SAP Nation 3.0 - early concept design

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I have not finished writing the book, but my design partners are already rolling out cover and back copy ideas Feedback welcome, thanks! ‘In In 1800, the US, then the original thirteen colonies, was a young, skinny country. 2/3rd of the

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Infor: Design+Value

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I have written in past about Infor’s micro-vertical strategy and its quest with its internal design agency Hook +Loop to make enterprise software “beautiful”.

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Is Design Thinking, Artful?


In the current context of rapid-fire change, many non-designer companies have a growing sense that typical assumptions, methods and procedures no longer work. In order to become more creative and innovative, they often try to “hack” into the way designers work.

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10 Top Attributes Elevate Design Thinking Leaders

Startup Professionals Musings

As a business advisor, I strongly believe that continuous innovation and design thinking are the keys to long-term viability and success. A design mindset is not product-focused - it’s solution focused and action oriented towards creating better customer experiences and value.

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6 Places to find Web Design Inspiration

The Startup Magazine

These days people want, and can obtain immediate information at their fingertips on their smartphone so making sure that your web design is conducive to mobile use is also imperative. This article will highlight several places you can go to find web design inspiration online.

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7 Modern Web Design Trends for 2019

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75% of consumers judge the credibility and trustworthiness of your business from your website’s design. Strong, modern web design is vital to your brand’s reputation, your bottom line, and your future. 7 modern web designs trends in 2019. Mobile design integration.

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Book: Product Design for the Web

Feld Thoughts

Last week Fred Wilson wrote a post recommending two books including Randy Hunt’s Product Design for the Web: Principles of Designing and Releasing Web Products. “People think that design is styling. Design is not style. It’s about product design.

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Our New Theme – Arts, Crafts, Design, and Marriage

Feld Thoughts

Given that Jason is also on the board of Craftsy and Havenly , I’m going to bring up the idea with my partners today that we create and design a new theme around arts and marriage. And, if you have a good name for our pending Arts, Crafts, Design, and Marriage theme, leave it in the comments. The post Our New Theme – Arts, Crafts, Design, and Marriage appeared first on Feld Thoughts. Investments arts borrowed & blue crafts design elope marriage

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Designing the Ideal Board Meeting – The Board Meeting

VC Adventure

This is the 4th post in my Designing the Ideal Board Meetin g series. Designing the Ideal Board Meeting SeriesI hope this series so far has helped you think a bit differently about how you approach the lead-up to your board meetings.

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20 Most Influential Graphic Design Companies From Around the World

crowdSPRING Blog

Graphic design is a notoriously competitive field and it can be tough for companies to stand out. But, at least twenty graphic design firms from around the world have proven to be the best in their field, with gorgeous portfolios filled with impressive clients and prominent design campaigns.

Why A Design Mindset Matters For Entrepreneurs

YFS Magazine

I can safely state that most people don’t get what “design” means. This is why design is usually relegated to the outskirts of organizations. This article Why A Design Mindset Matters For Entrepreneurs appeared first in YFS Magazine.

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5 Design Tips To Make Your Boxes Pop


Developing the right strategy for a product’s packaging can seem overwhelming, but the following design tips are sure to make any box pop! Reducing negative space will only make the design feel sloppy and chaotic. Too many designs and the box will look chaotic.

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5 Home Office Design Trends We’re Loving Right Now

YFS Magazine

Here's a look at five design tips we love. Lifestyle home office home office design tips lifestyle office designIf you work from home, then you know your home office is your productivity sanctuary – your genius zone.

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Designing the Ideal Board Meeting – Before the Meeting

VC Adventure

Designing the Ideal Board Meeting SeriesAll good board meetings start well before the meeting itself, so let’s start there for this series on board meetings. Timing – how frequently should you meet? Most boards plan meetings a year at a time. That makes sense given busy schedules, but leads to the question of when and how often should a board meet. As a good rule of thumb, most startup boards meet quarterly (in fact, most boards of any kind meet about this frequently).

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It’s Time To Design Human Experiences Versus Products

Startup Professionals Musings

Much has been written about product design, but designing the total experience from the front rarely happens yet. In a new book, “ X: The Experience When Business Meets Design ,” Brian Solis details how to design the whole experience, rather than just the product.

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3 Web Design Red Flags You Should Never Ignore

YFS Magazine

The deceit and deception of unscrupulous web designers is a real issue. Here's what you need to know before you hire a web designer. Grow Marketing & Sales company website marketing online marketing web design web development

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3 Cognitive Design Principles To Create Effective Presentations

YFS Magazine

Grow Marketing & Sales creativity design marketing presentations sales sales presentationsPreparing for your next pitch or sales presentation? Here's how to create compelling and persuasive presentations that capture the interest of your audience.

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An Interview with crowdspring Designer, Dhian Kusuma

crowdSPRING Blog

This is true for Dhian Kusuma, (who goes by the username otnielz on crowdspring), a competitive logo and graphic designer. The images in this interview are the winning designs from some of the projects Dhian has won on crowdspring. I started working as a graphic designer 11 years ago.

What to Consider BEFORE Designing Your Business Cards

The Startup Magazine

As a business owner, you have to design your business card uniquely to set your organization apart from other companies in the same industry. Here are some things you need to consider when designing your business card. 1.Choose A Good Business Card Design And Color.

Wanting to start a career in design? Here are some tips…

The Startup Magazine

Wanting to start a career in design? Together with Where The Trade Buys, retailers of foamex signs , we take a look at the different roles that are out there and the best way of starting a career in design: What type of design roles exist? A role in editorial design.

