A Basic Guide To Video Conference API For 2022


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How API Automation Can Help You Increase Your Workflow Efficiency


Look at API automation. The post How API Automation Can Help You Increase Your Workflow Efficiency appeared first on Young Upstarts. Others API automation business automation workflow efficiency

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Benefits Of Incorporating API Testing In Development


Most companies monitor their APIs through production by making sure that the live API endpoints in use are up, fast and that they return the expected data. This might be already late and might lead to some customers getting unhappy with the API. Others API

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The API-as-a-marketplace

Version One Ventures

As we’ve been spending time on B2B marketplaces and dev tools/platforms, we’ve come to realize that there’s an interesting sub-category that combines elements of both: the API-as-a-marketplace. What is an API-as-a-marketplace? Note that we aren’t talking about API marketplaces here.

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These Are The Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchange APIs


API stands for Application Data Interface. We use APIs on a daily bases, but we do not realize it. What is the role of the API? An API takes requests and tells the system what you want it to do, and then it returns the system response back to you. APIs are used everywhere.

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APIs Make the (Crypto) World Go Around

The Startup Magazine

If you are an average user of apps like the Uber app, you might not have noticed, but it’s not an app but rather an amalgamation of Application Programming Interfaces or APIs. You can virtually download a setup guide or a video and, using the power of APIs, do it in a day.

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How to build your API documentation using Postman?

What is ESG Investing? The tricycle of businesses

Postman is a tool for API developers to quickly build, test, and document their APIs. Postman can be used as.

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Ways APIs have Transformed the News and Media Industry

The Startup Magazine

One of the major changes has been in the use of APIs for news coverage (see 10 API options here ) which have become important in giving media companies a chance to move at the new pace and continuously adapt to the changes. How Have APIs Transformed the News and Media Industry?

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The Fitbit API

Feld Thoughts

The only thing that was missing for me was an API. Fitbit released the Fitbit API quietly a month or so ago. My Investments API fitbitI love Fitbit. The product is great, the team is great, and I’m psyched to be an investor. I’ve been a user for a while – my data is public – but I just recently started using the food tracker which is superb. I’ve encouraged them to make more noise as some great applications are coming out.

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How Business Execs Can Pivot Out Of Turbulent Times


When the market throws a curveball, resilient companies will find a way to pivot even through the most turbulent times, says Jennifer Apy. Professionalisms business advice Jennifer Apy pivoting

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Our Investment in Lula: Building API-Based Insurance in a Pandemic

View from Seed

Lula is an insuretech company, building an API based platform to help companies obtain and manage insurance policies in a fully integrated software suite. The post Our Investment in Lula: Building API-Based Insurance in a Pandemic appeared first on NextView Ventures.

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Designing with API data in 10 minutes

Austin Startup

Facebook Graph API Explorer and InVision Craft Continue reading on Austin Startups ». tech texas sketch api design

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Announcing our investment in Filebase, the API-layer to access decentralized storage 

Version One Ventures

Filebase is very much an API-as-a-marketplace – similar to our portfolio companies Shippo and Patch. We’re excited to announce our investment in Filebase , the first S3-compatible object storage platform powered by decentralized storage networks.

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Why Twitter’s API Changes Screws Startups – And Twitter


But with these new API changes, I’m not sure how or even if we can stay in business. I didn’t really look into the recent API changes. Second, Facebook’s API is RETARDED. I love(d) Twitter’s API because of the freedom and ease of use. So I chose Twitter’s API for the main functionality of Twythm. But what does this mean for startups who use Twitter’s API? These aren’t live yet, but we use Twitter and Facebook’s API.

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The open API secret

Start Up Blog

The biggest flip the technology age has done on the industrial era is the open API. For the uninitiated, an open API (Application Program Interface) is a word used to describe sets of technologies that enable websites to interact with each other. Entrepreneurs get a shot at being acquired by the firms whose API they focus on. The open API idea has to be one of the major reasons why technology companies are eating the world.

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Our Investment in Lula: Building API-Based Insurance in a Pandemic

View from Seed

Lula is an insuretech company, building an API based platform to help companies obtain and manage insurance policies in a fully integrated software suite. A business can quickly process payments by integrating PayPal or Stripe but in most cases there isn’t a API solution for insurance needs. The post Our Investment in Lula: Building API-Based Insurance in a Pandemic appeared first on NextView Ventures. “Slowly at first, then suddenly all at once.”

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Alloy raises $100M at a $1.35B valuation to help banks and fintechs fight fraud with its API based platform

Lightspeed Venture Partners

The post Alloy raises $100M at a $1.35B valuation to help banks and fintechs fight fraud with its API based platform appeared first on Lightspeed Venture Partners

Google Code API Console – Nicely Done


Google Code just release the API console. It better organizes Google’s APIs and I even discovered a couple new APIs. Right now (more are expected soon) it provides: Buzz API - Google Buzz provides developers with a powerful set of API endpoints for searching, reading, and updating post content and metadata. Custom Search API - Google Custom Search enables you to search over a slice of the web, such as your own website, or a collection of websites.

