Isidoro Quiroga: “South America’s Warren Buffet” Mogul Makes Next Move

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Chilean billionaire and entrepreneur Isidoro Quiroga has been called South America’s Warren Buffet for his near-perfect investment portfolio and his ability to transform businesses from small firms to global leaders.

Chile’s pollution problems has led to green startups

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This is especially true of its tech, an industry where Santiago’s innovations aren’t just making waves in South America, but are attracting some serious global attention. Business Contributors Entrepreneur Latin AmericaSantiago de Chile is an understatedly cool city. Sure, it doesn’t have the classical buildings of Buenos Aires or the ageless allure of Rio, but what’s lacking in historic charm is made up for with a modernity that achieves being progressive yet unpretentious.

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How to travel and build an online business

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In the past 12 months, I’ve traveled to over 20+ countries in Europe, Asia, North, Central, and South America, and I did it while running a business online. There seems to be a trend of online entrepreneurs who are advocating this travelpreneur movement of being able to run your business online, while you travel. I’ll be honest, it’s not as easy as it looks. In many cases, it can be a hassle having to deal with time zone differences, jet lag, and even loneliness.

Facial Rejuvenation Treatments Projected To Enjoy Growth In The Next Five To Seven Years


The treatment is one of the most popular motivations for medical tourism, with some of its biggest markets located in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, and the Middle East and Africa.

[Singapore] Location Based Marketing Association Launches Local Chapter


LBMA currently covers North America (Toronto, Montreal, New York, Atlanta and San Francisco), EMEA (Amsterdam and London), Asia Pacific (Singapore), as well as an upcoming chapter for South America (in Brazil).

Austin’s TechRanch and Get2Volume of Singapore Join Forces


It struck up a partnership with startups in South America to foster that region’s entrepreneurial base. A year ago, TechRanch expanded its reach into Chile. Now, TechRanch, a coworking space and incubator in Austin, has expanded even further this time into Asia with a partnership in the city-state island of Singapore. TechRanch and Get2Volume announced [.] The post Austin’s TechRanch and Get2Volume of Singapore Join Forces appeared first on SiliconHills.

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WineFamily – Connecting Wine People In Asia


” Concha y Toro , South America’s largest winery group, is using the platform to sell direct to its Singapore-based customers. One of the key selling prepositions of e-commerce platforms is the fact they promise to bring producers and consumers together while cutting out the middle men in order to get costs down.

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40% Of Best Performing Companies In Asia Are US- Or UK-Based Businesses: Telstra Global


Other interesting facts: - Western businesses tend to have different geographic priorities than Asian businesses: while Western companies look towards expanding into multiple new markets in entrenched both Western markets as well as the emerging markets of Russia, South America and Middle East, Asian companies tend to focus on other parts of Asia.

Asia 144

Finding Flow


South America, Europe, or India and then traveling across the globe to lead another retreat. by Rajshree Patel, author of “ The Power of Vital Force: Fuel Your Energy, Purpose, and Performance with Ancient Secrets of Breath and Meditation “ Being connected to vital force also fuels success on a practical, everyday level by fueling productivity and high performance, as I experienced so powerfully after my first workshop.

How to Build an All-Star Remote Technology Team

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This kind of companies, for example, can augment the teams behind successful startups in the Bay area while operating in Asia, Eastern Europe or South America. Many Western Europe and North American companies engage teams in Eastern Europe, Asia, and South America. An all-star team is known as a group of high-performing people. The term originated in sports to have been adopted by other industries.

This Friday at NYU-Annual Stern Private Equity Conference

David Teten

The Stern Private Equity Club will host its 8 th Annual Stern Private Equity Conference on Friday, March 1 st , 2013. Keynote Speakers are Andrea Bonomi (Chairman of Investindustrial), Mark Dzialga (Managing Director and Chairman of the Investment Committee at General Atlantic) & me.

