Funding All Projects on DonorsChoose in Alaska

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Amy and I just funded all of the unfunded DonorsChoose projects in Alaska as part of the annual DonorsChoose #BestSchoolDay event. In all of the Alaska projects, Aspect Ventures matched our donation. Amy grew up in Alaska and we have a house in Homer, which is what motivated us to support Alaska this year on #BestSchoolDay. The post Funding All Projects on DonorsChoose in Alaska appeared first on Feld Thoughts. Philanthropy #BestSchoolDay alaska donorschoose

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Homer, Alaska and the Super Bowl

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I was at a Nima board meeting today and was asked by a new friend on the team about my link to Homer, Alaska. The post Homer, Alaska and the Super Bowl appeared first on Feld Thoughts. Places alaska homer mcdonalds

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Moving To Homer, Alaska

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During one of the long conversations we had at the time about our future, we started talking about calling it quits and moving to Homer, Alaska. We didn’t know anyone there and I didn’t have any business there, but it was a lot more centrally located in the US than Homer, Alaska.

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An Aurora Over Alaska

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When I opened my daily folder, a beautiful picture of an Aurora Over Alaska graced the front page of APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day). Just another reason to love Alaska. Tags: Alaska alaska apod

Alaska Airlines Starts Taking Things Away From Passengers (Oh, But Why This?)

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Is Alaska going to drift in the direction of American Airlines? Best-Kept Travel Secrets

Startup Gospel and Ecosystems in Alaska

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Ever since reading Jack London, I’ve wanted to go to Alaska. Looks like July is the time to go as its Alaska Startup week and there are events throughout the state, from lean startup workshops to pitch competitions. 2017 is the Year of Innovation in Alaska.

A Teenager Offered 'Extraordinary' Help to a Disabled Passenger on Alaska Airlines. Their Story Went Viral

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I was like, 'Doesnt seem too hard. Lets do it!' she said later. They call you, like, 'extraordinary.' but its just something that you do.".

This Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant Gave Passengers Something That Few Airlines Would Even Consider

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Sometimes, making customers feel good can be very simple. Best-Kept Travel Secrets

A Gay Couple Was Bumped To Accommodate a Straight Couple. Here's Alaska Airlines' Troubling Explanation

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How could this have happened? Best-Kept Travel Secrets

Alaska Airlines Is Offering a Little-Known, Stunningly Caring Perk (Not Just In Business Class)

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And it's expanding it. Best-Kept Travel Secrets

Here's What Alaska Airlines Did When Randi Zuckerberg Reported Being Sexually Harassed on a Flight

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It took less than two hours for the airline to act.

Here Are All the World's Airlines Ranked By On-Time Performance (Congrats to Hawaiian, Alaska, Delta and United)

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OAG came out with its On-Time Performance Star Ratings. Here's where all the U.S. airlines ranked.

Alaska Airlines Just Decided Your Carry-On Has to Be 32 Percent Smaller (the Reason Why Is Eye-Opening)

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You may not enjoy this. Best-Kept Travel Secrets

Alaska Airlines Had to Choose Between an 'Emotional Support Cat' and a 15-Year-Old Passenger With Allergies. Want to Guess Who Won?

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"My 15-year-old minor child was removed," her mother said, "because of an emotional support cat.".

Bear tears through classic Shelby Cobra on Alaska road trip

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — A North Carolina man driving a classic convertible through Alaska has learned his car isn't impenetrable to bears

Why Alaska Might Just Be the Best Place to Start a Business

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states finds that Alaska, as well as the Dakotas, are faring relatively well A comprehensive ranking of the fiscal health of U.S.

Alaska Airlines Settles Antitrust Lawsuit, Moves to Close Virgin America Deal

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The settlement comes a day before the trial was scheduled to begin in San Francisco

Big Airlines Just Filed a Legal Document to End Ridiculous Emotional Support Animals. It's Absurdly Brilliant

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United, Southwest, Delta, JetBlue, Alaska and other airlines are asking the U.S. government for severe restrictions on emotional support animals.

American Airlines Just Announced a Bold Change That Other Companies Can't Quite Bring Themselves to Make

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Alaska Airlines did this first. Are you surprised? But McDonald's hasn't done it in the U.S. And Starbucks is moving slowly.

Here's Why American Airlines Just Banned Your New Smart Luggage (and Why Others Are Following)

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It's what is in those smart bags that can actually bring a plane down says American Airlines, Alaska, and Delta. Best-Kept Travel Secrets

What Leaders Can Learn From Randi Zuckerberg's Response to Sexual Harassment

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After a degrading experience aboard an Alaska Airlines flight, Randi Zuckerbergused her social influence with class. A powerful leadership lesson.

Alaska Airlines expands with flights to North Carolina

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SEATTLE (AP) — Alaska Airlines officials say they're expanding service with new daily flights from Seattle to North Carolina

Skype Small Business Profile: Wendy Kenney

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She and her four dogs live in beautiful – and remote – Alaska, while she runs a successful business with clients all over the US. WK: We have offices in Sitka, Alaska and Boise, Idaho and we have clients all over the country.

