If Your Business Is Hurting, Should You File for Bankruptcy?

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If your business is considering filing for bankruptcy, read on to see how to proceed. If your business has been experiencing financial difficulty for some time, is filing for bankruptcy the appropriate step? And if so, what bankruptcy options do you have? Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

How Ashley Stewart Bounced Back From Bankruptcy

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Three years ago, thick clouds of bankruptcy loomed over
 the plus-sized womenswear retailer, Ashley Stewart. Grow Operations bankruptcy company culture leadership struggling business

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Top 10 States for Bankruptcy in the United States

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How does your state rate when it comes to the number of bankruptcies filed each year

5 Things to Know When Filing for Bankruptcy

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Although filing for bankruptcy may seem like a daunting and complicated endeavor, it can provide relief for many as a way to get out of debt. For instance, your credit score will be significantly lowered and the bankruptcy information could stay on the record.

These Two Entrepreneurs Are Revolutionizing Bankruptcy and Revitalizing Lives

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Then you better allow for bankruptcy. Want entrepreneurship? Two entrepreneurs are making it accessible again

In Bankruptcy Again, American Apparel Still Takes On Massive Debt


Some companies never make it out of bankruptcy, and -- like Filene's -- end up liquidating. But for those that do emerge, and then tumble into bankruptcy again, it's a failure of everyone involved. - Bankruptcy Chapter 11 Chapter 15 Chapter 22 Chapter 33Filene's Basement filed Chapter 11 three times in 12 years, essentially Chapter 33, before closing for good.

Rapper 50 Cent Files For Bankruptcy

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The musician once had a reported net worth of nearly half a billion dollars thanks to his equity stake in Vitamin Water

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Retail Bankruptcies Could Reach Recession Levels by September

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Shoppers' habits are changing, and some stores just aren't cut out to survive in the new retail environment.

Entrepreneurs Beware the Burdens of Bankruptcy

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If you are just plain tired of working so hard, or your startup is not getting the traction you expected, should you shut down cleanly, or just file for bankruptcy and walk away? For those who think that bankruptcy is the easy way out, think again.

Puerto Rico Bankruptcy Bill Could Offer Roadmap for Creditors


A bill that would give Puerto Rico’s government agencies access to the same bankruptcy protections provided to cities such as Detroit would provide a road map for investors if one or more runs out of money, a senior government official told a U.S. Bankruptcy Code would help protect public services and plans for long-term growth. Bankruptcy Bonds Business Law Capital Markets Debt DIP Distressed Debt Puerto Rico

Do This 1 Thing to Help Reduce Your Risk of Personal Bankruptcy

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The best predictor of a future bankruptcy is actually very simple. Personal Finance: Spread the Wealth

Puerto Rico's Bankruptcy is the Canary in the Coal Mine

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The looming sub-sovereign debt crisis should scare you. Strategy

Smart And Effective Tips For Young Entrepreneurs To Avoid Bankruptcy


Bankruptcy is the ultimate panacea to all debt woes, whether for a business or an individual. Bankruptcy is that B-word which we all know of but we don’t prefer saying it as we all hope that we never have to go through it. million filing Chapter 7, 11, 12 and 13 bankruptcies.

3 Personal Finance Lessons From 50 Cent's Bankruptcy

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A quick accumulation of cash doesn't necessarily put you on firm financial footing for the long term. Here's how to avoid squandering your newfound wealth

LBO: Prepackaged Bankruptcies

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The emergence of Southland Corporation from Chapter 11 after six months in the bankruptcy court brings to the fore an old, but until the late 1980s little used, strategy of bankruptcy practice: the so-called "prepackaged plan." " (In Southland, since the prepackaged plan had to be resubmitted post-bankruptcy, it is actually an example of a pre-negotiated plan

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Why Bankruptcy Shouldn't Be a Free Pass

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The stars of CNBC's 'West Texas Investors Club', Mike 'Rooster' McConaughey and Wayne 'Butch' Gilliam, explain why entrepreneurs should prioritize paying back their debts

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NastyGal Files Bankruptcy: How Your Startup Can Avoid The Same Fate

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Grow Operations bankruptcy Business Law business lessons e-commerceHere’s a look at three practical ways you can reinforce and shore up your business before you have to bring it back from the brink.

Once-Hot Startup Quirky Files for Bankruptcy Protection

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The struggling invention hub calls it a day and starts selling off its assets

Are You on the Verge of Social Bankruptcy?

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Some entrepreneurs fail because they burn through all their cash; others fail because they burn through all their social capital

Walking Away From Your Startup Can Leave Deep Scars

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If you are just plain tired of working so hard, or your startup is not getting the traction you expected, should you shut down cleanly, or just file for bankruptcy and walk away? For those who think that bankruptcy is the easy way out, think again.

How This Former NFL Player Bounced Back From Near-Bankruptcy and Became a Tech Entrepreneur

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Phillip Buchanon, once the 17th overall pick of the NFL draft, is now hoping to leave his mark on Silicon Valley

7 lessons we learned from the bankruptcy of Whatser

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Although we got some early traction, we were unable to prevent a bankruptcy from happening in October 2011.

