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Introduction to Leveraged Buyouts

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A leveraged buyout involves, by definition, debt incurred to help fund the purchase price of a target company. In recent years, levels of debt have been increasing vis-á-vis traditional benchmarks (shareholders' equity and/or tangible assets) as lenders have come to realize the collateral value of a steady cash flow stream.

Why I Did Not Join Bain Capital

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My friend politely informed me that Bain Capital was not a venture capital firm (at that time), rather they were a leveraged buyout (LBO) firm. Pop Culture Venture Capital Bain Capital Bessemer LBO leveraged buyout Mitt RomneyHaving grown up in the 80′s, I viewed Bain Capital as the “Top Gun” of investment world.

Some Lenders' Issues In Leveraged Buyouts

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Leveraged buyouts entail the use of significant debt in order to fund acquisition price. The forms indicate the emphasis on debt when the transaction is papered.

In a Leveraged Buyout With a Controlling Stockholder, Loyal Directors Must Actively Negotiate

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Louisiana Municipal Police Employees' Retirement System v. Fertitta. A recent decision by the Delaware Court of Chancery reinforces the responsibility of a board of directors to assertively defend the interests of the noncontrolling stockholders when negotiating with a controlling stockholder in order to satisfy the board's duty of loyalty.

LBO Primer: Recapitalizations

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Recapitalizations accomplish several of the purposes of a leveraged buyout except for an entire change in ownership. Thus, existing shareholders retain a share of the value inherent in the leveraging process the upside potential when, as and if acquisition debt is paid down from post-closing cash flows and asset sales

Top 5 Start-up Acquirers of 2012

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High yield debt and leveraged loans are at their lowest rates," Hamadeh says. Check out who made the most deals and what motivated them.

Investor Group Makes Multi-Billion Offer for PetSmart

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In the biggest leveraged buyout of a company in 2014, the largest pet chain in the U.S. announced plans to sell to investors for just shy of $9 billion

Retailers: Don't Track Me, Bro

This is going to be BIG.

I was on the team that did a leveraged buyout of AMF, the bowling alley company--so I''ve looked at lots of plans to upgrade in venue customer marketing. A lot of money is being put into trying to figure out what I do when I walk into a store. Nomi just raised $10M and Prism Skylabs just raised $15M. These efforts aren''t new.

Twitter Link Roundup #166 – Small Business, Social Media, Design, Copywriting, Marketing And More

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Leveraged buyout will help Dell pay investors while minimizing taxes | Slate Magazine – [link]. Not Quite. LinkedIn – [link].

Karen Berman: Patron Saint of Financial Intelligence

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Until her untimely death last month, Karen Berman led a movement to engage all employees in improving a company''s finances. community. or SRC.

Carl Icahn 2014 Would Look Askance at Carl Icahn 1985?s Choice of Business Partner

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That evening, in the wake of all the praise, Boesky and Icahn proposed a leveraged buyout in which the company would be taken private, with Icahn and Boesky owning it, along with management. He phoned Boesky soon after, politely rejecting their suggestion for a leveraged buyout. Excerpts from James B. Davis was appalled.

This Friday at NYU-Annual Stern Private Equity Conference

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The Stern Private Equity Club will host its 8 th Annual Stern Private Equity Conference on Friday, March 1 st , 2013.

Introducing our new venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz

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We also have the ability to participate in a variety of investment structures, including but not limited to buying founder shares, investing in public stocks, and contributing to leveraged buyouts. In undertaking this new mission, our core principles include: Technology and its advancement is absolutely central to human progress.

The Missing Pieces in Obama's My Brother's Keeper Program

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Her YAB Summer Boot Camps had prepared her to nail arcane interview questions like "What role does a discounted cash flow play in a leveraged buyout?"

