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FinTech Accelerating Digital Transformation of Banking in Africa

The Startup Magazine

FinTech players are increasingly becoming an important part of the fabric of Africa’s financial services ecosystem and the leading banks on the continent are now more urgently seeking to harness technology innovations, collaborate with FinTech start‐ups, and create a platform to scale much faster – to make digital financial services pay.

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Skills Development in Africa: How Wide is the Skills Gap?


70% of Africa’s population is under the age of 25 shaping one of the largest untapped talent pools in the world. What are the drivers behind these figures and why Africa is so polarized when it comes to skills development and unemployment rates? ” Speaking about gaps, let’s look closer at the skills gap.

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SXSW Startups: Pawame Powers Africa

Austin Startup

A finalist in Payment and FinTech Technology category, Pawame is lighting up rural communities in Africa with clean, affordable and reliable solar home systems. Nairobi is the undisputed startup hub of East Africa, and perhaps all of Africa. and we can’t do it by ourselves. Has Pawame been involved with other pitch events?

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Startup Nation: The Best Startup Capitals for Entrepreneurs in 2023 


Middle East and Africa Dubai and Riyadh Recent reports have ranked both Dubai and Riyadh as the top destination for startups in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Lagos (Nigeria) and Cape Town (South Africa) The African continent has rapidly developed its startup ecosystem in the last few decades.

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MyDawa: Revolutionizing Healthcare with AI


Because of this significant investment, Alta Semper Capital is launching its operations in the digital healthcare market in Africa for the very first time. When the AAIC made a contribution of $3 million to the company in 2019, the Africa Healthcare Fund was a crucial component in the company’s ability to support its growth initiatives.

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How Andela Finds and Trains World-Class Engineers in Africa [Traction #41: Christina Sass]

View from Seed

Christina Sass is co-founder and COO of Andela, a company that locates, trains, and staffs world-class engineers in Africa for hire by tech companies in the US and elsewhere. The post How Andela Finds and Trains World-Class Engineers in Africa [Traction #41: Christina Sass] appeared first on NextView Ventures.

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Spotting Opportunities; The Startup Journey of Catherine Mandungu

The Startup Magazine

Her birthplace of Congo has become a source of influence, with Catherine’s goal being to support talented women in Africa in tech and business. Currently, she is collaborating with organisations in Africa to provide more RevOps awareness to students and young professionals. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”.

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