These Are The Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchange APIs


Google Maps uses APIs, Yahoo Finance, etc. The exchange is based in Luxembourg, and it allows trading between the U.S. API stands for Application Data Interface. We use APIs on a daily bases, but we do not realize it.

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Why you should pay attention to these 8 emerging tech hubs

The Next Web

From BillGuard ’s crowdsourced personal finance security to Wix ’s web publishing tool and Cardboard Technologies ’ biodegradable bicycle, the startup landscape has a reputation of being the most inventive in the world. Perhaps we’ll be looking to Bangkok, Rio de Janeiro, Luxembourg, Toronto, Auckland, Beirut or Lagos? This post originally appeared on the TransferWise blog.

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#OWS: one insider's view on how banking lost its way (and what to do next)

Fred Destin

Help folks manage acquisition finance. Securitizations, subordinated capital financings that qualified for regulatory purposes, high yielding assets. The drift was starting: I remember being part of designing and implemented a new type of tax-deductible tier I financing for Deutsche Bank using an obscure Luxembourg-issued quasi equity instrument. Want to buy some Luxembourg bank exposure coupled with a barrier option on a given foreign exchange pair ?