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Seth Levine’s Designing the Ideal Board Meeting Blog Series

Feld Thoughts

My partner Seth Levine is writing a blog series on Designing the Ideal Board Meeting. In order: Designing the Ideal Board Meeting. Designing the Ideal Board Meeting – Before the Meeting. Designing the Ideal Board Meeting – Your Board Package. Designing the Ideal Board Meeting – The Board Meeting. The post Seth Levine’s Designing the Ideal Board Meeting Blog Series appeared first on Feld Thoughts.

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7 Useful Web Design Tips For Entrepreneurs

YFS Magazine

Effective web design involves creating a practical and aesthetically pleasing site. Grow Marketing & Sales company website marketing web design web developmentHere are 7 useful tips to keep in mind.

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How Important Is Web Design For Your Startup?


However, web design has become immensely important in this era. Web design is incredibly important in this day and age. Especially beginners who are looking forward to launch their own startups are undermining the impact that a good web design can make. Others web design

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7 Essential Trends That Will Shape Product Design in 2019

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Businesses that design and manufacture products are facing more (and higher) consumer expectations than ever before. Portable product design. Multi-functional product design. Designing for plastic alternatives. Designing for self-care. Designers are healers, too.

Biggest Product Packaging Design Trends In 2018

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Investing in good packaging design (the packaging for your product) and package graphics design (the graphics/content on the product packaging) is critical to your company’s success.

Designing Your Office Space? Keep Biophilic Design In Mind

YFS Magazine

Increasingly, designers are turning towards biophilic design for office space planning, so why is it so important? Culture Workspaces biophilic design company culture eco eco-friendly business Office Space office space design workspaces

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4 Psychology-Based Design Tips For Eye-Catching Packaging Design

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With thousands of products on store shelves, eye-catching packaging design is the only on-the-spot tool you have to encourage sales. Your packaging design should speak, loud and clear, for your product when you can’t be there to do it yourself.

Designing For Underrepresented Technologists First

Feld Thoughts

What isn’t obvious is that they did 100% of their product research, design, and UX testing with developers who happen to be women and/or people of color. While mostly driven by “determined intersectional feminism ,” Kate thinks more platforms should be designed this way. To understand this, imagine you’re designing a new sneaker. How would major tech platforms be different if they had designed for underrepresented people first?

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6 Quick Tips To Start Your Graphic Design Business

YFS Magazine

So, you’ve put aside some money to start your graphic design. Uncategorized graphic design graphic designer starting a business

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Biggest Open Office Design Complaints: 14 Ways To Solve Them

YFS Magazine

Four main problems with open office design concepts and what you can do to solve them without resorting to installing a cubicle maze. Workspaces office design workplace productivity workspacesBy YFS Magazine.

Tips On Hiring A Web Design Service


One such requirement is the need to have a good web design firm that can handle your online presence and help you in content management services. How would you search for a web design service for your business? Choosing a web designer is a daunting task.

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11 Eye-Catching Packaging Design Trends for 2019

crowdSPRING Blog

Packaging design (the packaging for your product) and package graphics design (the graphics/content on the product packaging) play an important role in your company’s brand identity. As we wrote , Good design is a signal to customers that they should buy from you.

Emotional Design for Higher Conversions


Understanding Emotional Design. Neurotransmitters can help us understand how design triggers emotion in the human brain. What does this mean for website design? Personality-targeted design. The future of emotional design.

Cool Logo Ideas: Tips To Design A Killer Business Logo


Follow these tips to design an awesome business logo. That’s what many designers ask themselves before picking up a pencil to design the first sketch. First, a logo design must be simple. A simple design makes it easy to identify.

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Understanding The Psychology Of Web Design


Even if you’re generating a lot of targeted traffic, you should continue improving different design elements to further boost conversion rates and improve user engagement. New webmasters are very fortunate because they now have access to several tools that make designing a website a breeze.

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Democratizing The Tools Of Design


By Kevin Bennett, co-author of “ Solving Problems with Design Thinking: Ten Stories of What Works “ America has a long history of championing rugged individualism and visionary leadership, especially when it comes to innovation.

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Inside the Brand of Model Turned Jewelry Designer and Founder Tal Man

YFS Magazine

Tal Man, the founder of TALIA Jewelry, designed the TALIA customizable jewelry system and found inspiration in the unlikeliest of places – legos. People Jewelry Designer people

7 Important Packaging Design Trends

crowdSPRING Blog

Packaging design is having its moment. If you’re not investing in packaging design , you’re missing out on a powerful branding opportunity. As with anything designed, the “look and feel” of packages also goes through the ebbs and flows of trends. Designers are artists.

Design An Office Space That Boosts Productivity And Happiness

YFS Magazine

Workspaces home office home office ideas Office Space office space design workspacesCreate an office space that conveys your culture. In turn, your team will feel better about coming to work and produce even better results.

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Product Design Strategies for a Sustainable Future

crowdSPRING Blog

Small business Start ups design green design industrial design inspiration product design product designer sustainability sustainable designClimate change is on everyone’s minds. And it should be. After all, this is the only planet we have.

Design An Office That Inspires Creativity


It doesn’t matter if you work from home , have a small office downtown, or work in a commercial building with ten floors, you should really add some of these office design ideas into your workplace. Others creativity home office office office design workspaceWhere you work matters.

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Techpreneur and Developer Behind World’s First AI-Powered Design Tool for Presentations


San Francisco-based Beautiful.AI , a first-of-its-kind tool that applies artificial intelligence to automate the design process, has just released new product features to help SMBs create modern, clean and professionally designed slides in minutes. I have more than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience building and leading design-orientated technology companies from early stage ideation to market leadership.

The Undeniable Benefits of Simple Website Design

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When it comes to web design, the answer is yes. Simple website design offers benefits that more complex websites can’t match. While you may like the look of elaborate designs, when designing for function simplicity will win out every time.