India is Facebook’s Largest Market – But Not for Women


India just overtook the United States in having the largest Facebook audience in the world. The post India is Facebook’s Largest Market – But Not for Women appeared first on.

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[ADV] The Top 5 Self-Driven Car Rental Apps In India


Gone are the days when we use to get self-driven car facility in one or two cities within India. The self-drive car is a concept of the west that has been started in India with the new startup companies. Let’s give a look at the best and the most admired car rental services in India.

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The Start-up Scene In India


He recently founded The Startup Centre , an India-based accelerator for early stage start-ups, and also a hub for initiatives related to tech, design and entrepreneurship. We communicated with Anand who kindly shared with us his thoughts on the start-up scene in India.

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Innovation in India

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Ran across a facsinating article this morning in Mail Online India. The actual products are interesting, but what strikes me about this at a different level is that India might be a hotbed for new innovation.

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[ADV] [Event] [India] Cloud Computing World Forum India


Taking place on October 12, 2011 at JW Marriott in Mumbai, India, the Cloud Computing World Forum India is a free-to-attend event and will feature all of the key players within the cloud computing and SaaS market providing an introduction, discussion and look into the future for the ICT industry. Young Upstarts is a Cloud Computing World Forum India media partner. Events & Happenings cloud computing Cloud Computing World Foum India India SaaS software-as-a-service

India 136 – Replacing The Middleman In India’s Retail Scene


E-commerce is getting huge in India – according to industry watchers, the industry is expected to grow a compound annual growth rate of 57 per cent and is likely to reach US$34.2 Ideaspotting cultural products e-commerce India online retail

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[India] [Event] Click Asia Summit 2012


Held on January 15 to 17, 2012 in Mumbai, India, the event is designed to create a forum for some of the top marketing professionals to congregate and create a marketplace for ideas and services that will help Asian companies get the marketing edge.

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Is India finally getting serious about software, not just services?

deal architect

The big irony about India is it has produced tens of thousands of software engineers, but hardly any successful software or web services companies.

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India Bound: Call for Israeli Entrepreneurs in India

VC Cafe

I ’ll be in Incredible India next week. I’d love to hear from Israeli entrepreneurs doing business in India in one way or another – please contact me at eze [at] vccafe dot com.

India 104 – An Online Marketplace For India’s Artisans


It’s not easy being an artist or artisan anywhere in the world; however, it’s probably worse in class- (and caste-) conscious India. Mehta-Rao founded MyMela in 2011, of which she is now president – a global marketplace for authentic goods from India.

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Top Six Emerging Trends For Group Health Insurance In India


Health insurance has seen quite a few events in India. According to a study conducted by Neilson India jointly with a leading insurer concluded that more than 70% of the population feels health insurance to be a more important subject than life insurance.

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U.S. VC Process for India Startups

The Startup Lawyer

As an India-based startup, closing on U.S. In the past several years, I’ve represented several India-based startups through venture capital financings. VC Process for India Startups appeared first on Startup Lawyer.

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4 Steps To Register A Trademark In India – The Fast And Cost Effective Way


Claim date of first use of your trademark in India. Using your trademarks in India plays a very important role in your trademark protection strategy. by Raja Selvam, Managing Attorney with Selvam and Selvam.

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Israel and India to Increase Trade 3-Fold, to $15 Billion per Year

VC Cafe

Mark Sofer, the Israeli ambassador to India, has left his role optimistic that economic ties between the two countries will accelerate. The goal of the ongoing Free Trade Agreement negotiation between India and Israel is to raise trade to $15 billion per year between the two countries by 2015.

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Are India’s IT managers holding back the country’s startup growth?

The Next Web

One Infosysian, as the company’s employees are called in India’s tech circles, however pointed us someplace beyond all these voices. The birth of India’s outsourcing stigma. Enter India. India needs better technological training. In June this year, N.R.

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Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: Spotlight On India


First up, Nimesh Khiara from Mumbai, India, discussed StopWaitin , a restaurant reservation system that includes managing waiting lists and is similar in concept to OpenTable. Fortunately, there are numerous such companies in India.

