The Fitbit API

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The only thing that was missing for me was an API. Fitbit released the Fitbit API quietly a month or so ago. My Investments API fitbitI love Fitbit. The product is great, the team is great, and I’m psyched to be an investor. I’ve been a user for a while – my data is public – but I just recently started using the food tracker which is superb. I’ve encouraged them to make more noise as some great applications are coming out.

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Oracle’s Java API Suit Against Google – Five Years Later

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” Oracle also got copyrights to the Java APIs. The post Oracle’s Java API Suit Against Google – Five Years Later appeared first on Feld Thoughts. Five years ago, in August 2010, I asked the question Have We Reached The Software Patent Tipping Point? Oracle sued Google over a series of Java-related patents they got when they acquired Sun.

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Boulder APIs and IPAs Meetup/Drinkup Thursday July 26th

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If you are a web developer in Boulder who does stuff with APIs, I encourage you to join our friends at Singly on Thursday 7/26 at the Bitter Bar from 5:30 – 8:30. They are building an organic network of friends and evangelists around APIs and looking to have a conversation with anyone interested. Several Foundry Group companies who are API-centric will be there including FullContact and SendGrid are co-sponsoring the event and helping to promote it.

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Things To Hate About API-TOS

Feld Thoughts

I’m now sitting in the API track and the first two presentations have been dynamite. Clay Loveless from Mashery just did a presentation titled “ 5 Things I Hate About Your API-TOS“. For simplicity, I’ll call the company providing the API’s the “platform company” and the companies using the API as the “ecosystem partners.” Tags: Technology API Glue TOS I’m at the Glue Conference all day. So far, it’s far exceeded my already high expectations.

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Designing with API data in 10 minutes

Austin Startup

Facebook Graph API Explorer and InVision Craft Continue reading on Austin Startups ». tech texas sketch api design

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Why Twitter’s API Changes Screws Startups – And Twitter


But with these new API changes, I’m not sure how or even if we can stay in business. I didn’t really look into the recent API changes. Second, Facebook’s API is RETARDED. I love(d) Twitter’s API because of the freedom and ease of use.

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Google Code API Console – Nicely Done


Google Code just release the API console. It better organizes Google’s APIs and I even discovered a couple new APIs. Custom Search API - Google Custom Search enables you to search over a slice of the web, such as your own website, or a collection of websites.

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The Real Deal: Mark Herring on "APIs everywhere, but not many I can reuse"

deal architect

This continues a series of columns from practitioners I respect. The category "Real Deal" describes them well. This time it is Mark Herring, SVP of Product Marketing at Software AG. I recently heard him talk about "Big Services" as a. The Real Deal: Guest Columnist

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Why you probably don’t need an API strategy

The Next Web

Daniel Jacobson ( Twitter | LinkedIn ), is currently director of engineering for the Netflix API. Prior to Netflix, Daniel ran application development for NPR where, among other things, he created the NPR API. He is also the co-author of APIs: A Strategy Guide.

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Mobile Apps: The Only Way to Navigate Festivals — Tools Like APIs Make it Work!

Austin Startup

This week, I was scheduled to publish the 4th in the Lontra Ventures Spotlight series on Stoplight , an Austin-based, API design and testing company. Trust me, APIs are a REALLY BIG DEAL. An API is an Application Programmable Interface , or simply how programmers communicate with apps.

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Salesforce API and Axis2

Guy Nirpaz

Guy Nirpaz Blog Thoughts from my startup journey Salesforce API and Axis2 Here’s a useful tip for Java developers integrating with the SalesForce API. To read the explanation, just have a look here Tags: api , axis2 , salesforce This entry was posted on Sunday, May 30th, 2010 at 3:35 am and is filed under Uncategorized.

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Hacker News launches API with near real-time access to site’s data

The Next Web

When you have a site called Hacker News that’s a destination for developers, startups and anyone interested in the startup world, it only only makes sense to have an API. The API is read-only for now, but the YC-backed site could enable to private per-user info using OAuth in the future.

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FootTraffic Offers an API for Location-Based Offers

VC Cafe

In other words, a way to reach a bunch of location based apps at scale via API and paying only for those that convert. In terms of competition, theDealmap (bought by Google) and Placecast (location-based offers by SMS) come close, but don’t really offer a similar API service. Israeli startup FootTraffic offers advertisers a performance marketing platform for location-based offers.

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Picking the Most Important Features & APIs for Your Mobile App


For multimedia capabilities, camera and video functionality lead the way with just over half of the respondents choosing these APIs. Least Desired Features/APIs.

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Amazon’s Maps API now available to all developers, becomes part of Mobile App SDK

The Next Web

Amazon on Tuesday announced the release of its Maps API, now out of beta and integrated into the Amazon Mobile App SDK. The Amazon Maps API has two core features: Interactive Maps: You can embed a Map View in your app for customers to pan, zoom and fling around the world.

