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The 10 Greatest Social Entrepreneurs Of All Time


After a moment of clarity in Liberia, club promoter Scott Harrison decided to make it his mission to change that, heading up the non-profit organization charity: water. Despite adhering to practices that many businesses claim limit profits, Hollender and his associates have built Seventh Generation into a major corporate force, bringing in over $150 million in revenue in 2010.

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Data Visualization Inspiration: Analysis To Insights To Action, Faster!

Occam's Razor

It also does not include the other countries beyond Liberia and Sierra Leone where we know infections and deaths have occurred. Experts that they are, this is their wonderful visualization of the above data… Depending on your definition of success (planted, yield, production or revenue), your answer might be different. David and his team actually took this a couple notches higher and created a nice bubble chart with Revenue.

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