25 Marketers Share Awesome Social Analytics Tools For 2016


Social analytics and video marketing are likely to be the key marketing trends for 2016. We talked to global social media experts and influencers to share with us their top social analytics tools for the coming year. 16 Top Social Analytics Tools For 2016.

Rock Analytics More: Obsess About Goals And Goal Values!

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If you don't have goals, you are not doing digital analytics. We were brain storming about the next cluster of coolness for Analytics, the conversation quickly went to what Analysts need to look at on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

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Excellent Analytics Tip #27: Chase Smart Calculated Metrics!

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I've consistently complained about a fundamental flaw in Web Analytics tools: They incentivize one night stands , rather than engagements matching customer-intent. It is just how all of the Digital Analytics tools are configured at their very core. For the last decade (#omg!),

Artificial Intelligence: Implications On Marketing, Analytics, And You

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It’s implications are far and wide, even in the narrow scope that I live in (marketing, analytics, influence). Machine Learning | Analytics. Machine Learning | Analytics. More and more humans are going to be transitioned out of the business of analytics. A rare post today.

Be Real-World Smart: A Beginner's Advanced Google Analytics Guide

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The outcome of book smart is rarely better for analytics practitioners then folks trying to learn how to fly an airplane from how-to books. This is all the way from Aug 2009: Web Analytics Career Advice: Play In The Real World! Go to the Analytics Help Demo Account page.

Lean Analytics

Startup Lessons Learned

Lean Analytics is the latest addition to the Lean Series. For example, in the revenue stage—where the company is busy growing revenues and pouring a percentage of them back into user acquisition—there are several places where analytics and iteration can help increase revenues.

Excellent Analytics Tip #22: Calculate Return On Analytics Investment!

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Every post is about unleashing the power of digital analytics (the potent combination of data, systems, software and people). But we've never stopped to consider this question: What is the return on investment (ROI) of digital analytics? Analysts: Put up or shut up time!

Ad Block Tracking With Google Analytics: Code, Metrics, Reports

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I am insanely excited that we can track ad blocking behavior in Google Analytics, so easily. Setting Google Analytics front end elements (custom dimensions, advanced segments). Let now go and configure the Google Analytics front-end. Go to any report in Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Health Check: Is Your Configuration Broken?


The fact is that a lot of the people relying on Google Analytics are relying on bad data. No, not because Google Analytics is awful. What’s a Google Analytics Health Check? In the past, we’ve covered setting up and using Google Analytics fairly extensively.

Speed, Focus, Smart Insights: 5 Google Analytics Custom Reports FTW!

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You can download them into your Google Analytics account via one click (along with some lovely Advanced Segments and a Dashboard). Many custom reports are wrong because we mess up the fundamental data model in analytics. Standard reports stink. Custom reports rock!

Five Key Elements For A Big Analytics Driven Business Impact

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And, as if unlimited is not enough, nearly every month your analytics vendors release new features, you discover new analytics solutions, and as your business is more successful (hurray!) What guarantees that agility and innovation are present in your analytics practice?

7 Ways to Use Data and Analytics for Strategic Change

Startup Professionals Musings

More than ever, businesses need to take full advantage of automation, data, and analytics to run their business more productively and competitively. Let the data and the analytics suggest the questions you need to ask, not the answers. Keep your eye on the data and the analytics.

Ten Hidden Gems In Google Analytics: Do Smarter Web Data Analysis!

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The 80/20 rule applies to our use of web analytics tools as well. I recommend that periodically you gather folks around you for lunch, pull up Adobe Analytics on the big screen in the conference room, let each person expose one hidden report or feature.

Google Analytics Visitor Segmentation: Users, Sequences, Cohorts!

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This post covers an important evolution in Google Analytics' segmentation power. You are going to love analytics and analysis so much more by the time you are done with this post! Google Analytics: New Segmentation User Experience. Google Analytics: Cohort Analysis.

Magnificent Mobile Website And App Analytics: Reports, Metrics, How-to!

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Remember, when someone says mobile analytics, first ask the clarifying question: Do you mean mobile application or mobile website ? Then approach each separately (even though there are tools like Google Analytics that will do both). Analytics > Mobile > Overview > Devices.

12 Google Analytics Custom Reports to Help You Grow Faster


The same is true of your data in Google Analytics. Many Google Analytics custom reports are configured incorrectly. More often, Google Analytics configurations are broken, rendering custom reports even less effective. So, why use Google Analytics custom reports?

How to Setup Google Analytics and Segment Your Data


The ability to slice and dice your Google Analytics data is the difference between mediocre, surface-level insights and meaningful, useful analysis. Setting Up Your Google Analytics. First, let’s get Google Analytics accurately reporting pageviews.

Product/Market Fit and Lean Analytics

Instigator Blog

In the last couple weeks I’ve read a few great blog posts about product/market fit and the confusion that exists around what it really means. I’d say for many early stage startups, product/market fit is thought of as that point in time when you’ve finally built a product that people use and it’s time to […]. Lean Startup

Lean 103

10 Ways To Use Analytics To Supercharge Your Business

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By contrast, predictive analytics uses data patterns to make forward-looking predictions that guide you to where you should go next. According to Eric Siegel in his newly updated book “ Predictive Analytics ,” it’s the power to predict who will click, buy, lie, or die.

Google Analytics 101: How To Configure Google Analytics To Get Actionable Data


After reading some of our subscriber feedback , we noticed that many ConversionXL readers didn’t have a solid foundation with a proper Google Analytics setup. Each user of Google Analytics can have multiple accounts. In-Page Analytics (or enhanced link attribution).