Side Gigs You Can Start Using Your Car

Women Entrepreneurs Can

Obviously, a certain company named after a river in South America is likely the biggest employer of full-time drivers. You like your job, and the hours and money are good, but maybe you find yourself with time on your hands and a desire to earn a little more money.

International Tourism Grew 4% In 2012: UNWTO


By region, Asia and the Pacific (+7-percent) was the best performer in 2012, while by sub-region South-East Asia, North Africa (both at +9-percent) and Central and Eastern Europe (+8-percent) topped the ranking. South-East Asia (+9-percent) was the best performing sub-region much due to the implementation of policies that foster intra-regional cooperation and coordination in tourism. The Americas saw an increase of 6 million arrivals (+4-percent) , reaching 162 million in total.

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Grow VC Relaunches For Bigger Growth


Grow VC recently successfully closed its first round of external investments in the company, and is looking to continue building their global operations in North America, Europe, China and India, as well as newer markets like South America and Africa.

Where To Find The Most Angels To Fund Your Startup

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The reach is very broad, however, with 30 branches worldwide covering over 80 countries in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australasia, and over 500,000 members worldwide, perhaps the largest Angel investment community in the world. ACA membership includes more than 200 angel groups and 20 affiliate organizations across North America.

[Review] The Lean Startup


Lee Shen Han has just returned from a half-year travel sabbatical around Europe and South America. by Lee Shen Han. In an earlier post , I briefly touched upon the over indulgence of the importance of the ‘idea’ in a startup. Most of us have a tendency to develop a strong case of sour grapes when we come across successful ventures. We look at these ‘lucky’ startups and talk about how the founders stumbled upon the perfect idea, and were in the right place at the right time.

Lean 138

Find an Angel Investor, Without Going Through Hell

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The reach is very broad, however, with 30 branches worldwide covering over 80 countries in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australasia, and over 120,000 members worldwide. These groups represent more than 6,500 angels and are funding approximately 800 new companies each year and managing an ongoing portfolio of more than 5,000 companies throughout North America.

Why I Doubled Down on YouTube Investments with MiTú

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And of course many of you know this is near and dear to me because my own father is from Medellín, Colombia so I grew up in a household with the music, food, culture and language of South America. They also work with Huevoscartoon, one of the most popular animated content franchises in Latin America and with Chef Alfredo Oropeza a Mexican celebrity chef.

The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned From Starting 3 eCommerce Companies


A few years ago while traveling in South America, he encountered a number of homeless cats which prompted him to start Tuft and Paw. . by Jackson Cunningham, founder of Tuft and Paw. I’ve been in the ecommerce space for over 10 years. After starting 3 of my own successful companies, I’ve learned that it’s incredibly important to choose a category that you’re interested in. This isn’t revolutionary advice, but for newer entrepreneurs I don’t think the concept fully sinks in.

Creating the Next Silicon Valley – The Chilean Experiment

Steve Blank

Chile has decided that it wants to be an innovation hub in South America. South American web commerce hub? Why will people from South America stream to Chile, besides its magnificent geography? I spent two weeks of December in Chile as a guest of Professor Cristóbal García, Director of EmprendeUC at the Catholic University of Chile , which just signed up a 3-year collaboration partnership with Stanford’s Technology Ventures Program.

Finding Global Markets for App

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Aloompa is quickly adding new festivals as customers in Asia, Europe and South America. “As For example, as we expanded we found it necessary to start our deals in the South American market a full month prior due to slower timelines. ENTREPRENEURIAL PROFILE : Aloompa. Aloompa is an app development business located in Nashville, Tennessee that specializes primarily in apps for music festivals.

What You Can Do To Make Customer Care Your Most Effective Marketing Strategy


After graduating from Portland State University with a double major in Marketing and Advertising, he spent some time learning Spanish and experiencing all that South America has to offer. by Andrew Tillery, Marketing Director for MAP Communications. What if improving your customer service was all it took to generate more sales and grow your business? No gimmicks, no flashy promotions, no big advertising campaigns; just a dedication to improve the way you treat your customers.

