Moving Beyond API Reference Documentation

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“Great API documentation is essential” many people exclaim. So, you fire up your favorite API definition editor and start writing docs. The Hidden Value of API Documentation. API documentation tells the story of your API.

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10 Questions Your API Documentation Must Answer

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Effective communication is the most important factor for API success. APIs do not have a user interface, so your documentation is the primary communication method for developers to interact with your API. Your API Documentation Must Answer 10 Key Questions.

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Resolving the Frontend/Backend API Design Conflict

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As part of my API design consulting engagements, I’m often called in to resolve the conflict between the API design that the frontend developers would prefer to have and the backend developers want to build. Example conflict #2: Performance problems due to n+1 API calls.

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Lessons From Training 1400+ People in Web API Design

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For the last 2 years, Keith Casey and I have been conducted API training workshops with over 1400 participants across nearly a dozen roles. We hope that by sharing these lessons, we will help your teams to become more educated and productive around the understanding and design of APIs.

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Building Your API Documentation Strategy For SUCCESS

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So far, we have put together a foundation for our API documentation: 1. We must first move beyond API reference documentation and look for other ways to communicate the value and purpose of your APIs. APIs are conversations between client and server.

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How to Build a Great API Marketing Plan

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I was recently approached by an API vendor at an API conference. While the encounter wasn’t horrific, I did find a few things related to their API marketing and sales process that left me less-than-excited to promote their product to my clients and other developers.

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API First Transformation at Etsy – Operations

Code as Craft

This is the second post in a series of three about Etsy’s API, the abstract interface to our logic and data. The previous post is about concurrency in Etsy’s API infrastructure. This post covers the operational side of the API infrastructure.

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API First Transformation at Etsy – Concurrency

Code as Craft

At Etsy we have been doing some pioneering work with our Web APIs. All of the code that was built for the website then had to be rebuilt in our API to be used by our iOS and Android apps. Unfortunately our existing API framework couldn’t support this shared approach.

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Slack, Chatbots, and Voice: At the Intersection of Humans and APIs

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This article explores the growth of messaging platforms, how APIs and chatbots are changing the way people interact with software, and what it means for digital transformation as well as the future of application development. Same APIs, different devices. And APIs are making it happen.

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Oracle’s Java API Suit Against Google – Five Years Later

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” Oracle also got copyrights to the Java APIs. The post Oracle’s Java API Suit Against Google – Five Years Later appeared first on Feld Thoughts. Five years ago, in August 2010, I asked the question Have We Reached The Software Patent Tipping Point? Oracle sued Google over a series of Java-related patents they got when they acquired Sun.

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How To Successfully Deploy Your Web or Mobile API to Heroku

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I have deployed a wide variety of APIs, from internal to APIs for public or partner consumption. However, many have not experienced Heroku before or have not considered it for an API deployment solution. Why is Heroku such a great fit for deploying APIs? Securing Your API.

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5 Tips For Wrapping Your Database With a REST API

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These applications often require a web-based API to expose the database(s) for storing, querying, and retrieving necessary application data. How can we build an API that exposes our application data but also ensure API longevity to support future needs?

Announcing the “Fundamentals of Designing a Great API” Workshop

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I am pleased to announced that LaunchAny and Casey Software have teamed up to provide a new, onsite API workshop called the “Fundamentals of Designing a Great API.” ” This workshop is designed to help product and IT teams better understand the fundamentals of modern web APIs and great API design. The one-day onsite workshop covers the following topics: Understanding APIs. Principles of Modern Web APIs. What Makes a Great API?

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How To Design a Great API Training Program

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There is no shortage of web API-related training programs. Some focus on the technical details, while others explore the various aspects of great API design. Focus on Cross-Team API Training Fundamentals. Teach API Modeling Along With API Design.

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From Being Google-y to Consoling the (API) Masses

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The Fitbit API

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The only thing that was missing for me was an API. Fitbit released the Fitbit API quietly a month or so ago. My Investments API fitbitI love Fitbit. The product is great, the team is great, and I’m psyched to be an investor. I’ve been a user for a while – my data is public – but I just recently started using the food tracker which is superb. I’ve encouraged them to make more noise as some great applications are coming out.

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Speech recognition anyone? AT&T; opens up Watson API

AT&T opens up Watson API. Ma Bell has taken the locks off of its Watson speech application programming interfaces (APIs), allowing any developer to access them. AT&T opens up Watson API. Tech News and Analysis. Events. Books. Research. Apple. Cleantech. Cloud. Europe.

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API First Transformation at Etsy – Human aspects & developer adoption

Code as Craft

This is the third post in a series of three about Etsy’s API, the abstract interface to our logic and data. In the last posts we covered how we built a new API framework, and we clearly identified the gains in terms of performance and shared abstraction layer between languages and devices.

Why you probably don’t need an API strategy

The Next Web

Daniel Jacobson ( Twitter | LinkedIn ), is currently director of engineering for the Netflix API. Prior to Netflix, Daniel ran application development for NPR where, among other things, he created the NPR API. He is also the co-author of APIs: A Strategy Guide.