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How Web APIs Unlock Value in the Cloud

How Web APIs Unlock Value in the Cloud. That is where a web API comes in. Just as the power of crowds has populated the social content repositories of Web 2.0 — YouTube videos, Facebook updates, tweets, and more — the web API enables designers and developers to re-purpose the body of knowledge that is the cloud. Here are some examples of how companies have used a web API to create more value. The Google Map API is the most used web API.

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Speech recognition anyone? AT&T; opens up Watson API

AT&T opens up Watson API. Ma Bell has taken the locks off of its Watson speech application programming interfaces (APIs), allowing any developer to access them. AT&T opens up Watson API. Tech News and Analysis. Events. Books. Research. Apple. Cleantech. Cloud. Europe.

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Inside500 Startups: the fund as API

Fred Destin

The venture firm as an API. With a strong parallel to OccupyWallStreet, 500 Startups aims to function as an API that connects ecosystem participants around a physical space and a distributed talent pool.

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The Building Blocks for Location from Mapbox

Feld Thoughts

Mapbox is an API company, not a mapping company. The map simply was the output of the API. And, like the best API companies we’ve been involved in, such as Gnip (now part of Twitter), it was right at the intersection of our Glue theme and our Protocol theme. Investments API Glue gnip investment mapbox MapQuest maps pantheon protocolThis morning, Mapbox announced a $52.55 million Series B financing.

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LinkedIn, Pusher and more offer their APIs to help EE explore future LTE apps at UK 4G hackathon

The Next Web

The EE 4G UK hackathon now has its API partners signed up and confirmed, paving the way for the start of the competition that the company hopes will spur the development of apps that make use of its 4G LTE network speeds.

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Cannibalize Business Development by Popularizing your API.

Shaival Shah

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Dealing With Business Cards

Feld Thoughts

I now have a photo of my card on my iPhone and due to the magic of the FullContact CardShark API the data was automagically turned into a vCard and a Google contact. My friends at FullContact talk about how they do this in their post If Only CardMunch Were An API… Oh Yes We Did! My Investments API CardMunch fullcontact vCardThere are some things I wish would just go away forever. Business cards are one of those things.

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Eagle Eye Networks Announces Cloud Video API which Scales to Big Data Analytics

Austin Startup

provider of a cloud managed, on-demand security and operations video management system, today announced the Eagle Eye Video API, targeted at businesses and developers integrating video into their applications. Eagle Eye Networks, Inc., Digital Eagle Eye Networks

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One Address Book To Rule Them All

Feld Thoughts

It integrates with every web-based or mobile application that uses any sort of contact data, and it is available to every developer via an API. If you are a developer , FullContact’s goal is for you to use their cloud address book via their API. Uncategorized address book API contacts fullcontact TechStarsIt’s 2012 and the “contact information problem” is getting exponentially worse.

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Products that help power online marketplaces

Version One Ventures

News 1099 API B2B Marketplace Shippo ToolsAs you’re building your marketplace, consider which tools and technology to leverage.

Infochimps Releases Unified Geo Data In One API

Austin Startup

I work with a lot of consumer startups that are dealing with location-aware information. From a programmer perspective, it’s just plain hard. Not only is it difficult to find a great source for quality geo data, but then you typically want to correlate it across multiple social systems (Foursquare, Yelp, etc). Some of my favorite code monkeys have just made this problem a little easier. Infochimps is pioneering a somewhat new category, named data-as-a-service. Today [.].

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Jobs at Orbotix

Feld Thoughts

Jobs API Boulder orbotixMy friends at Orbotix are hiring. Following is the list of open positions. If you fit the description, like playing with robots, want free beer all day, and live in Boulder, email them a note with a resume. - Game Designer : Are you passionate about gaming and have a deep understanding of game design and game mechanics?

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Will an API propel Quora into the mainstream. and will that suck?

This is going to be BIG.

So what will become of Quora now that it is getting an API ? I was having a great conversation with Jason Schwartz the other night about Quora --how the current Quora community feels a lot like Twitter did in the early days. Conversation is of high quality and it's really easy to find thoughtful contributors. We both agreed that the overall quality of what we find on Twitter is down from where it was.

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How to stay nimble as you scale

Version One Ventures

Listen to Amazon: two-pizza teams and internal APIs. Two of the reasons Amazon is able to keep its momentum even as a 97,000-employee giant are pizza teams and APIs…. Internal APIs: Every internal product should have an API, just as if it were developed for an external client. The added bonus is that APIs lay the groundwork for the productization of internal tools. Bezos mandated that all IT assets be exposed as APIs.