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[Infographic] WhatsApp Business API


Have you been thinking about using WhatsApp API for your business but don’t know what it is or how it works? WhatsApp Business API is designed for larger companies to establish their business presence on WhatsApp. Resources API infographic Whatsapp WhatsApp Business API

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Boulder APIs and IPAs Meetup/Drinkup Thursday July 26th

Feld Thoughts

If you are a web developer in Boulder who does stuff with APIs, I encourage you to join our friends at Singly on Thursday 7/26 at the Bitter Bar from 5:30 – 8:30. They are building an organic network of friends and evangelists around APIs and looking to have a conversation with anyone interested. Several Foundry Group companies who are API-centric will be there including FullContact and SendGrid are co-sponsoring the event and helping to promote it.

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Oracle’s Java API Suit Against Google – Five Years Later

Feld Thoughts

” Oracle also got copyrights to the Java APIs. The post Oracle’s Java API Suit Against Google – Five Years Later appeared first on Feld Thoughts. Five years ago, in August 2010, I asked the question Have We Reached The Software Patent Tipping Point? Oracle sued Google over a series of Java-related patents they got when they acquired Sun.

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Things To Hate About API-TOS

Feld Thoughts

I’m now sitting in the API track and the first two presentations have been dynamite. Clay Loveless from Mashery just did a presentation titled “ 5 Things I Hate About Your API-TOS“. For simplicity, I’ll call the company providing the API’s the “platform company” and the companies using the API as the “ecosystem partners.” Tags: Technology API Glue TOS I’m at the Glue Conference all day. So far, it’s far exceeded my already high expectations.

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Salesforce API and Axis2

Guy Nirpaz

Guy Nirpaz Blog Thoughts from my startup journey Salesforce API and Axis2 Here’s a useful tip for Java developers integrating with the SalesForce API. To read the explanation, just have a look here Tags: api , axis2 , salesforce This entry was posted on Sunday, May 30th, 2010 at 3:35 am and is filed under Uncategorized.

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Announcing our investment in Patch, a platform for negative emissions

Version One Ventures

The Patch API gives developers the opportunity to leverage data already captured to neutralize their carbon impact via a diverse selection of carbon sequestration projects. Earlier this year, we introduced the idea of an api-as-a-marketplace. Few launches have been as timely.

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The Real Deal: Mark Herring on "APIs everywhere, but not many I can reuse"

deal architect

This continues a series of columns from practitioners I respect. The category "Real Deal" describes them well. This time it is Mark Herring, SVP of Product Marketing at Software AG. I recently heard him talk about "Big Services" as a. The Real Deal: Guest Columnist

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FootTraffic Offers an API for Location-Based Offers

VC Cafe

In other words, a way to reach a bunch of location based apps at scale via API and paying only for those that convert. In terms of competition, theDealmap (bought by Google) and Placecast (location-based offers by SMS) come close, but don’t really offer a similar API service. Israeli startup FootTraffic offers advertisers a performance marketing platform for location-based offers.

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Why you probably don’t need an API strategy

The Next Web

Daniel Jacobson ( Twitter | LinkedIn ), is currently director of engineering for the Netflix API. Prior to Netflix, Daniel ran application development for NPR where, among other things, he created the NPR API. He is also the co-author of APIs: A Strategy Guide. Over the course of 2013, the API industry has matured a great deal. All of this is evidence that the appetite for tools and information about APIs is robust. The problem: “API Strategy”.

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Hacker News launches API with near real-time access to site’s data

The Next Web

When you have a site called Hacker News that’s a destination for developers, startups and anyone interested in the startup world, it only only makes sense to have an API. Today the Y Combinator run Hacker News site announced its own API so developers will no longer have to scrape the site for information. The API is read-only for now, but the YC-backed site could enable to private per-user info using OAuth in the future.

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Mobile Apps: The Only Way to Navigate Festivals — Tools Like APIs Make it Work!

Austin Startup

This week, I was scheduled to publish the 4th in the Lontra Ventures Spotlight series on Stoplight , an Austin-based, API design and testing company. Trust me, APIs are a REALLY BIG DEAL. Every Day We All Make Hundreds of API Calls, Even If We Don’t Know It All of us with a cellphone accessing social media apps like Facebook, online banking apps or games use APIs many, many times per day. When I receive the drink, the API provided a “response”.

