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October in Africa: Egypt stifles tech innovation, Google gets busy

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Rumors have been swirling that Uber and regional equivalent Careem might be set to merge in Egypt, but it’s not going to happen. The Egyptian government has had a busy time of late, shutting down taxi app mergers, taxing e-commerce platforms, and enforcing digital media regulation laws.

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Website Design Tactics to Reduce the Bounce Rate

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Also, you need to use a sharply contrasting and bright color to make sure that the noticeability of your CTA is high, according to a top web development company in Egypt. Have an FAQ Page.

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Sprint Like An Egyptian: A Tech Entrepreneurship Revolution in Alexandria


My client handled the whole thing with aplomb, fortified by a decade of immersion in the distinctive culture and language of Egypt and the Arab world. What the heck was I doing in Egypt anyway? Silicon Arabia has engineers in Russia as well as Egypt.)

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More New Florence

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On the innovation blog Indonesia and volcanic power Hubble at 20 MIT Tech Review – Top 10 technologies More innovation from left field (from Egypt and Togolese Republic).

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[Review] Startup Rising


And what he finds is incredibly encouraging – he shares many, many stories of young entrepreneurs challenging the status quo, limited technological infrastructure and governmental lethargy to fulfill their dreams, and at the same time plug the many gaps that clearly exist in the market.

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Michelle Dale: Mother Of Three Takes Her Kids Around Europe On A Ten Year “Laptop Lifestyle” Trip Thanks To Her $30,000+ A Month Online Business by Yaro Starak

She sold everything she had, paid off all her debts and left the UK with £10,000, which she promptly lost on a property investment deal gone bad in Egypt. Michelle was "trapped" in Egypt due to not having enough money to leave, so began researching internet business options.

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Skills Development in Africa: How Wide is the Skills Gap?


Egypt is highly dependent on oil production and the economy is very sensitive to the oil price fluctuations. Soon after the adoption of the ‘’Marshall Plan’’ it became clear that the workforce locally does not necessarily possess the skills the business needs.

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