South Africa: Economy at a tipping point?


South Africa's economy exited technical recession in Q2 and recent data provides reason for cautious optimism. MENA South Africa Sub-Sahara Africa

FinTech Accelerating Digital Transformation of Banking in Africa

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Across Africa huge game‐changing leaps are currently taking place which are transforming economies on the continent ‐ and helping to drive forward key strategic priorities such as financial inclusion.

Middle East and North Africa aren’t the next big hotspot for tech… yet

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In the past, people didn’t give much thought to the startup climate in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Africa Business Contributors Entrepreneur Middle East

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‘Enormous’ investment potential in ‘risky’ South Africa – Goldman Sachs


He said he was generally bullish about South Africa as a favourable investment destination, but that it would be appropriate to scale the investment to this country’s risky. Goldman Sachs Investing Investment mining South Africa

How Andela Finds and Trains World-Class Engineers in Africa [Traction #41: Christina Sass]

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Christina Sass is co-founder and COO of Andela, a company that locates, trains, and staffs world-class engineers in Africa for hire by tech companies in the US and elsewhere. The post How Andela Finds and Trains World-Class Engineers in Africa [Traction #41: Christina Sass] appeared first on NextView Ventures. They’ve sparked a movement, cracked the code on finding great coders, and have attracted investors like Mark Zuckerberg.

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January tech news from Africa: Summed up by a single word

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It is also available across Africa. Netflix’s Africa launch, speculated on for so long, took the continent by surprise, but in reality it is the latest escalation of the VoD battle in Africa that has also seen the likes of Naspers and Ericsson roll out services.

Africa and mobile subscriptions

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thenextweb : “Africa is being tipped to pass one billion mobile subscriptions to become the world’s second largest mobile market by 2016 according to new research from analyst firm Informa. Informa explains that the development of the region’s “relatively immature telecoms market” — thanks to increased competition and lower costs — combined with the continued growth of Africa’s population are the primary reasons for its growth predictions. mobile tech Africa 3G

Africa Online: Check out “The Shift”

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Technology is changing lives — even saving lives — in Africa, the world’s second most populous continent. A production of BloombergTVAfrica , this will be an ongoing series about technology and entrepreneurship across Africa.

Andela Connects Austin Tech Companies with Tech Talent in Africa


To […] The post Andela Connects Austin Tech Companies with Tech Talent in Africa appeared first on SiliconHills. By LAURA LOREK Founder of Silicon Hills News The shortage of tech talent is acute in Austin and every U.S. The U.S. faces a shortage of as many as 21 million skilled workers by 2020 in manufacturing, energy, health care, technology, education and other fields, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

If South Africa Legalizes Rhino Horn Trade, Drones Will Be Key to Conservation

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South Africa is considered ground zero for rhino poaching, but the Lindbergh Foundation's Air Shepard program shows that using drones can help conserve them

Best Way to Promote Tourism in the Middle East and Africa: Host American Cops

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How to combine vacation with a cause. Marketing

How One Company is Solving Africa's Biggest Investment Problem

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Hundreds of thousands of African small businesses are struggling to find lenders willing to invest more than a few hundred dollars. Here is one company trying to change that

Dirk Nowitzki to serve as a captain in NBA Africa Game

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NEW YORK (AP) — Dirk Nowitzki, the career scoring leader among international players, will be one of the captains for the NBA's Africa Game on Aug.

NC child porn investigation leads to South Africa arrests

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AP) — Authorities say a child pornography investigation in North Carolina led to the arrests of the parents of a 14-year-old girl in South Africa RALEIGH, N.C. (AP)

Army investigates death of Fort Bragg soldier in Africa

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AP) — The Army is investigating the death of a Fort Bragg soldier in Africa FORT BRAGG, N.C. (AP)

Fintech Startups Partner With the Gates Foundation to Reach Billions of Unbanked in Africa and Asia

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A new code aims to increase the interoperability between global financial institutions and payments platforms.

5 Critical Essentials if You Want to Try Seed Investing in Africa

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You need to pay attention to the culture of the countries you're operating in, and keep basic business needs in mind. Startup

We're Sending Our Employees to Africa on the Trip of a Lifetime. Here's Why

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Taking corporate culture overseas -- and to the next level. Innovate

Entrepreneurs in Africa Find Opportunity in Scarcity

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Today, she and her fiancé run AFRIpads , a five-year-old manufacturing company that employs 70 people, and has reached more than 250,000 women in East Africa through customers such as UNICEF, Save the Children, and Oxfam.