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Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: Microsoft's $100K India Startup Challenge Grant


I will be traveling in India in April, and doing live roundtables in three cities: Chennai (April 9) , Mumbai (April 16) , and Pune (April 17). from Chennai, India, as well, discussed Report Bee , a data visualization solution for schools around report cards and student performance.

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12 Questions: Meet Vinay and Asha (India)

crowdSPRING Blog

Vinay and Asha live and work in Goa, India. We have traveled around the world, working in places as far and diverse as Fiji Islands and Dubai, not to mention all the cities across India. Oh, plenty to browse around with 20 news sites, and a colorful country like India.

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Student Entrepreneurs in India |

Campus Entrepreneurship

Annupama Chandrasekaran of offers us an inside look at India’s some of India’s student entrepreneurs and their firms. Welcome to India’s student start-ups—companies founded by people in graduate and postgraduate schools across the country. Moreover, Mint will be doing a series on student entrepreneurs in India throughout April and May. Business Plans & Competitions Campus as Market Campus Eco-System Entrepreneurship Programs Students Indi

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Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: Spotlight On IIT Kharagpur, India


For the uninitiated, IIT KGP is considered one of the top technology schools in India, and it is located in the Eastern part of the country, not far from the city of Kolkata. Before I start discussing the businesses, I'd like to highlight the role the National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) has played in developing the e-cells at 470 different schools and colleges in India. Today, at IIT KGP, we caught a glimpse of some of the budding heroes of 21 st century India.

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Going off grid for three weeks–in India

The Equity Kicker

Tomorrow I fly to India where I will stay at the Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama ashram in the foothills of the Himalayas near Rishikesh. I’ve now been blogging for six and a half years, posting just about every day that I’ve worked, only pausing for holidays and weekends. I don’t usually write to let you all know when I will be away and not blogging because I don’t want to tell the world that my house will be empty (as was the case last week).

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Mary Meeker’s Internet And Digital Trends for 2017


Lo and behold, Internet growth is stagnating if you take out India. India still is at only 27% Internet penetration so there’s a lot of growth opportunity. Here’s the full report with a detailed look into India and China trends too.

Zuckerberg Backed Org Launches Contest to Help Grow Internet in India

Campus Entrepreneurship

A massive 69% of India’s population does not have access to the Internet. American Exceptionalism Business Plans & Competitions Philanthropy Social Entrepreneurship India Mark Zuckerberg A non-profit back by Mark Zuckerberg — probably the most successful student entrepreneur of the past 10 years — has put up $1 million in prizes for creative solutions to this problem.

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Working with Other Cultures: How to Do Business in India [guest post]

VC Cafe

E ze pinged me few weeks back saying he’s going to visit India. India is a great place to visit and also a great place (although highly challenging) for doing business. India today is a vibrant global business center. Doing business in India is about breaking the code.

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India Emulates and Supports American Exceptionalism

Campus Entrepreneurship

Our friend Tom Friedman of the highlights that it is morning in India , not America. While an observational piece from an opinion journalist, there is enough credible evidence elsewhere to support his take on India enthusiasm for work, growth… the future! India had lost confidence in its ability to compete, so it opted for protectionism. India has flourished ever since. via It’s Morning in India –

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A Decade of Disruption – Future Scope at Uttishtha 2018

The Startup Magazine

Esteemed guests from all over India, who have found success in their entrepreneurial journey, were invited to the event to share valuable insights on their disruption journey and the problems they faced on their way to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

PATANG (The Kite) – An Award Winning Film by Prashant Bhargava – Comes to Boulder

Feld Thoughts

In India kite flying transcends boundaries. In 2005, I visited Ahmedabad to experience their annual kite festival, the largest in India. Movies India patangI don’t invest in movies.

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Exporting American Universities to India

Campus Entrepreneurship

American institutions are being exported to India in a major way. Check out this article in Time Magazine : Restricted from operating independently in India, foreign institutions have been able to get a toehold by setting up joint ventures with Indian colleges. India’s Manipal University offers joint programs with 10 colleges in the U.S. Students in India often pay from $10,000 to $20,000 in annual tuition to the American-branded schools.