Sources of Capital - Buyout Funds

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BUYOUT FUNDS. A leveraged buyout (LBO) is an acquisition of a company or division of another company financed with a substantial portion of borrowed funds. billion in 1980 and reaching its peak in 1988, when 410 buyouts were completed with an aggregate value of $188 billion. Sound off on this buzz in the Comments Sectio


Sources of Capital - Private Equity

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This category of firms is a superset that includes venture capital, buyout-also called leveraged buyout (LBO)-mezzanine, and growth equity or expansion funds. PRIVATE EQUITY. Private equity is a term used to broadly group funds and investment companies that provide capital on a negotiated basis generally to private businesses.


SEC Gives VC and Smaller Private Fund Managers Limited Relief from Investment Adviser Registration

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[Guest Post] By Keith S. Marlowe, Esq. Background. Private Fund and VC Exemptions. What is a “venture capital fund” (according to the SEC)?

Fund Raising In The United Arab Emirates To Be Regulated

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By Eric Milne, Partner, and Daniel Partovi, Associate, at Jones Day. Shift in Regulatory Approach in the UAE. Compliance with the Proposals. Full Bio.

From Family and Friends, to Angels to VC's (Part 2)

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The first presentation from this series was quite excellent. If you are considering raising money for your startup, or in the middle of the process, I highly recommend that you make the time to attend this session for next Tuesday. mattshampine : WilmerHale and WeWork Labs are pleased to present the 2011 Summer Legal Series.

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Over time, I really couldn't help myself but post on all areas of private equity that I am involved in including real estate, hedge funds, leveraged buyouts, and general market commentary. Tags: Blogging Buyouts Hedge Funds Real Estate Venture Capital Hopefully I haven't alienated too many readers by broadening my horizon.

Bill Janeway Warburg Pincus | Productive Bubbles | Video Slides Transcript | BoS Europe 2015

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The critical factor was the extreme leverage of the credit system. A tiny amount of capital in some cases 2 or 3 percent on which a mountain of leverage was built. Again, the critical factor, the relative lack of leverage by public market investors buying tradable securities. Are investment bubbles a good or a bad thing? FAGAM?

Raising Money: From Family and Friends, to Angels to VC's

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This is an invaluable event for entrepreneurs looking to understand the fundraising process from people that have tons of experience. The best thing about it is that it is free, as any good advice should be. Like I said the other day, never pay for fundraising advice ! If you’re interested in attending, please let me know as soon as possible.

Why Growth Equity Is The Best Risk/Reward in Private Equity

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There are really three general asset classes in private equity: buyouts, growth equity, and venture capital. The downside protection of leveraged buyouts is exaggerated. As it turns out, despite the perceived safety in leveraged buyouts, in reality, there is little room for error. Clearly, the debt is senior.


Snapple Co-Founder Leonard Marsh Dies at 80

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First a window washer, then a beverage mogul. Here''s how a kid from Brooklyn launched a beverage empire. He also knew windows. That''s just not nice

The Rising Importance of Industry Operating Know-How

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A trend that goes back to the private equity industry's start is increasingly gaining attention, as financial markets make it tough to access debt and thus create value from leverage. We also help private equity fund clients and management boards initiate, structure and complete leveraged buyout offers to take companies private.

Test-Driving a Hybrid Go-Shop

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With the return of private equity dealmaking beginning in 2009, it has quickly become apparent that the predilection towards go-shops in sponsor buyouts is undiminished. By Daniel E. Wolf and David Fox of Kirkland & Ellis LLP Introduction. Sound off on this buzz in the Comments Section. The hybrid formulation strikes an interesting balance.


Putting the Chill on Freeze-Out Transactions

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He represents private equity firms, leveraged buyout sponsors, and public and private companies, as well as investment banks and financing sources, in a variety of domestic and international transactions. By Daniel E. Wolf, David Fox, and Thomas W. Christopher at Kirkland & Ellis LLP Introduction. Daniel E. Thomas W.

Private Fund Adviser Regulation Under The Dodd-Frank Act

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The Dodd-Frank Act expands the authority of the SEC to require investment advisers to maintain and file certain records, including materials that would allow the SEC to track: total assets under management; types of assets held; the use of leverage; counterparty credit risk. By Attorneys at Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP Jeffrey E. Tabak?,