How to Avoid Bankruptcy in Year One of Your Business

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Photo Credit: Flickr user TimeTrax. The amount of businesses that cannot even survive for a single year is alarming. Depending on what statistics you look at, anywhere from 4% to 25% of businesses fail in their first year of business.

American Apparel Files for Ch. 11 Bankruptcy Protection

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The filing comes almost two years after the company ousted founder Dov Charney, who is locked in a legal fight and sued the American Apparel for defamation

Filing Bankruptcy is a Painful End to Your Startup

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If you are just plain tired of working so hard, or your startup is not getting the traction you expected, should you shut down cleanly, or just file for bankruptcy and walk away? For those who think that bankruptcy is the easy way out, think again.

How a 25-Year-Old Tech Entrepreneur Came Back From the Brink of Bankruptcy

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Jessica Mah, co-founder of InDinero, describes to Inc. editor-at-large Kimberly Weisul at the Inc. 5000 conference in Orlando how she lost $1 million and made it back by her 25th birthday

Think Again Before Declaring Business Bankruptcy

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If you are just plain tired of working so hard, or your startup is not getting the traction you expected, should you shut down cleanly, or just file for bankruptcy and walk away? For those who think that bankruptcy is the easy way out, think again. Bankruptcy should always be the absolutely last resort. There are many other negative implications to bankruptcy. bankruptcy filing types you should choose.

Is Bankruptcy Rising for South African Mines?

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The industry that many saw as the salvation of the economy for South Africa is currently embroiled in a huge bust, one that many in the industry fear may only be relieved with the help of some smart bankruptcy lawyers. The post Is Bankruptcy Rising for South African Mines? Many who watch the markets lately have begun to fear for the once booming South African metals mining industry.

Statement By Dov Charney Regarding American Apparel Bankruptcy Ruling


This outcome was the only logical and unfortunate conclusion of many months of pre-bankruptcy preparation on the part of the bondholders and the company's board. LOS ANGELES, Jan. 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- I am obviously disappointed by the judge's decision to confirm the debtors' reorganization plan and hand ownership of American Apparel to its bondholders.

How SpoonRocket Blew $13.5 Million and Ended in Bankruptcy

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SpoonRocket blew through $13.5 million in funding with little to show for it. Now, they're a cautionary tale on how not to spend venture capital

How These 4 Celebrities Survived Bankruptcy and Thrived

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Very few entrepreneurs fall from bigger heights than celebrities. There''s a lot to learn from how they recover

Email Bankruptcy

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I went to bed and decided to declare email bankruptcy. Here's how I declare email bankruptcy: I have a list of about thirty people who I email with regularly and who are my most important email relationships. On Sunday night I sat down at the dinner table after my family headed upstairs and I spent three hours cleaning out my email inbox. When I started I had over 1200 unread non-spam emails. Three hours later I had the number down to 800 and I was wiped out.

Nearing Bankruptcy, Fruugo Burned Through €40 Million to Generate €100K


Once a company has "negative equity", it must apply for bankruptcy procedures file a registry notification without hesitation, according to Finnish legislation. Update (16th of April 11.20AM GMT): Added a factual error regarding bankruptcy procedure.

From Brink Of Bankruptcy Towards An IPO - The Evernote Story


It's how Evernote was saved from the brink of bankruptcy at 3AM one morning by a user from Sweden. Next week, the fan wired $500 000 to Evernote and basically saved the company from bankruptcy. Evernote is perhaps the single most persistent program I have open on my computer each day.

Austin-based CoinTerra Files for Bankruptcy


By LAURA LOREK Reporter with Silicon Hills News CoinTerra, once recognized as one of Austin’s fastest growing startups, has filed for Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy. The Austin-based bitcoin machine manufacturer filed for bankruptcy in Austin on Jan. “The move comes soon after CoinTerra […] The post Austin-based CoinTerra Files for Bankruptcy appeared first on SiliconHills.

Detroit VC: Why Bankruptcy Is Great For Us

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Yesterday, culminating in a months-long decision process , the city filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy. So if you think the city''s bankruptcy makes Detroit a bad place to start and run a business--you''d be forgiven. You say filing for bankruptcy was the right decision.

Climateer Investing: "iHeartMedia edges closer to bankruptcy with $174.


Climateer Investing: "iHeartMedia edges closer to bankruptcy with $174. : On Tuesday the WSJ Bankruptcy newsletter had the news that IHRT was making the coupon payment on some of the unsecured debt. The stock jump

Lessons from the Brink of Bankruptcy

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These companies nearly lost everything--and emerged stronger than ever

How Spider-Man Can Rescue Colt from Bankruptcy

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How do you turn around a legendary gun-maker brand in bankruptcy? Colt Defense, the storied American weapons maker whose innovations include the 1911 pistol and the M16, filed for bankruptcy earlier this week.

The Death of a Toy Retailer: How a Lack of Digital Transformation Helped Destroy Toys "R" Us

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The holiday season is rapidly approaching and Toys "R" Us is already the first major retail causality--here's how they could have prevented bankruptcy.