CTO Salary and Equity Trends 2009-2011


Todd Gitlin of Safire Partners - a go to resource here in LA for recruiting C-level positions at startups - was nice enough to compile some data again this year (see last year's Startup CTO Salary and Equity Data ). You can also enter salary and equity data to see where you stand.

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Startup CTO Salary and Equity Data


Todd Gitlin of Safire Partners was nice enough to compile some data on Start CTO Salary and Equity at Venture Backed Companies for the LA CTO Forum and present last year. It is interesting to see the salaries of CTOs of pre-Revenue even pre-Launch companies.

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You might have held off paying yourself while launching your startup, but is it time to give yourself a salary? Here are seven things to consider in order to determine if now is the right time to pay yourself a salary. The post When Is the Right Time to Pay Yourself a Salary?

What Salary Means

This is going to be BIG.

When I was coming out of college, working in finance, I used to think a lot about my salary. I liked maxing out on raises and I liked the feeling I got getting to a six figure salary. It was, in my mind, what the salary meant. One thing that comes through consistently is that salary--specifically how someone goes about the salary negotiation process--can be a consistent predictor of performance.

Where Can I Find Information on Starting Salaries for a SaaS Startup?

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Q: Where can I get some good starting salary information for a SaaS startup? How much should the starting salaries vary for a startup with $5 million vs $10 million gross revenue? Compensation compensation saas salaryI need the information for CEO, CFO, CIO, CINO, Director of Sales. A (Brad): First of all, you can find a great deal of info on structuring employee compensation right here on Ask the VC.

How to Tell Your Salaried Employees They Are Now Hourly

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The new salary rule requiring $47,476 per year to be exempt goes into effect December 1, 2016. You have to tell your employees

Visualization of Startup CTO Equity and Salary Data


A long-time friend and colleague, Steve Wexler, who is great at visualization took my Startup CTO Salary and Equity Data and produced a really need interactive visualization via Tableau.

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What Your Employees Really Think of Your Excessive CEO Salary

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New hires care about salary, but they care about leadership more (and that's something you can control).

Startup compensation: flat salaries and equity/options work best

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We had some success with this system, most notably at Zeus Technology, which was a good exit for my old firm Draper Esprit, but these days I recommend flat salaries with upside coming from options or founder shares. The only exceptions to this flat salary rule are routine work which requires no creativity and sales where commission structures remain the best way to motivate a team. With those caveats the best structures are flat salaries and a share of the equity.

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[Infographic] 2012 Q3: Software Engineering Salaries in Silicon Valley


Software engineers are extremely high in demand, and over the past few years the growth in their salaries has shown exactly how much in demand they are. Here’s an infographic that shows you more: Others Bay Area developers infographic salary data Silicon Valley software engineer

Women Ask for Lower Salaries. It's Hard to Fix.

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Like how much salary to ask for. The Gender Pay Gap can largely be explained by choices. HR/Benefits

Visualization of Startup CTO Equity and Salary Data


A long-time friend and colleague, Steve Wexler, who is great at visualization took my Startup CTO Salary and Equity Data and produced a really need interactive visualization via Tableau.

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Salary expectations--warranted or not--can cause great frustration for both job seekers and company leaders. Find out how the right approach to salary transparency can help you retain talent and communicate value to current and future employees

What salary does the founder of your favorite startup get? Probably not a very high one

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The company collected salary data from 11,160 startups around the world that use its benchmarking tool. Average salaries around the world vary from a low of $30,208 in India to a high of $72,363 in Australia. The CEO’s salary sets a cap for everyone else.

Data Analysis 101: Seven Simple Mistakes That Limit Your Salary

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That is after all what pays our salary right? Data Analysis 101: Seven Simple Mistakes That Limit Your Salary is a post from: Occam's Razor by Avinash Kaushik. Data analysis is not easy.

10 Dumbest Salary Review Comments

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No matter what happens, you probably won''t say (or hear) anything as stupid as these real-life comments made during real-life salary reviews: 10. You managed to avoid a salary decrease." Your wife is working and I know that with both of your salaries, you guys make more than me."

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How to Negotiate a Higher Salary

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Here are seven essential tips for negotiating a higher salary Negotiating is a skill, and many people don't have much experience with it. However, negotiating can earn or save you more money in less time than just about any other method.

How to Skillfully Answer 'What Is Your Desired Salary?' in a Job Interview

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Marissa Mayer's Replacement, Thomas McInerney, Will Earn Twice Her Salary. Good for McInerney.

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In this case, is it illegal discrimination or good salary sense Women CEO's do earn less than men.

When a Job Candidate's Salary Expectations Are Too High

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How to address it head-on.

Applying for a Job? This New Law Probably Means a Bigger Salary (Starting in 2018, Anyway)

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A new Massachusetts law, described as a model for the nation, changes the most important factor in negotiations: No more asking your current salary

Think Salaries are Confidential? Google Found Out They Aren’t

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Salaries are almost always confidential, but that's just cultural. Your employees may already be talking

Should You Start Sharing Employee Salaries?

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The research suggests openness yields better morale

Research Shows Not Negotiating Your Salary Could Cost You $1 Million (Especially Women)

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Your salary doesn't just affect what you earn this year -- the impact over your lifetime can be huge

Series A Startup CEO Salary

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A startup’s Series A financing shouldn’t be a large liquidity event or salary payday for the startup’s founders. The term sheet was pretty much a done deal, when the startup’s CEO demanded a salary of $25,000. My client countered with a reasonable startup CEO salary, but the startup’s CEO didn’t back down from his $300,000/year figure. The Importance of Startup CEO Salary. The CEO’s salary sets a cap for everyone else.

The One Thing To Say When Asked Your Current Salary in a Job Interview

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63 Percent of Employees Say This Benefit Matters Even More Than Their Salary

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A new survey found that most employees value this job perk more than getting a plump paycheck. Work-Life Balance

[Infographic] Startup Salaries: Why Less Is More


As Peter Thiel states, “the lower the CEO salary, the more likely it is to succeed.” ” According to a study by benchmarking company Compass, 75% of startup founders in Silicon Valley have a salary below $75,000 and 66% are below $50,000.

13 Top Executives Who Have a Salary of $1 or Less

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These CEOs are still worth millions or billions of dollars, but their base salaries are next to nothing

Why High Salaries Can Be Bad for Your Business

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If you pay too well, you may create prisoners instead of engaged employees

When Job Candidates Won’t Share Salary Expectations

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When a job candidate refuses to say what kind of salary he's looking for, what's a recruiter to do

What Is The Average Flight Nurse Salary?

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A flight nurse salary is not as black and white. The Salary The median salary for flight nurses is just over $70,000 per year, according to salary.com. The median salaries are highest in New York, New Jersey, and Alaska. The lowest median salary is in South Dakota.

Research Shows Average Millennial Salaries Are On The Rise

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It's no secret that Millennials are the lowest-earning generation ever; however, there's a light at the end of the tunnel for those struggling out there. The Inc.

[Infographic] [Singapore] Salary Expectations Increase 35% With That First Private Degree: JobsCentral


It will, but attaining that private degree – if it’s their first formal degree qualifications – also leads the employee expecting a 35% salary raise to commensurate with that extra knowledge.