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South America: A Hot Spot for Exporting

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

If you've ever thought about going overseas, now's the time to look south. Andrews is especially keen on getting small- to medium-sized manufacturers to look at Brazil and the rest of South America, his company's area of expertise. And this New Jersey company wants to be your tour guide. And what if you don’t get paid?

10 Top Countries in the World to Be a Woman — and Wealthy

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

As it turns out, South America is the best continent to be a woman and wealthy. How does your country rate

Just-Eat Expands To South America


The partnership in practice means that Restaurante Web will become part of the Just-Eat Group.

How to travel and build an online business

The Next Web

I’ll be honest, it’s not as easy as it looks. Entrepreneur online business travel

My Last Post About This Election – Don’t Waste Your Vote

Feld Thoughts

Immigration and assimilation are two of the unique features that have made America so great over its centuries.” I probably would not exist if my grandparents hadn’t managed to get to America – there is a significant chance they would have been exterminated in World War I (Russia) or World War II (Germany).

Where To Find The Most Angels To Fund Your Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

ACA membership includes more than 200 angel groups and 20 affiliate organizations across North America. Or does it? AngelList. Keiretsu Forum.

Four Qualities Every Angel Investor Looks For When Backing A Startup


Although, inversely it is also important for entrepreneurs to understand how to properly evaluate an angel investor’s proposal. Credible Experience.

Start Here if You are Looking for Angel Investors

Startup Professionals Musings

ACA membership includes more than 160 angel groups and 20 affiliate organizations across North America. Or does it? AngelList. Keiretsu Forum.

Why The Next Generation of Online Video Companies Will be Vertical

Both Sides of the Table

Mitu Network is the largest digital media company for Latinos in the US and also targeting Mexico and South America. AOL and the like.

These Charts Reveal How to Negotiate With People From Around the World

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

So you''ve got a meeting in France. British linguist Richard D. There is, however, such a thing as a national norm."

Meet Vida

Google Ventures

Mendhro was able to find one in Pakistan, and has continued to add other partner manufacturers in India and South America.

[Singapore] Location Based Marketing Association Launches Local Chapter


In the News hyper local LBMA LMBA Singapore Location Based Marketing Association location-based services Singapore

Asia 12

Why I’m Turning Over a New Leaf & Refocusing My Energy

Both Sides of the Table

it felt like the biggest failure of america we’ve ever experienced. This election has been hard on our country. I acknowledge I was angry.

Are Your Hiring Tactics Unethical?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Your job candidates deserve to be treated fairly. And while it''s vital to be thorough, it''s possible to over do it. He''s right on all accounts.

Find an Angel Investor, Without Going Through Hell

Startup Professionals Musings

Or does it? Actually numbers and locations are just the beginning. The challenge is to find the right angel for your, and for your situation.

10 Surprising Marketing Predictions For 2013

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Get ahead of the curve on fast-moving, under-the-radar developments with these fresh ideas and trends to watch in the new year. Health = wealth.

Lessons and Impressions from Colombia (2016)

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

I first visited Colombia in 2009 with about 15 other young leaders from North and South America. It was an interesting time to be there.

40% Of Best Performing Companies In Asia Are US- Or UK-Based Businesses: Telstra Global


And many – 40% of Asia Business Champions – are companies based out of the US or the UK. In the News Asia business global economy

Hacking Education – Fracking Education

Seeing Both Sides

The company now works with over half of all college students in America and growing rapidly.

Letting Employees Work Remotely Pays Off

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The company had just 15 employees in its home office (another 14 were working elsewhere, including company offices in India and South Africa).

How Disruptive Startups Can Prepare for a Lawsuit

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Internet television streaming service Aero isn''t the first startup to wage a high-profile lawsuit. Here''s what you can learn from the past.

Your social media obsession won’t make an enduring mark on the world

The Next Web

Claudio Gandelman is the CEO and founder of Teckler. His career began in 1992 when he worked in the financial market at Banco Nacional in Brazil.

Basic Accounting And Legal Aspects That Every Business Owner Should Know


Cristian Rennella is the founder of Mejor Trato , a tool for online loan comparison in South America, including Colombia, Argentina and Brazil.

Mile-High disruption: Why Denver should be on your tech radar next year

The Next Web

7) permits convenient communication with the East and West coasts, South America, Europe, and Asia all in the same business day. percent.

Recognizing Great Ideas From the Developing World

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

But when Walmart went into South America, what it found was that the dynamics of shopping are different. Govindarajan spoke with Inc.

Why Fashion Models are Twice as Likely to Get H-1B Visas as Computer Programmers

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

From South America. Want to hire someone on an H-1B visa? It''ll be a lot easier if they''re a model. Make much more money.

The Importance of The Narrative

Both Sides of the Table

So I went to college with no expectation that I would ever join a fraternity let alone aspire to become president one day. I still do. Easy peasy.

Pound Around the World – My Thoughts from Random Hacks of Kindness

VC Cafe

Parents have a hard time teaching them the value of money. Pound Around the World. View more presentations from Eze Vidra.

NEA Closes $2.6 Billion Venture Capital Fund

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Approximately 80% of the capital will be deployed in North America, Grossi said, but the firm will be pursuing business opportunities abroad as well.

Can You Afford to Launch?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

He saw a need for a value-driven place that South Beach residents could return to on a daily basis—and opened Lime.

New speakers + Ignite + streaming locations

Startup Lessons Learned

Startup Lessons Learned 2011 is just around the corner: May 23, 2011 in SF. You have just under a week to get general admission tickets before prices go up. A lot of people missed the early bird rates and wrote to me about it. Don't be late, buy your ticket now. We've also added a number of extremely discounted tickets for full-time students.

Why Immigration and The Fourth of July are so Entwined

Both Sides of the Table

America wasn’t originally welcoming to Jews either. The Fourth of July. The day we celebrate American independence. We’re human.

Grow VC Relaunches For Bigger Growth


Grow VC recently successfully closed its first round of external investments in the company, and is looking to continue building their global operations in North America, Europe, China and India, as well as newer markets like South America and Africa. made more effective.

5 Reasons to Keep Your Outsourcing Close to Home

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Corporate Culture and Expertise Many companies based in Central and South America have corporate cultures very similar to those in the United States.

Why predicting the future is more about sociology than technology

Start Up Blog

China, India, Indonesia, Africa, Eastern Europe and South America all have cities that fit this definition today.

How technology can disrupt a Government.

Start Up Blog

Any government is only all powerful as long as the system it operates under is stable, and the people allow it to continue to control its market.

Can This Company Become the New Disney?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

State Department to release two informational films about South America. And it just might work. Check. Check. Theme parks? To infinity.

WineFamily – Connecting Wine People In Asia


” Concha y Toro , South America’s largest winery group, is using the platform to sell direct to its Singapore-based customers.

Why I’m Standing Today with My African American Friends, Family & Colleagues

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We know about the “stand your ground” laws that led to the killing of unarmed, 17-year-old African America, Treyvon Martin. Stops.

Why Gold IRA Investing is an Excellent Option for Your Financial Future

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Gold has been the standard of wealth for centuries, in almost every culture that requires some system of barter, from Europe to Asia to South America.