Lean Startup and Lean Analytics in the Enterprise

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Alistair and I have been looking at how Lean Startup and Lean Analytics are working in the enterprise. I wanted to share those with you, as the conversation around Lean Startup and Lean Analytics continues to expand. This is right out of the Lean Analytics playbook (think: the One Metric That Matters ), where they’re mapping a user’s path/funnel through a website or mobile app and deciding what they want people to do, and how they’re going to measure it.

Lean 90

Digital Marketing & Analytics: Five Deadly Myths De-mythified!

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For how to go about this, use the wonderful Analytics Ladder of Awesomeness. Bonus : If you want to know the three phases that help you create a great digital strategy: The Complete Digital Analytics Ecosystem: How To Win Big.]. POP your site and ad platforms analytics implementations.

The Marketing Analytics Intersect: My Newsletter!

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I want you to sign up for something very, very special I'm doing: Writing short stories from the intersection of marketing and analytics. My newsletter is called The Marketing < > Analytics Intersect. Happy analytics. Happy analytics.

The Beginner’s Guide to Mobile App Analytics


Note that I’m recommending Google products since we’re using Google Analytics throughout this article, but there are many measurement alternatives, like Mixpanel or Localytics. Be sure to link your AdMob account to your Google Analytics account.

Five Keys To Leading In The Age Of Analytics


by Andrew Wells and Kathy Chiang, co-authors of “ Monetizing Your Data: A Guide to Turning Data into Profit-Driving Strategies and Solutions “ Data and analytics have redefined the way we compete. There are five keys to leading in the age of analytics: 1.

Digital Marketing And Analytics: Two Ladders For Magnificent Success

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Progress in digital marketing and analytics in either scenario becomes painful (the organization / systems / thinking is simply not in the optimal position). In this post I want to arm you with the evolution you should undertake in your companies when it comes to marketing and analytics.

Dear Avinash: Your Digital Marketing + Analytics Challenges Answered

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about digital marketing and analytics. We will cover questions in four areas: business/strategy challenges, analytics/technical challenges, career/self-development questions and rampant speculation. First, I blame the analytics vendors. Technical Analytics Challenges.

The Lean Analytics Cycle: Metrics > Hypothesis > Experiment > Act

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This thought was in my mind as I was reading Lean Analytics a new book by my friend Alistair Croll and his collaborator Benjamin Yoskovitz. In this post, we’ll look at each of the four steps in the Lean Analytics Cycle in more detail. Go get Alistair and Ben's book Lean Analytics.

Funnel Analysis: Finding and Fixing Conversion Problems with Google Analytics


But, using Google Analytics, we can locate where they quit. While the existence of goals in Google Analytics (and other analytical tools out there) is common knowledge, many e-Commerce sites still struggle with getting the proper setup. You can do this in Google Analytics.

Excellent Analytics Tip #25: Decrapify Search, Social Compound Metrics

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It is not quite about web analytics, not quite about data you can just get from WebTrends or Google Analytics, and not quite about just making yet another pretty chart. They are hardly unique in creating compound metrics in the social analytics space.

Six Visual Solutions To Complex Digital Marketing/Analytics Challenges

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Bonus : Download nine additional custom reports, and a VP-level dashboard, I''ve created with ABO as a foundation, directly into your Google Analytics account: Occam''s Razor Awesomeness ]. #4: Six simple visualizations, and solutions, for complex marketing, analytics and life challenges.

Google Analytics Tutorial: 8 Valuable Tips To Hustle With Data!

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It is painfully heartbreaking to realize that a very small tiny number of people who have access to web analytics tools actually use them. In-Page Analytics – Re-imagine Traveling Through Data. #5. Matched Query Type, Keyword Position, Day Parts: Sexier PPC Analytics. #7.

Excellent Analytics Tip #26: Every Critical Metric Should Have A BFF!

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None of the digital analytics tools make it easy to measure true profitability. And if you can pass that barrier (with, say, dimension widening using universal analytics), it is very hard to find this data inside the company (Finance department?),

Excellent Analytics Tip #23: Align Hits, Sessions, Metrics, Dimensions!

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Web Analytics tools have become pretty feature rich, and the future promises to bring even more goodies ( Universal Analytics anyone?). This particular problem exists primarily because Analytics allows us to create custom reports.

Excellent Analytics Tip #24: Obsess About Real Business Profitability

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" comfort zone, and out of your Google Analytics, Site Catalyst, WebTrends worldview silo. Part of the reason is that the data you to which you have access narrows your worldview – "Hey, all I have is Google Analytics, so all I'll look at is Google Analytics data!"

YouTube Marketing And Analytics: A Primer For Magnificent Success

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YouTube Marketing and Analytics Framework for Success. For display ads, standard web analytics metrics apply: Click-through rate, % Assists (this is glorious!), YouTube Marketing And Analytics: A Primer For Magnificent Success is a post from: Occam's Razor by Avinash Kaushik.

7+ Under-Utilized Google Analytics Reports for Conversion Insights


While Google Analytics is so widely used, most marketers only scratch the surface when it comes to the reports they use. Brian Massey, the Conversion Scientist : One of our more unusual Google Analytics reports is the buyer persona report. In Google Analytics of course.

7 Ways Data Analytics Can Boost Your Business Growth

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7 Ways Data Analytics Can Boost Your Business GrowthAnalytics can be used to optimiseevery area of your business

10 Google Analytics Reports That Tell You Where Your Site is Leaking Money


Google Analytics can provide answers. #1: This google analytics report will tell you how much traffic is dropping off at each funnel step. The truth is that the funnel in Google Analytics was missing 2 steps! Blog eCommerce Resources SaaS Resources Analytics google analytics

Google Analytics Custom Reports: Paid Search Campaigns Analysis

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These insightful reports are from the six I'd created for my latest video for the Market Motive Web Analytics Master Certification course. If you use Google Analytics then you can download these reports directly into your account and starting having immediate sexy data fun.