Best Locations In The US For A Tech Startup


These metro areas tend to be anchored by research universities that attract the talent and venture capital needed to develop fresh ideas that involve business and technology. The capital city of the U.S. Tampa.

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4 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Dragon’s Den


After all, the show is essentially about pitching a burgeoning business in order to secure venture capital funding. Establish Company Paradigms Before Seeking Capital. In fact, this is true with any group of venture capital investors. by DJ Miller.

Parkour and Entrepreneurs

David Teten

ff Venture Capital built our “ fitness office ” precisely because we want to make staying fit as convenient as possible for our employees and founders. Parkour is to entrepreneurs as golf is to (some) corporate executives. Previously posted at Forbes.).

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Airplane Thumbing

This is going to be BIG.

In fact, it’s pretty rare that I write much of anything that’s not about technology, venture capital, or occasionally politics here. Plus, at least with venture capital and tech I feel like I have some clue what I’m doing. I did go down to Tampa earlier this year for a guy trip to watch Spring training on a bachelor party trip. I wrote this post yesterday on the plane flight from Chicago.

Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs Dedicated To Steve Jobs, Reinforcing Mission To Restructure Capitalism


The reinforcement of his example, in hours of darkness, has offered me light and direction to take on a big, bold idea: restructuring capitalism through the 1M/1M program. This is where numerous ventures fail. And finally, we have defined 1M/1M as a framework for capitalism 2.0,

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