Why All Business Founders Should Learn Basic Programming


Lee Shen Han has just returned from a half-year travel sabbatical around Europe and South America. by Lee Shen Han. If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone mention that he/she’s got a fantastic idea for an Internet startup, I’d probably have about eight bucks. (I I guess I don’t have a lot of friends). The conversations usually start with hushed tones, furtive glances and proclamations of that million dollar idea just waiting to get off the ground.

Start Here if You are Looking for Angel Investors

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The reach is very broad, however, with 30 branches worldwide covering over 80 countries in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australasia, and over 200,000 members worldwide. ACA membership includes more than 160 angel groups and 20 affiliate organizations across North America. If your startup is looking for an Angel investor, it makes sense to present your plan to flocks of Angels, and assume that at least one will swoop down and scoop you up.

4 Best Websites To Apply For Accelerators And Incubators


Europe, Asia and South America. by Melvin Wong , founder of Kodorra. Building up a company from the ground up isn’t by any stretch of the imagination an easy task. This is why it is especially important for startup founders to seek help to guide them through the tedious and often perilous process of starting and growing a company. In recent years, startup accelerators and startup incubators have become the place of choice for any budding entrepreneurs to be the next unicorn.

30 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Came Up With Their Business Names


While living in South America, founders Jacob and Eric gained a deep love and understanding of the cultures in that region of the world. The idea of exactly what your business is going to do usually comes first. Secondly, most often, is giving a title to your idea.

Mobile Payment Platform Swiff Launches in Singapore; Targets Other Markets


This payment solution was beta-tested by merchants such as Russian-themed restaurant and caviar bar Buyan in Singapore since June last year, and is now launched worldwide, with the company targeting Southeast Asia, South Africa and South America as key target markets. Earlier this year, I commented during the launch of UOB’s mobile banking iOS application that mobile payment options such as that offered by Square would be a boon to small business owners.

We Needed a Bigger Room – The Lean Educators Summit

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International: Success and Challenges of Lean Innovation and Customer Discovery in Europe and Asia [and South America? It’s a bit bittersweet. We used to be able to fit all the Lean Educators in my living room and have space left over. No longer. Turns out we needed a bigger room for the Dec 4th-5th Lean Educators Summit. The good news is that if we’ve turned you away or you were on the waiting list we moved to a bigger venue.

What To Know About Accepting International Payments


This is also charged by Canada, China, India, Africa and the majority of South America. When you’re an eCommerce startup founder, or you’ve been running an eCommerce business for some time, you may decide that you want to expand and sell to other countries. When you expand your eCommerce business, and you target other countries, regardless of what it is you sell, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to drive revenue in new markets.

“Visibility” — A Powerful Lesson on DACA and The American Dream from @LeonKrauze

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As a Jewish person I know something about this scapegoating because it is the history of my people for 2,000+ years including the Pogroms in Eastern Europe that cause my family to escape using fake passports and wind up in South America (Colombia) in search of a better life. He wants to celebrate the struggles and successes of the invisible people of America. She arrived in America when she was 3.

How To Win Tenders As An Entrepreneur


He has worked internationally, bidding and implementing projects across Europe, South America and Asia. by Mark Protheroe, founder of The Bid Team. As an entrepreneur you have the business idea, developed the solution and have found a core group of good clients. It is now time to introduce your business to the rest of the business community. During this process you will, by some future clients, be asked to provide a proposal, tender or bid for a piece of work.

Why I’m Standing Today with My African American Friends, Family & Colleagues

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We know about the “stand your ground” laws that led to the killing of unarmed, 17-year-old African America, Treyvon Martin. My father is from South America and my family is Jewish. “It stops today.” ” I spent the entire day yesterday in a deposition so I was offline from the world around me – a rare day of no email, no social media and even no news.

