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Lessons and Impressions of Egypt

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

Here were some of my takeaways from visiting Egypt for the first time. During these years of tumult, the civic institutions of Egypt eroded.

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The Problems with Egypt


I wrote a research paper on Egypt''s economy in college for an ec- development course. From - What’s really behind Egypt’s turmoil.

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What do Egypt and Family Businesses Have in Common?

The Entrepreneurial Mind

James Barood with the Rothman Institute of Entrepreneurship at Fairleigh Dickinson University's. Silberman College of Business offers some rather harsh words for family business patriarchs in a column at Business Insider: There are millions of Hosni Mubaraks. Most lead family businesses, not nations. over dozens, hundreds, or even thousands.

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NC company carved out of $418M contract for warplane; U.S. Rep. Ted Budd tries to halt sale

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

The United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia use them to protect their borders. IOMAX USA Inc., Now Kenya wants to buy some

Bitcoin: things only grow this fast when something important is happening

The Equity Kicker

In around 2002 I was stuck in my hotel room in Egypt due to food poisoning and the only English TV available was an American business channel.

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Episode 5 on Sirius XM Channel 111: Pete Newell, John Kuhn, Matt Weingart, Takashi Tsutsmi and Masato Iino

Steve Blank

During his military career he served in Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Arabian peninsula, Egypt, and the Horn of Africa. SiriusXM Radio Show

Travels in 2015

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

Egypt , Copenhagen, Tanzania (safari!), San Francisco is an amazing place to live in. 2015 began for me in Maui. and the Balkans. and New York.

Using Summer's End To Boost Your Creativity

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

During a creative lull he escaped to Egypt and lived a wild, crazy life. Hammering away at your desk is doing nothing for your creative juices.

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This Entrepreneur Has One Simple Goal: Improve a Billion People's Lives

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Then in 2011, during the Arab Spring uprising in Egypt, one million people downloaded the company''s free app HotSpot Shield in 24 hours to bypass government censorship of the Internet. The duo had loftier goals in mind, however: they wanted to positively impact a billion people. The app enabled the protestors to use Twitter to organize.

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5 Worst Things Companies Do on Facebook Today

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

During the revolution in Egypt, he tweeted "Millions are in uproar in #Cairo. Have you ever seen the Condescending Corporate Brand Page ?

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Inc. Uncensored Ep 14: A Startup on the Nile River and the Failed Indie Rock Revolution

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

editors and writers discuss the exodus of East Coast high school dropouts to Silicon Valley, a T-shirt startup that's trying to save Egypt's luxury cotton industry, and the new rock memoir Your Band Sucks This week, Inc.

Here’s What’s Driving Collaborative Consumption and Where the Market May Head Next

Both Sides of the Table

Think Tunia, Egypt, Syria and now Turkey. Kudos. The 20-minute video of my presentation is here if you’re interested. Prices down.

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Nothing to Say? 11 Things to Tweet Now

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Airways plane that landed in the Hudson River, or the uprisings in Egypt). Help your audience first and yourself second.

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Episode 107: Is the Recession Over Yet? with James Coyle

Mike Michalowicz

He has worked with clients such as AT&T, the Governments of Indonesia and Egypt and the Washington public affairs firm of Cassidy and Associates. Foreign Service Officer, and served as the Agricultural Attaché to Egypt. He was also chief negotiator for the 1987 PL-480 agreement with Egypt. Also Available On. Show Summary.

The Socialist Republic of Twitter

Diego Basch

You’ll tweet about uprisings in Egypt while she shares pictures of Louis Vuitton’s finest products. Is this bad? It will evolve.

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3 Biggest Entrepreneur Opportunities Now

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The cost of starting a business today is lower than ever. If you have an idea, pursue it. Or give one of these three arenas a hard look. in 2015.

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5 Ways to Be More Adaptive in the 21st Century

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

“The danger is to take all this information, to watch in Tahrir Square and say, ‘we know what’s happening in Egypt.’”

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Leadership Lessons for Entrepreneurs from Jethro (Moses' Father-in-Law)

Seeing Both Sides

He leads the Israelites out of slavery from Egypt (nice vision!) Both you and these people who are with you will surely wear yourselves out.

Book Review: Dark Star Safari by Paul Theroux

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

Egypt, of course. While traveling to Africa a few weeks ago, I read Dark Star Safari: Overland from Cairo to Cape Town by Paul Theroux.