The 5 Most Interesting New Businesses in Africa

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Africa is a land of opportunity, of entrepreneurs who are taking chances and finding ways to help it grow Forget old Hollywood stereotypes you've heard about this place.

Living and Working in South Africa

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What challenges does a businessperson face living in South Africa? I later spent a year in Johannesburg, South Africa, advising a large metals and mining company on their global growth strategy. Avondale's Bill Stewart shares his story of a year abroad in Johannesburg.

Ebola survivors: Hospital staff exposed in Africa

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CHARLOTTE — The hospital in Liberia where three American aid workers got sick with Ebola has been overwhelmed by a surge in patients and doesn''t have enough hazard suits and other supplies to keep do

Charlotte charity houses missionaries from Africa

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CHARLOTTE — A Charlotte-based charity says it has brought back to the U.S. missionaries who served in Liberia during the Ebola outbreak but only after they had been tested and did not have the deadly

My Trip to South Africa With Richard Branson: Day 1

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After winning Virgin Unite's Screw Business as Usual competition, Raise5 co-founder Shayan Nahrvar traveled to South Africa to meet Sir Richard Branson himself.

My Trip to South Africa with Richard Branson: Part 2

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Shayan Nahrvar, the co-founder of Raise5, describes his experience meeting Richard Branson and other entrepreneurs in South Africa. Earlier, Nahvar described his first day in South Africa.

Heart of Smartness: A Tech Accelerator for Africa


Africa has most of the elements required for technology innovation. Alliy is managing partner of the Savannah Fund , a $10 million fund that will soon begin investing in technology startups in East Africa, including Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya.

Nairobi Weekend: New Startups in East Africa


It's this side of East Africa this brief report is about and which brought me here, to the mobile revolution I had only read about, and to the IPO48 event with its great bunch of start-ups: Sponsor.

Why You Should Consider Expanding Into Africa and Asia

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Ever thought about expanding your business overseas? Here''s why you should consider certain often-overlooked markets

Why Your Next Brilliant Developer Will Come From Africa

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Tech training program Andela is betting on an innovative education model to help address the global skills gap

Ebola survivor leaves US after recovery to return to Africa

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) AP) — An American missionary who survived the Ebola virus is returning to the West African country where she was infected last year

Heart of Smartness: A Tech Accelerator for Africa


Africa has most of the elements required for technology innovation. Alliy is managing partner of the Savannah Fund , a $10 million fund that will soon begin investing in technology startups in East Africa, including Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya.

Your Credit Cards May Soon Have Fingerprint Protection

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MasterCard is currently testing the technology in South Africa. Security

I am the future – Itau Bank

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Commercials Africa Antfood Beto Araujo Edson Rosa Everton Behenck Jeferson Rocha Nash Otavio Schiavon Pierre Kerchove Saigon Sergio Gordilho Vellas

Purple Cows and Charity Water

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In this case the creation of water wells in Africa. I’m assuming that there were quite a few water charities in Africa, but you haven’t heard of any before charity water. Charity Charity Water Africa Differentiation marketing purple cow scott harrison Seth godin

Finnish Off-Grid Power Firm Nocart Breaks Into Africa


We have been working in Africa for two years and have identified a project pipeline of 400 million euros worth of high-quality potential projects where we aim to participate during the next five years.

Are Banks the Next Dinosaurs?


Last week, I spoke at The Economist’s Buttonwood Gathering in NYC about how emerging markets (and Africa in particular) are leapfrogging innovation in the financial services sector.

Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg Have Donated Millions to This Controversial School

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Bridge International Academies promotes an education program in East Africa.

Plingm Tackles VoIP in Middle East, Africa


That makes it difficult for me to compare prices next to Skype, but it may help explain their growing popularity in the Middle East and Africa, where the price point they're competing against has traditionally been the fixed price-per-time-period idea of calling cards.

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Mark Zuckerberg’s year of books: The essential points from Why Nations Fail

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Riddle me this: Why has Botswana, a landlocked country in the south of Africa, become one of the fastest-growing countries in the world, while other African nations — Zimbabwe, the Congo and Sierra Leone among them — remain caught in a miasma of violence and poverty?

Garage48 Goes Africa Times 5!


Garage48 has announced that they will be holding 5 events in Africa. While the mentioned events are confirmed, the team also plans to hold events in Kenya, Uganda and South Africa. Bringing Garage48 to Africa is a beginning to a more global approach of the team and they have done a remarkable job after starting just a year back in April, 2010. Despite expanding to Africa, there are still many opportunities to be grasped in the Nordics and Baltics as well.

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