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5 WhatsApp Business features to Elevate Customer Experience


WhatsApp rolled out an additional feature called interactive message template a month back for WhatsApp Business API. API Customer Service IoT Platforms Startups chatbot WhatsApp Business WhatsApp Business API

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Picking the Most Important Features & APIs for Your Mobile App


For multimedia capabilities, camera and video functionality lead the way with just over half of the respondents choosing these APIs. Least Desired Features/APIs. Of all categories, Amazon's e-commerce API has the least desire from developers (18%), and Google Checkout is not far behind (33%). Earlier this summer, we posed the question of whether or not native mobile applications would eventually be made obsolete by the mobile Web.

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Weekend Favs July 23

Duct Tape Marketing

Cloud Vision API – Cloud Vision API is a tool by Google that allows you to upload your image and see the recommended image annotations. Tools Cloud API Google How to professionally say RuttlWeekend Favs July 23 written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing.

API startup Noname Security launches out of stealth in a hot area of security with $25 million in funding and its CEO explains why resisting layoffs despite the pandemic was crucial

Lightspeed Venture Partners

The post API startup Noname Security launches out of stealth in a hot area of security with $25 million in funding and its CEO explains why resisting layoffs despite the pandemic was crucial appeared first on Lightspeed Venture Partners

Amazon’s Maps API now available to all developers, becomes part of Mobile App SDK

The Next Web

Amazon on Tuesday announced the release of its Maps API, now out of beta and integrated into the Amazon Mobile App SDK. The Amazon Maps API has two core features: Interactive Maps: You can embed a Map View in your app for customers to pan, zoom and fling around the world. So far, Hipmunk, Evernote, Trulia, and Zillow use the Amazon Maps API, among many unnamed others.

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Cannibalize Business Development by Popularizing your API.

Shaival Shah

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Speech recognition anyone? AT&T; opens up Watson API


AT&T opens up Watson API. Ma Bell has taken the locks off of its Watson speech application programming interfaces (APIs), allowing any developer to access them. Lingo licenses Watson’s core speech technology for its language servers (though that relationship will likely end after the Nuance acquisition closes), and Research in Motion’s QNX is working with Watson’s API to develop a conceptual connected car assistant. AT&T opens up Watson API.

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Eagle Eye Networks Announces Cloud Video API which Scales to Big Data Analytics

Austin Startup

provider of a cloud managed, on-demand security and operations video management system, today announced the Eagle Eye Video API, targeted at businesses and developers integrating video into their applications. Eagle Eye Networks, Inc., Digital Eagle Eye Networks

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LinkedIn, Pusher and more offer their APIs to help EE explore future LTE apps at UK 4G hackathon

The Next Web

The EE 4G UK hackathon now has its API partners signed up and confirmed, paving the way for the start of the competition that the company hopes will spur the development of apps that make use of its 4G LTE network speeds.

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Swipe debit card, get stock; In defense of the IPO; New models for SMB lending, and more

Andreessen Horowitz

APIs enterprise & SaaS fintech news policy & regulationThis first appeared in the monthly a16z fintech newsletter. Subscribe to stay on top of the latest fintech news. . IN THIS EDITION. Fintech products ease more Americans into the stock market. In defense of the IPO, and how to.

IPO 83

Will an API propel Quora into the mainstream. and will that suck?

This is going to be BIG.

So what will become of Quora now that it is getting an API ? I was having a great conversation with Jason Schwartz the other night about Quora --how the current Quora community feels a lot like Twitter did in the early days. Conversation is of high quality and it's really easy to find thoughtful contributors. We both agreed that the overall quality of what we find on Twitter is down from where it was.

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Infochimps Releases Unified Geo Data In One API

Austin Startup

I work with a lot of consumer startups that are dealing with location-aware information. From a programmer perspective, it’s just plain hard. Not only is it difficult to find a great source for quality geo data, but then you typically want to correlate it across multiple social systems (Foursquare, Yelp, etc). Some of my favorite code monkeys have just made this problem a little easier. Infochimps is pioneering a somewhat new category, named data-as-a-service. Today [.].

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How to stay nimble as you scale

Version One Ventures

Listen to Amazon: two-pizza teams and internal APIs. Two of the reasons Amazon is able to keep its momentum even as a 97,000-employee giant are pizza teams and APIs…. Internal APIs: Every internal product should have an API, just as if it were developed for an external client. The added bonus is that APIs lay the groundwork for the productization of internal tools. Bezos mandated that all IT assets be exposed as APIs.

API 131

The programmable web and the future of platforms

Version One Ventures

For example, we see horizontal platforms like Twilio that replaces all the telecom hardware with an API for phone, VoIP, and messaging. This is what Garry Tan has called the API-ization of everything : “Where there is paper to push, a call to answer, or a purchase to approve, there is an API coming to replace it.”. News API Application programming interface Braintree Facebook Programmable Web Salesforce.com Shopify Twilio twitter

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