Why the Navy Needs Disruption Now (part 2 of 2)

Steve Blank

And they have been selling these systems to other countries (Iran, Syria, Egypt, etc.). If you haven’t, read part 1 first.).

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Walk Like an Egyptian

Growthink Blog

And while the concept of Tunisia and Egypt being ‘Twitter” revolutions is over-stated, it is true that easy media connectivity has greatly accelerated organized action on long-held social and political discontents. It is young people with qualities like this that are changing Egypt. No, it is far easier and more sustainable than that.

5 Game-Changing Startups to Watch

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Some startups seem destined to create big winners and big losers. Here are five of them. A game changer is a startup that clobbers business as usual. A game changer forces existing businesses and business models to either adapt or wither away. A game changer means that a few people get rich and lot of other people lose their jobs. If that.

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Join a conference simulcast near you

Startup Lessons Learned

One of the most important things we do with The Lean Startup Conference is make a livestream of the plenary talks available for free to groups around the world, supporting entrepreneurship communities everywhere. The number of hosts has grown annually, and this year, we have 200+ groups joining us on Monday, December 3.

A Visual Guide to Influencer Marketing – Infographic

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

If you wanted to go see the Pyramids of Egypt you are probably going to need help. Infographic credit. Step 1: Create awesome content.

12 Questions for Gary Vaynerchuk

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

I have no interest in going to Egypt and seeing the pyramids. Not a problem. What company do you not want to start but wish someone else would?

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Looking for Start-up Capital? Try Overseas

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Recently renewed by President Obama, the EB-5 Visa program links entrepreneurs to foreign investors. His enthusiasm may have been somewhat unfounded.

4 Ideas About Bitcoin You Need To Know

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Why Bitcoin could become "the currency of social revolution," why the FBI wants criminals to use Bitcoin, and more. Bitcoin-funded drug kingpins!

What Greek Startups Can Teach the World


I’ve had similar conversations about bringing entrepreneurship to Egypt, where starting a company is considered a low-class occupation. Events

How to Sell Your Roadmap Without Selling Your Soul

Both Sides of the Table

Well, I was going for the analogy of “my friend, have I got a deal for you” that you get at a bazaar in Egypt or a stall in Mexico.

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5 Leadership Lessons From the Seder

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The Passover Seder has much to teach us about the functioning of a healthy team. What are the team leadership lessons? ”

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Bambuser's Co-Founders Witness Their Product's Impact In The Egyptian Elections


The training sessions went well, and the elections in Egypt went by fairly peacefully. This was back during the Iraq war.

More New Florence

deal architect

On the innovation blog Indonesia and volcanic power Hubble at 20 MIT Tech Review – Top 10 technologies More innovation from left field (from Egypt and Togolese Republic

Most Overused Buzzword On LinkedIn Profiles? Creative.


Egypt: Multinational. If there’s one word most people describe themselves with professionally, it’s creative. Brazil: Experimental.

3 Games That Can Teach You Business Skills

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Amun-Re The game: Players try to accrue the most points by bidding for land along the Nile in ancient Egypt. Always be heding

A New, Intellectual Fertile Crescent - Allston and Cambridge

Seeing Both Sides

In ancient history, the Fertile Crescent extended from lower Egypt, through modern-day Israel and into Assyria and Mesopotamia.

A Do-It-Yourself MBA? This Guy Did It--and So Can You

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Victor Saad wrote his own masters-level education plan before becoming an entrepreneur. MBA, or no MBA?

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Is there hope for corporate work life reform? Dispatch from Work Life Focus Conference

Escape From Cubicle Nation

And speaking of balance, it was wonderful to find many personal connections, like two of us who had sons obsessed by World War II and Egypt.

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The Venture Capital Secret: 3 Out of 4 Start-Ups Fail

Israel Minister: No Change to Egypt Deal Israels foreign minister said Israel would not agree to re-evaluate its peace deal with Egypt. Meanwhile, an Egypt-based, al Qaeda-inspired group claimed responsibility for Fridays attack along the border. Facebook. Twitter. WSJ Live. WSJ Live. MarketWatch. MarketWatch. Barrons. Barrons.

Plingm Tackles VoIP in Middle East, Africa


In Egypt's app store, for example, six of the top 10 free social networking apps are VoIP apps Sweden seems to be the home of VoIP apps.

Why Entrepreneurs & VCs Should Focus on Basecamp, Not the Summit

Both Sides of the Table

This article originally appeared on Silicon Alley Insider. Lines vs. Dots is all about people. Market Opportunity. But what about markets? Basecamp.