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The recent API obsession (and why it matters)

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There has been a good deal of discussion, both positive and negative, about the recent obsession of APIs. ” To the non-technical, APIs might be a bit of mystery and magic – build an API, sell your company for lots of money. APIs themselves are nothing special.

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The open API secret

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The biggest flip the technology age has done on the industrial era is the open API. For the uninitiated, an open API (Application Program Interface) is a word used to describe sets of technologies that enable websites to interact with each other. Entrepreneurs get a shot at being acquired by the firms whose API they focus on. The open API idea has to be one of the major reasons why technology companies are eating the world.

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Should API training be restricted to developers only?

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APIs are not just a technology solution that require training for developers, they drive many aspects of the business strategy. In fact, companies are using APIs to extend their core product offerings through partner integrations and even complete products and services.

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Inside500 Startups: the fund as API

Fred Destin

The venture firm as an API. With a strong parallel to OccupyWallStreet, 500 Startups aims to function as an API that connects ecosystem participants around a physical space and a distributed talent pool.

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How Web APIs Unlock Value in the Cloud

How Web APIs Unlock Value in the Cloud. That is where a web API comes in. Just as the power of crowds has populated the social content repositories of Web 2.0 — YouTube videos, Facebook updates, tweets, and more — the web API enables designers and developers to re-purpose the body of knowledge that is the cloud. Here are some examples of how companies have used a web API to create more value. The Google Map API is the most used web API.

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Hacker News launches API with near real-time access to site’s data

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When you have a site called Hacker News that’s a destination for developers, startups and anyone interested in the startup world, it only only makes sense to have an API. The API is read-only for now, but the YC-backed site could enable to private per-user info using OAuth in the future.

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How Cloud APIs Transformed The Way We Build Software and Data Centers

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I was recently asked why more companies are not taking more advantage of Cloud APIs from their cloud service providers to power their software product and IT initiatives. While these cloud management tools can be useful, the real power lies in the Cloud APIs that power these tools.


Cannibalize Business Development by Popularizing your API.

Shaival Shah

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The Real Deal: Mark Herring on "APIs everywhere, but not many I can reuse"

deal architect

This continues a series of columns from practitioners I respect. The category "Real Deal" describes them well. This time it is Mark Herring, SVP of Product Marketing at Software AG. I recently heard him talk about "Big Services" as a. The Real Deal: Guest Columnist

Avoiding Monolithic Regret

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This is typically accomplished through clear public APIs for a module. Those that have read the API design book I wrote with Keith Casey will recognize this approach. Architecture api design architecture microservices modular software monoliths systems design

Ever Heard of API Technology? Tradier's Dan Raju Took It To a Whole New Level

Inc Startups

Tradier uses the 'cloud' to help developers build their own brokerage sites.

Dealing With Business Cards

Feld Thoughts

I now have a photo of my card on my iPhone and due to the magic of the FullContact CardShark API the data was automagically turned into a vCard and a Google contact. My friends at FullContact talk about how they do this in their post If Only CardMunch Were An API… Oh Yes We Did! My Investments API CardMunch fullcontact vCardThere are some things I wish would just go away forever. Business cards are one of those things.

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One Address Book To Rule Them All

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It integrates with every web-based or mobile application that uses any sort of contact data, and it is available to every developer via an API. If you are a developer , FullContact’s goal is for you to use their cloud address book via their API. Uncategorized address book API contacts fullcontact TechStarsIt’s 2012 and the “contact information problem” is getting exponentially worse.

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Everplaces Opens API to Compete with Foursquare


The Foursquare API has become the de facto standard when it comes to plugging into location data on the world around you, but as Foursquare has grown the dataset has apparently become more and more messy.

Introducing Keystok, the Cloud-vault for API keys


In order to protect this information, developers rely on passwords, ID’s and API keys. Because these keys usually grant you access to very sensitive control over the APIs in question, it’s no wonder developers go a long way to keep those keys secure.

From Raising Right to that Minimal Site

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Why Twitter’s API Changes Screws Startups – And Twitter


But with these new API changes, I’m not sure how or even if we can stay in business. I didn’t really look into the recent API changes. Second, Facebook’s API is RETARDED. I love(d) Twitter’s API because of the freedom and ease of use.

Building an API? Get yourself to The Platform Summit


Business value is driven by new types of communication, which should be built on the foundation of a good API strategy. Think about all the buzzwords driving this and the next generation of tech, like wearables, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things.

Google Code API Console – Nicely Done


Google Code just release the API console. It better organizes Google’s APIs and I even discovered a couple new APIs. Custom Search API - Google Custom Search enables you to search over a slice of the web, such as your own website, or a collection of websites.

Printmotor provides entrepreneurs with an API for printed goods


Based in Helsinki, Printmotor provides RESTful APIs to allow you to plug your business into a local printing company, allowing you to sell greeting cards, postcards, posters, and so on.

From Memorializing the Day to Driving Success

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On Modular Innovation… [link] Honor those with the right API. Filed under: weekend reading Tagged: api , calendar , creativity , design , modular innovation , pricing , product , startup , user experience , ux. Every week I read thousands of blog posts.

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