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VC Cafe - Untitled Article

VC Cafe

Although relatively few Israeli startups are focused on India, the market dynamics driving its mobile sector are worth a closer look. From a modest $200 million in bi-lateral trade in 1992 (when diplomatic relations were established), India-Israeli trade surpassed $6 billion in 2012-13.

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HR Hacks: Tips and Tricks to Deal with HR Challenges

The Startup Magazine

Staffing Technology HR Software India leave management payroll software india softwareGone are the days when human resources was a department that handled primarily administrative tasks involving transactional effort.

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[Singapore] Entrepreneurial Film ‘Shuttlecock Boys’ To Screen In December


– you should look out for this upcoming independent movie: “ Shuttlecock Boys ” from India by director Hemant Gaba. ” “The middle class of India has always taught their children to stick to secure jobs and not take any risks.

Start-up Tips: Identifying Intellectual Property, Simplified


Professionalisms business law India intellectual property intellectual property rights legal protection Navarre Royby Navarre Roy , Senior Associate with Selvam and Selvam.

Footsy – Socking It To Ya Online


Footsy ( ) an e-commerce startup from India, is little different – it focuses on socks. The socks are made with a mix of cotton and lycra, and are manufactured locally in India. ” Feature Story e-commerce Footsy India socks startup

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Craftsvilla – An Online Marketplace For Indian Crafts


The amazing subcontinent of India hides many a craftsman whose goods are simply unavailable outside of India – most of their work hardly get out of the district or even the village they’re from. “The diversity when it comes to crafts in India is humongous.

India 181 – Streaming Site And App For Indian Music


When it comes to entertainment, India’s more known for Bollywood and its movies far more than its music. Ideaspotting Dhingana India mobile app music music application on-demand music streaming app

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Social Trends Podcast: We Are Storytellers Weaving Stories With Customers


Show Guest : Shikha Pahwa is the Founder & CEO of House This India , a home decor company based in New Delhi, India. Now this is a home decor company based out of Delhi in India. The Indian market has been evolving and if you trace back 5 years – India with the concept of ‘brands’ per se has only evolved recently. Many people ask me how India feels as a woman. In India, often design trumps all. What does it take to create a big brand?

The increased cost of offshore development in India


For example, one portfolio company had 5 consultants from India trained for 3 months on the product. So while we are increasingly going to make sure we create our own teams in India versus use consultants, we will still not be immune to churn and the competitive nature of the economy. The great aspect of doing business in India is that you have lots of talent. The post The increased cost of offshore development in India appeared first on BeyondVC.

Modi and Ma


This past May, Modi was elected Prime Minister of India in a historic election. Today, he gave a speech to a crowd of 20,000 at Madision Square Garden, outlining steps he is taking to cut bureaucratic red tape and encourage the Indian diaspora to invest back into India.

[Review] Startup Asia


Asia – especially in countries such as India, China, Vietnam – is fast becoming the place where many entrepreneurs, whether locally born or lured back from Silicon Valley, are setting up shop.

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State of the Digital Music Industry 2014: An Insider’s View

VC Cafe

Digital is now the majority of revenues in markets such as the US, India, Norway and Sweden. Music is everyone’s favorite example of digital disruption done wrong. After peaking at $38 billion revenue more than a decade ago, the industry stabilized last year at $16.5 billion.

Israeli Tech Funding & Exits in 2012: Lots of Chutzpah but Show Me Your Instagram?

VC Cafe

Groucho Marx could have been talking about the Israeli hi-tech sector when he said “I made a killing on Wall Street a few years ago…I shot my broker”. In 2012, as Israeli exits topped $5.5 billion, [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Creativity around the planet

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Innovation from around the world Stadel Museum in the flesh – Germany Design Capital – Las Vegas, US Europe’s startup capitals – various Services Outsourcing – Poland Reimagining IndiaIndia British Airways Digital Luggage Tag – UK Manufacturing lessons

What in the World ?!?


Global Scale has Arrived: While WhatsApp has significant usage in Europe, it also dominates India (on track to take over China in terms of total population – and even more notably, with a growing middle class and significant population under 30).