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Quick Impressions of Qatar

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The talking point within Qatar that I heard a lot is that the country needs to become a “service economy.” Travel

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Innovative Business Uses of Technology

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on the innovation blog Artificial Clouds (to provide shade) in Qatar Chips optimized for mobile apps The crowdsourced math project The world’s largest model airport Reid Hoffman’s Networked Graph. Innovative Business Uses of Technology

[Infographic] Best Business Climates Of The World


Did you know that the many of the best cities around the world for business is actually in the Middle East?

Confession of an entrepreneurial optimist

Escape From Cubicle Nation

I am cruising into my 17th year in business. It has been fun. Really, really fun. When I did my first product launch, I sold three copies at $39.

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Going Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility

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Mowgli currently operates in Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Qatar, and Syria. The old paradigm of development is unsustainable.

Five Years Later: Has the Economy Bounced Back?

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the richest large country in the world, ranked seventh by the World Bank, behind smaller nations like Qatar and Switzerland. But the U.S. Louis.

Now Is The Time To Enter The Middle East Markets


Qatar is expected to grow anywhere between 8-12% and overheating is more talk of the town than austerity. This is a very good question.

Vodafone femtocells inside your house soon ?

Fred Destin

A Qatar deployment has been announced , but are we about to see the first UK operator deploying at home ? Vodafone has just put up an unassuming little note on their website touting femtocells are "safe" wireless devices. < Femtocell (actual size :-)) As with every new mobile paradigm, some are already questioning its viability.

Dubai - A Destination Of Choice For Private Fund Managers

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Whilst Bahrain is recognised as the first financial centre in the Middle East, with its focus on banking and Islamic finance, the emergence of the DIFC in 2004 and the Qatar Financial Centre in 2005 were hugely significant for the region.? By Benjamin Aller, Bilkis Ismail and Jean-Claude Kheryati SJ Berwin LLP Introduction. Full Bio.