demand This 1 Thing

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Honest feedback is essential to improvement. Women aren't getting enough of it and it's holding us back

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On Demand Interior Design Anyone Can Afford

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A well designed space is easier to obtain than you thought. This startup makes it so

Will Doctors On-Demand Disrupt the Health Care Industry?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A bundle of new startups are attempting to disrupt the healthcare market by providing "on-demand" services. Pager, one of the most recent apps join the game, will send a doctor or nurse to your house at the touch of a mobile button

Here's What Happened After An Airline Demanded A Passenger Pay $12 For A Blanket (It Was Chilling)

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Some airlines prefer to be cold

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In the on-demand economy, disruption can come from above

Version One Ventures

Disruption and on-demand services. The past few years have brought about the rise of the on-demand economy. These on-demand services are disrupting entire industries, with the medallion-based taxi industry being the most visible and contentious example right now. Clayton Christensen has written the book on disruption.

5 Demanding Truths About Being a VC

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The VC job is as demanding as you want it to be, and that can vary based on what you want out of the job as well as your own personality match with the role

The Big Release: 3 Brain Hacks to Give You Brilliance on Demand

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Want brilliance on demand? You need an energized brain. Use these 3 hacks to produce genius every day - in yourself and others

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A Fired IT Worker Changes a Password -- and Demands $200K For It

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Could this happen to your company

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When Your Company Grows, It Makes New Demands

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Like every parent, you have to constantly adapt

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Pop-Up Shops Are In High Demand To Launch Brands

YFS Magazine

How do you build awareness and affinity for your brand when no one is paying any attention?

Increase supply and demand follows

deal architect

His pitch “increase supply and demand follows”. Michael Keaton, as Ray Kroc, looks straight into the camera in the beginning of the movie “The Founder” and makes a pitch for multi-spindle milkshake blenders. They allow a restaurant to make six. Industry Commentary

Uber's Insanely Huge Vision of On-Demand Everything

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The bigger the $50 billion startup grows, the smaller the opportunities it's going after

On-Demand Cleaning Company Homejoy Shuts Down Over Worker Lawsuits

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The business was being sued for classifying workers as independent contractors rather than employees

3 Effects Of Customers Embracing an On-Demand Economy

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Getting what you want when you want it has never been so easy

Using crowdfunding to validate demand

The Equity Kicker

There is a good post up today on describing how they used Kickstarter as a lean startup tool to validate demand. It was a good day.

By Popular Demand, Mahana Expands Outside the Restaurant Industry


BY SUSAN LAHEY Reporter with Silicon Hills News One of the rules of startups is that you can’t always follow the rules of startups. Mahana was trying.

After Uber, These On-Demand Companies Should Brace for Lawsuits

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Freelancers were supposed to be the secret weapon of the on-demand economy. It's looking like quite the opposite

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4 Things Your Best Employee Demands of You

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Your best employee will leave unless you give her these four things--and none is about compensation or perks

6 Strategies to Master the Mental Demands of Startup Life

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

It's about improving your strengths -- not harping on your weaknesses

To Attract and Keep Millennials, Meet Their Demands

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Here''s what Generation Y wants and why you should hand it over. The Millennial generation will make up 75 percent of the global workforce by 2025.

Demand for Small Business Loans Spikes, Despite Lower Optimism

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Demand for lending and financing among small companies last month increased 9.7 The ground still may be frozen in parts of the U.S., ”

5 Ways Entrepreneurship is Like a Demanding Professor

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Diving into entrepreneurship can be a scary thought for many, but it can also be a worthwhile endeavor

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Housing: The Next On-Demand Market

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

While most of us cringe at the phrase "on-demand," its become a significant part of our culture

Here’s What It Takes To Succeed In The On-Demand Economy

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

To survive, on-demand services must be as simple to order as products

Business Model Demands Patience

The Entrepreneurial Mind

Author and entrepreneur Steve Blank describes the business start-up process as having two phases. In the first, entrepreneurs learn about their customers and what they want. This can be thought of as a series of experiments with real customers. It eventually leads to a business model that can be used to build a sustainable venture. Be patient.

Amazon Alexa Recordings Demanded By Police In Murder Case

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Demand a 30 Percent Increase if You Want to Accelerate Career Growth

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Getting ahead requires a series of stretch jobs that provide more learning, more growth and more impact.

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How Zirx Is Turning Its On-Demand Parking Business Around

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