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Founder Interview: Alejandro Russo, Building the Candela Spiced Rum Brand

The Startup Magazine

Candela Mamajuana is an alcohol/spirits startup brand that is bringing the Dominican Republic’s native rum to the world. Candela Mamajuana was born after Alejandro became fascinated by mamajuana (a spiced rum native to the Dominican Republic) after it was served to him at a hotel bar in the Dominican Republic.

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A Conversation with 2020 Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang

View from Seed

One in five prime working age American men has not worked in the last twelve months, and our labor force participation rate is down to 62.9%, the same levels as El Salvador the Dominican Republic. Any of those changes would require a wholesale revolution in the way we distribute and measure value and work.

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Facebook Acquires Israel’s Snaptu For an Estimated $60-70 Million

VC Cafe

These two deals are significant, and suggest that Facebook didn’t just buy an app - Snaptu is a mobile platform and a distribution channel for emerging markets with low smartphone penetration, where the users use their mobile phones as their main access device to the Internet.