Technology, Innovation, and Modern War – Class 14 – Planning– Major General Mike Fenzel

Steve Blank

They’re in Africa, they’re in South America, they are globally represented. And the South China Sea is something there’s great intensity about when we talk about freedom of navigation operations.

Four Qualities Every Angel Investor Looks For When Backing A Startup


Luigi Wewege is the President and CEO of Vivier Group a multinational financial group of companies, providing its services worldwide through representation in jurisdictions across Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe and South America.

My Commencement Speech?—?Life at Your Crossroads

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His father, my grandfather, ended up in South America after fleeing Jewish oppression in Romania. They called the partner in America responsible for the project, Grieg Coppe, put him on the phone and he said, “what the hell are you doing there?” My Commencement Speech?—?Life Life at Your Crossroads Photo by Justin Luebke on Unsplash Crossroads Cal Poly Pomona! What’s up!?! I’m so grateful to be up here addressing you today.

Japan 229

SXSW Pitch Finalist: Cove.tool

Austin Startup

for startups that isn’t San Francisco or New York), Cove.tool has buildings in Canada, South America, Europe, Africa and Australia, as well as across America.

The Truth About the Scooter Economy?—?An Insider’s Perspective

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They are no longer remarkable in Santa Monica or Venice or in many cities in America, Europe or South America. The Truth About the Scooter Economy?—?An

Sensitive Payments in the International Arena

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For our subsidiary, in one of the key countries of South America, these internal regulations dramatically complicated the task of obtaining various permissions from local authorities. By Ernst Gemassmer I’ve seen several articles discussing global opportunities for startups, or recommending International expansion for growth.

Entrepreneur Runs Coding Academy To Help Students Gain Real-world Software Development Skills


Prior to 4Geeks Academy, Ricigliano was the CEO for Vikua, a Smart City Startup that was named as one of the 30 most promising tech Companies in Latin America by Forbes. Our team, all the way from the US to South America, works together sharing the same values, vision, and approach. Marcelo Ricigliano is the co-founder of 4Geeks Academy , a Miami based coding academy with campuses in USA, Chile and Venezuela.

[Interview] Benjamin Yee of EMERGE App


Aggressive expansion plans will no doubt see Ben explore off-the-beaten-track towns in Europe and South America in the near future. This place receives so few tourists yet it’s full of hidden gems that are far from the usual well-trodden South Bali to Ubud route.

Don’t Pay Bribes to Get International Expansion

Startup Professionals Musings

For our subsidiary, in one of the key countries of South America, these internal regulations dramatically complicated the task of obtaining various permissions from local authorities. By Ernst Gemassmer Expanding into International is both necessary and positive for every company, including startups, but it has some unique challenges, as I have found out personally, like expected “under the table” payments in dealing with other cultures and bureaucracy.

New speakers + Ignite + streaming locations

Startup Lessons Learned

Startup Lessons Learned 2011 is just around the corner: May 23, 2011 in SF. You have just under a week to get general admission tickets before prices go up. A lot of people missed the early bird rates and wrote to me about it. Don't be late, buy your ticket now. We've also added a number of extremely discounted tickets for full-time students. New Speakers Our program keeps getting better and better. We're debuting many brand new case studies, and I could not be more excited.

Startup Lessons Learned 2011 streaming live

Startup Lessons Learned

Paul, MN: [link] Montreal, QC: [link] Nashville, TN: [link] New York (Downtown), NY: [link] New York (Midtown), NY: [link] New York (NoHo), NY: [link] New York (SoHo), NY: [link] Omaha, NE: [link] Orlando, FL: [link] Orlando (South Orlando), FL: [link] Phoenix/Chandler, AZ: [link] Portland, OR: [link] Portsmouth, NH: [link] Provo, UT: [link] Redmond, WA: [link] San Juan, PR: [link] Santa Monica, CA: [link] Seattle, WA: [link] Spokane, WA: [link] St.