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[Singapore][Competition] Rakuten Startup Challenge


Events & Happenings API competition Rakuten Singapore startup startups

[U.S.] 57% Of App Users Consider Mobile Holiday Shopping: Apigee


57-percent of mobile application users would consider purchasing their holiday gifts this year on a mobile device, according to a survey conducted by API technology provider Apigee. In the News API Apigee holidays mobile apps mobile commerce mobile shopping

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Why Statigram rocks

Start Up Blog

A few days ago I blogged about the serious advantages of embracing an open API. There is no doubt in my mind that Statigram will end up being acquired by the API forefather assuming it continues its rapid growth trajectory.

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Introducing our latest investment: Shippo, simplified shipping for small e-commerce sites

Version One Ventures

They also provide an API that connects online stores to all the relevant shipping providers both locally and internationally. Other mashup APIs already exist that aggregate data from different carriers, but there’s yet to be any clear winner in the space. We believe that Shippo offers the right algorithm, API, and web interface to change the game for mid-sized e-commerce shipping. Or, developers can integrate the Shippo API directly to their own website.

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The programmable web and the future of platforms

Version One Ventures

For example, we see horizontal platforms like Twilio that replaces all the telecom hardware with an API for phone, VoIP, and messaging. This is what Garry Tan has called the API-ization of everything : “Where there is paper to push, a call to answer, or a purchase to approve, there is an API coming to replace it.”. News API Application programming interface Braintree Facebook Programmable Web Shopify Twilio twitter

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CES 2013 Preview: What Happens in Vegas, STAYS in Vegas

VC Cafe

This week marks the annual orgy of PR excess known as the Consumer Electronics Show. More than 150,000 (mostly male) visitors, many sporting T-shirts with mysterious acronyms like “4K in HD3D”, will. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

PowerInbox Aims To Transform Boring Static Email


But the power in PowerInbox – pardon the pun – comes into its own with the opening up of its APIs to developers and partners. Ideaspotting APIs email email technology PowerInboxEmail is dead. We’ve all heard that clarion call more than a few times.

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Is it time to rethink the healthcare marketplace model?

Version One Ventures

News API healthcare Marketplace network effects patient health dataIt’s been a year since we published our series on digital healthcare which I co-wrote with Jonathan Libov of Union Square Ventures. The reception was overwhelmingly positive (we’re thankful to all of you who gave us feedback) and opened up the floodgates to patients, medical professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors who still reach out to us with their pains, thoughts, experiences, and goals for the healthcare system.

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2012 – The Year in Apps

VC Cafe

Apple Appstore Appsfire Levi Shapiro 2012 ad networks advertising Android Angry Birds API App Store apple category developers Discovery Draw Something entertainment Games Google handset IP iPhone Lifestyle maps marketing mobile music Navigation rovio sdk social networks statistics UI What's AppNearly 100,000 new developers created applications this year for the App Store, which rakes in 4x more revenue than Google Play.

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Wibiya Opens Its Platform: Will it be the new Conduit?

VC Cafe

W ibiya , the two year old on-site social toolbar provider (held by parent company Modular Patterns), has announced it is launching a developer platform and an open API which will enable third party applications on the Wibiya toolbar. and AddThis to make it easier for developers to use their different APIs and create great apps that will be added to the Wibiya platform.

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The untapped Open Data opportunity: who will unlock government data?

Version One Ventures

News API Application programming interface Databases Government MineCraft Open Data Open Data Day OpenGov Vancouver I’m fascinated by the Open Data movement, particularly when it comes to government where the concept of open data hinges on the belief that data is a public asset – just like highways and parks – and should be made available to all. We’ve already seen compelling examples of people hacking into this available data for the public good.

Introducing our latest investment: Shippo, simplified shipping for small e-commerce sites

Version One Ventures

They also provide an API that connects online stores to all the relevant shipping providers both locally and internationally. Other mashup APIs already exist that aggregate data from different carriers, but there’s yet to be any clear winner in the space. We believe that Shippo offers the right algorithm, API, and web interface to change the game for mid-sized e-commerce shipping. Or, developers can integrate the Shippo API directly to their own website.

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Rover and RVR on Pi Day

Feld Thoughts

While the RVR belly rubbing and behind-the-ear scratching APIs need some work, you can also get a $40 gift certificate from Rover to have a human do this. Happy Pi Day everyone. If you love dogs, or robots, or dogs and robots, you’ll love the video below.

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Postmaster Raises $600K Seed Round

Austin Startup

Digital API Capital Factory Fundraising postmaster Postmaster, the only smart and simple way to ship, track and save on small parcel shipping, today announced it has raised a seed investment round of $600,000. The round was led by Capital Factory, Cloud Power and Zelkova Ventures, as well as a consortium of angels. Postmaster will use the seed investment round to expand its development team, build additional carrier integrations, and expand its core features and functionality.

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