Digital Technology MoshPit

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New Service Offering for Digital Technology Innovation. It’s designed to uncover unlikely, but useful, combinations of technologies, products, services, trends, and insights that lead to breakthrough innovation. The new service is called Digital Technology MoshPit. .

Technology In Istanbul

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There is something about the uptake of technology in Turkey that is somewhat unique. So Turkey is a place where technology, particularly mobile, has taken off. Blogging On The Road mobile VC & TechnologyThe Gotham Gal and I are winding up a four day weekend in Istanbul.

Bloomberg Technology

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The post Bloomberg Technology appeared first on Lightspeed Venture Partners

Technology Is Reshaping Real Estate: What You Need To Know

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Technological advancements have a tendency to rapidly change industries. Grow Technology real estate real estate investing technologyTech is not just reshaping real estate; it’s revolutionizing it. In real time.

How to invest in technology

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One of the most common questions I get asked is, ‘What technology or companies should I invest in? You study technology everyday and spend time large companies, so you must have an opinion’ And you guessed it – I sure do. Focus on the beneficiaries of the technology.

Great Businesses Focus On Solutions, Not Technologies

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Even though I love technology, I always cringe when an entrepreneur starts an angel investor pitch to me by touting his new technology. They have forgotten that new technologies are perceived by most customers as causing more pain than the problems they eliminate.

5 Signs Your Business Technology Needs An Upgrade

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Great technology can help you fill the gaps and accomplish more with less people. Grow Technology business technology technology technology tipsBetter tech isn’t a waste of money – it will help you keep your edge.

Rethinking the two technology Moores

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Throughout our technology careers, most of us have cited Moore’s Law about how fast technology evolves, or Geoffrey Moore’s “Crossing the Chasm” to speed up launches of products. To say each has been seminal to strategizing and marketing in technology.

Why Should Small Businesses Care About Blockchain Technology?

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It's the invisible technology that's changing the world, according to PC Magazine. Grow Technology bitcoin blockchain technology"When it comes to digital assets and transactions, you can put absolutely anything on a blockchain."

How To Successfully Introduce New Workplace Technology


As various companies look to build upon their productivity and efficiency gains, their attention can understandably turn to whether new technology could help them to meet those ends. ‘s advice to evaluate new technology before enacting it – starting at the most rudimentary level.

4 Ways Technology Can Improve Your Sales Productivity

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Technology can remove redundant tasks and boost productivity. Identify bottlenecks in sales operations and use technology to fix them. Grow Marketing & Sales Technology productivity sales selling tips technology

How To Embrace Disruptive Technologies And Succeed

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All too often as a startup investor, I hear the term “disruptive technology” from an entrepreneur, played like a trump card that should override any other potential business qualms. In fact, most investors avoid disruptive technologies as extremely risky, with long waits for a payback.

5 Stages of Technology Adoption Compared To Grieving

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How many times have investors heard startups start their pitch by touting that their technology is “disruptive?” The concept of disruptive technology was first introduced by Clayton M. What are you doing to avoid this trap with your disruptive technology?

Hillary Clinton’s Initiative on Technology & Innovation

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Yesterday Hillary Clinton announced her Initiative on Technology & Innovation at Galvanize in Denver. I pondered what Trump’s equivalent would be and decided it is likely to be a tweet that says “Technology loves me.” If this topic is interesting to you, it’s worth spending ten minutes and reading the full text of the Hillary Clinton Initiative on Technology & Innovation. Invest in Science and Technology R&D and Make Tech Transfer Easier.

High Technology Tell All Books

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The post High Technology Tell All Books appeared first on Feld Thoughts. Books facebook high tech hubspot Technology tell all twitterTell All Books are nothing new and some of the most explosive ones of all time have already come from California (in and around Hollywood). Suddenly, tell alls are focusing on high tech companies instead of movie stars.

Technology Advisor


In my post, Technology Roles in Startups , I described some of the different ways I engage with startup companies such as CTO Founder , CTO , Part-Time CTO , Acting CTO , Consultant, Advisor and Advisory Board Member. I thought it was worth capturing a bit more about Advisory Roles, Advisory Boards and particularly Technology-Oriented Advisors – who are often thought of a bit different when it comes to those roles. And don’t confuse having a CTO with getting an Technology Advisor.

Five Business Technology Trends for 2017

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If one of your rituals for the new year is looking forward, here are five business technology trends you should consider as you make your adjustments. Managing a Business News business trends news small business technology trends trends

Bridge Technologies

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When the tech landscape changes; from web browsers to mobile browswers, from flash to HTML5, from laptops to tablets, from typing on keyboards to typing on screens, from local storage to cloud storage, there are always companies that are started to solve the pain points that crop up from that technology change. I call these "bridge technologies" because they bridge from one technology to another. Venture Capital and Technology

NY Enterprise Technology Meetup

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Next tuesday evening, I am giving at talk at the NY Enterprise Technology Meetup. enterprise Venture Capital and Technology Web/TechI will talk about networks in the enteprise. I plan to use USV investments like WorkMarket and Pollenware to discuss how entrepreneurs can use networks to build powerful enterprise oriented businesses.

