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How Andela Finds and Trains World-Class Engineers in Africa [Traction #41: Christina Sass]

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Christina Sass is co-founder and COO of Andela, a company that locates, trains, and staffs world-class engineers in Africa for hire by tech companies in the US and elsewhere. The post How Andela Finds and Trains World-Class Engineers in Africa [Traction #41: Christina Sass] appeared first on NextView Ventures.

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Tribert Rujugiro Ayabatwa on Creating Sustainable Prosperity in Sub-Saharan Africa

The Startup Magazine

Sub-Saharan Africa continues to lag behind the rest of the developing world. The Economy of Sub-Saharan Africa. This situation has not been beneficial for the developing world, especially for Sub-Saharan Africa that lags behind. In Sub-Saharan Africa, the local economy is often subject to boom and bust cycles.

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[Africa] Nominations For Top35-Under35CEO Awards Now Open.


Africa may be home to mostly developing countries, but that doesn’t mean there’s little or no entrepreneurship on the continent. The applicant must be an African citizen who lives and school in Africa. • Applicants must be an African citizen who lives in Africa. Open to entrepreneurs aged 35 and below.

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Middle East and North Africa aren’t the next big hotspot for tech… yet

The Next Web

In the past, people didn’t give much thought to the startup climate in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). But after Careem’s massive funding and Amazon’s acquisition of Souq, people are finally realizing the potential of the region.

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FinTech Accelerating Digital Transformation of Banking in Africa

The Startup Magazine

FinTech players are increasingly becoming an important part of the fabric of Africa’s financial services ecosystem and the leading banks on the continent are now more urgently seeking to harness technology innovations, collaborate with FinTech start‐ups, and create a platform to scale much faster – to make digital financial services pay.

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Africa Online: Check out “The Shift”

David Cohen

Technology is changing lives — even saving lives — in Africa, the world’s second most populous continent. A production of BloombergTVAfrica , this will be an ongoing series about technology and entrepreneurship across Africa. For entrepreneurs, this also presents an opportunity of epic proportions. It’s great stuff.

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Burning Platform: Enterprise Software in Emerging Markets

deal architect

In the 71st episode of Burning Platform, we host Hyther Nizam, President, Middle East and Africa for Zoho. Let me start off by saying I became a fan of Zoho way back in 2006 after this session with the CEO,

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