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Introducing the Cap Table and Hiring the CTO

Feld Thoughts

As Finance Fridays continues, we are introducing the concept of the Cap Table. This week they set out to create their cap table and hire a CTO. Rather, it gets recorded in a document called the Capitalization Table (or “Cap Table”), which shows the ownership stake each person or entity has in the business.

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The BSList - Busted Cap Table (No. 104)

This is going to be BIG.

But back to the cap table. Here’s why VC’s don’t actually care about your prior cap table in most circumstances. We want what we want and if we really want it, we don’t really care about what else is going on with the cap table. and they take a hefty chunk of the cap table to do it.


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What Your Cap Table Tells Investors About You and Your Company


If you have raised capital from investors before, you probably noticed that one of the first requests from potential investors is for you to send them your current cap table. Why would an investor be so interested in seeing your cap table? What might they be looking for? […].

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Cap Table Explained — What is it and How to Maintain it for Investors

Up and Running

This is all incorporated into a document called a Cap Table. . A cap table will help you in the strategic management of business decisions. Wondering what a cap table is, its importance, and how you can maintain it to expand your business? What is a cap table? Let’s dive in.

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Seed Stage Founders Undervalue Angels With Marketing & Comms Expertise

Hunter Walker

Why Bringing These Two Skillsets Onto Your Cap Table Early Is Worth It. In addition to our dollars, we are eager to help founders with the construction of their cap table, not just generically with the highest profile folks available, but more specifically where they might get some help along the way. Nor Do VCs.

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Cap Tables Explained: Guide to Understanding Cap Tables

Board Effect

Capitalization tables—”cap tables” for those who don’t have time for extra syllables—map the balance of power in a company. If org charts are about people power , cap tables are about money power. In reality, however, cap tables are often far more complex. What is a cap table?

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Model Cap Table


I thought it might be useful to post up a model cap table ( Cap Table Model with Waterfall ). This cap table can be used by a pre-funded startup and then a financing can be layered in. In other words, it shows both pre-money and post-money very clearly. Here are things to note: 1.