Virgin America Just Lost Its Soul. What This Means for Your Next Business Trip

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The acquisition of Virgin America by Alaska Airlines serves as a case study for how to acquire a brand with a very big personality

Oil & Gas - Baker Hughes


This includes four horizontal rigs in Northern Alaska, bordering the Beaufort Sea. The Baker Hughes Rig Count was up 313% from the year prior - a surge in productions. Currently the U.S. rig count is at 631 (oil) and 157 (gas) rigs.

Local. Organic. Wi-Fi.

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TV Reporter Quits On-Air to Focus on Marijuana Legalization

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During a live broadcast in Alaska, Charlo Greene announced that she owns a medical marijuana business

How This NHL Veteran and Dicks Sporting Goods Saved Girl’s High School Hockey

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The two-time Stanley Cup winner looked no further than his hometown of Anchorage, Alaska to give back to the sport that gave him so much

The Latest: Owner recalls bear burglary of vintage car

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — The Latest on a rare vintage car damaged by bear that broke into it in Alaska (all times local

Do You Consider Yourself a Texan?

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While I have a house in Alaska, I never lived there (that’s where Amy grew up.). Did you know that 28.5714% of the partners at Foundry Group are Texans? Recently, I was asked if I consider myself a Texan. I answered that I grew up in Texas, live in Colorado, was born in Arkansas, and went to school in Massachusetts. I hadn’t really thought about this before I answered the question. While Massachusetts was very good to me, I never felt at home living in Boston or Cambridge.

Entrepreneurs Who Keep the Iditarod Mushing

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This month, more than 50 teams are set to compete in the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, a 1,000-mile trek across Alaska

3 Reasons Why This Is a Crucial Election Year for Business Owners and Cat Lovers

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Just ask Mayor Stubbs of Talkteena, Alaska This election year may not be as critical in Washington but it''s very critical locally.

Happy 20th Anniversary Amy

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But you can never really take the girl out of Alaska. 20 years. Just amazing. You are my favorite person on this planet. Here are some pictures from the past 20 years. Fashion has clearly never been my strong sense. Fortunately, my t-shirts are rubbing off on you. And your class and grace is rubbing off on me. And one never really does leave Wellesley, does one? And some things never change. I love you. The post Happy 20th Anniversary Amy appeared first on Feld Thoughts.

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Hanging Out In Pioneer Square

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I had become comfortable with Seattle the city, Amy and I were spending more time at our house in Alaska (so Seattle was occasionally a stop on the way to Alaska), and I’d started to enjoy the rain. I’m in Seattle for the next few days. I’ve built this trip around Techstars Seattle Demo, a bunch of time at PSL, and a Moz board meeting. Oh – and time with several of our portfolio companies as well as some nice social stuff with long time friends.

Supporting DonorsChoose and #BestSchoolDay

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We ended up fully funding all the DonorChoose projects in Alaska, Boulder, Longmont, Brighton, Breckenridge, Richardson, and Detroit. Amy grew up in Alaska and we have a house in Homer. When I sat down this morning with Amy she started reading off people who had funded entire cities worth of projects on DonorsChoose this morning. Amy has DonorsChoose in her twitter feed and we quickly figured out what was going on.

Why Gateway Accelerate Is A Great Choice For International Entrepreneurs

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Missouri is our fourth state to go live following Massachusetts, Colorado, and Alaska. On September 15, 2016, UMSL Accelerate joined the Global EIR network and began taking applications for its international accelerator program, Gateway Accelerate. Today is the last day to apply , so if you are considering it, don’t wait. The goal of this program is to contribute to St.

I Only Have 7 Trips Left. On Managing Work / Life Balance, Love & Family

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As a side note if you’ve never been to Alaska it is truly one of the most beautiful, spectacular and awe-inspiring places I’ve visited. So we’re off to Alaska. Why does everybody always ask that when you tell them you’re going to Alaska?!?

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The Hitchhiker's Guide to Branding

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By the time I was 20, I had hitchhiked across the lower 48 States, through the Yukon and into Alaska, and across the greater half of Europe Full disclosure. I left my parent''s home when I was 15 years old.

Cecelia Feld Exhibiting at Splash on 7/7/10 at the St. Julien

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I won’t be there as Amy and I are hiding in Homer, Alaska for the month, but my mom is coming down from Keystone and I know she’d love to see my friends if you are around. If you are a fan of my mom’s art ( Cecelia Feld ), she’s part of an exhibit at the St. Julien Hotel in Boulder called Splash. The opening is this Wednesday July 7th from 6pm to 8pm.

Founders 2010 #6: We’re Not Alone

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I’ve got a two board meeting day tomorrow ( Impinj and Gist ) as I gear up to head to Alaska for the month of July.