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10 Realities Today Cause Startups To Bypass An IPO

Startup Professionals Musings

Today the rate of startups going public (IPO – Initial Public Offering) is up from the dead zone, but is still half the rate back before 2000. In my view, the key reasons that IPOs have lost their luster from an entrepreneur and investor perspective include the following: The US IPO process is still stumbling.

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7 Costs To Consider Before Taking Your Startup Public

Startup Professionals Musings

Despite the fact that the number of IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) for startups have continued to stay low, I still hear it touted often as the preferred exit strategy. I suspect the exuberance for an IPO is still being driven by the highly visible successes of a few companies several years ago, including Facebook, Yelp, and Twitter.

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Will Your Startup Get Venture Capital or IPO in 2013?

Startup Professionals Musings

Based on the final report for 2012 from Thomson Reuters and the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA), it may appear that IPOs are back as a viable startup exit strategy. billion from 49 listings, and represented the strongest annual period for IPOs since 2000. Marty Zwilling.

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The Snap IPO Happened. What Next LA?

Both Sides of the Table

It is fitting that 2012 is the year that Snapchat really took off in Los Angeles and raised its first venture capital and began a five year ascent to becoming LA’s most recognizable startup company and largest IPO alongside LAs other great startup brands such as Riot Games and Tinder. link] The Snap IPO Happened. What Next LA?

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M&A or IPO?

Reid Hoffman

The fundamental choice that venture-backed entrepreneurs face is simple: M&A or IPO? You’re also going to be valuable and attractive as an IPO candidate. You don’t need to focus on your IPO financial metrics from day one. Later, even closer to the IPO, we had discussions with eBay about acquiring the company.

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Startup IPO Market: A Fickle Mistress ? AGILEVC

Agile VC

Startup IPO Market: A Fickle Mistress. The IPO market, she is a fickle mistress. In the first half of 2011, the IPO markets were looking strong for VC-backed companies. For a time that meant that other category leaders accelerated their own IPO plans… think Groupon and Zynga. How to Evaluate Firms for a Seed VC.

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The Killer IPOs That Are Making Tech Startups Look Like Amateurs


In this article, we delve into the world of tech-ish companies and explore the seismic impact of initial public offerings (IPOs) on their growth and profitability. In a landscape where IPOs are few and far between, certain tech companies have managed to seize the moment and captivate the market with their stellar public offerings.

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