Technology Adaptation In e-Commerce


The intersection of humans and technology is vastly seen when e-commerce comes into the picture. The craze for technology has advanced so much that every person nowadays is using two gadgets at the same time. Technology is helping their customers to keep a track of their purchases.

Business Model Innovation Is About This — Not Technology

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In recent years, technology has been the golden child of transformative business models. And technology won't be at the helm. Grow Technology business model business models business trends digital trends innovation technology

Great Entrepreneurs Sell Solutions, Not Technology

Startup Professionals Musings

Even though I love technology, I always cringe when an entrepreneur starts his investor pitch to me by touting his new technology. They have forgotten that new technologies are perceived by most customers as causing more pain than the problems they eliminate.

The technology shifts you need to focus on in 2018

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I’ve always believed the technology shifts we ought focus on shouldn’t be the abrupt, but changes in the tide of consumer behaviour and the economy. Continue reading → The post The technology shifts you need to focus on in 2018 appeared first on Steve Sammartino.

Procore Technologies Expands Austin Office


Procore Technologies, which makes construction management software, has expanded its operations in Austin. Procore […] The post Procore Technologies Expands Austin Office appeared first on SiliconHills.

Israeli Technologies for the Elderly

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We live longer lives - the number of Americans over 65 will double by 2060, according to a report by the Population Research Bureau. But statistically, we will suffer from health issues, loss of. This is a content summary only. Click on the post title to continue reading this post, share your comments, browse the website and more!

Smart Marketers Leverage Marketing Technology And Data Intelligence

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Learn how to use use data intelligence and technology to ensure your marketing strategy delivers on your goals. Grow Marketing & Sales big data data intelligence data management marketing marketing technologyIs your marketing working?

Startups Need To Build Solutions, Not Technology

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Technical entrepreneurs love their technology, and often are driven to launch a startup on the assumption that everyone will buy any solution which highlights this technology. Customers buy solutions, not technology. New technology does not necessarily make better solutions.

5 Technologies Here Today That Will Change Your Life

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As a new business advisor and technologist, I often think about the large array of opportunities for entrepreneurs as technology seems to be evolving faster and faster. Many technology advances have negative implications for certain industries and segments of society.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Blockchain Technology


Terminology such as blockchain technology and cryptocurrency have found their way into the mainstream media in recent years, with the phrase “bitcoin price” becoming one of the most popular searches on Google in 2017. Blockchain technology is still in its infancy.

Cutting-edge Security Technology for Construction Sites

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Fortunately, there are a number of state-of-the-art security technologies that construction company owners can employ to keep their sites well-protected. This type of technology includes HD cameras with IP connectivity, motion sensors, vibration detectors, time lapse photography and more.

5 Ways to Kick Your Technology Addiction

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With tech addiction on the rise, it's imperative to understand the risks of technology overuse and learn strategies to keep a healthy balance. Technology

New Buying Habits Are More Important Than Technology

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Many entrepreneurs think that adapting to the new technologies, like smart phones and Internet commerce, are the key to attracting new customers. High-technology product startups, without customers, don’t make a business. Brian Solis buying habits social behavior startups technology

Bingo Gaming and Mobile Technology

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How have the bingo sites been able to key into the mobile technology revolution? Versatility With mobile apps that have been made robust by technology, the bingo companies are able to offer more variants of bingo games in one place.

The Technology That Just Might Save Brick-and-Mortar Retail

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Technology has largely been seen as hurting traditional retail. TechnologySoon, it may be what saves it.

Making Technology Work For Those Who Aren’t Working

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“How do you make technology work for those who are not working? Especially for those who are not working because of technology.” The post Making Technology Work For Those Who Aren’t Working appeared first on Feld Thoughts. Technology mit simon johnson societyIn November, during the week of the presidential election, I was at MIT for the Celebration of 50 Years of Entrepreneurship at MIT.

How Seniors Can Use Technology to Become Entrepreneurs After Retirement

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For seniors looking to utilize online tools and technology to build a business or work from home, here are seven tips to help you get started: 1. If you plan on working independently and capitalizing on current technology, you need to have a presence online. If you are going to be working through technology, you need to have the right equipment. With the technology available today, these opportunities are easier than ever to take advantage of.

Information Technology Predictions For 2016 And Beyond

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Grow Operations big data Cloud Computing cloud technology data security information technology IT technologyThese are just a few of the predictions that will likely happen in 2016. Consider it a snapshot of the IT community.

Technology Makes Running Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Easier

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Large corporations heavily rely on technology to improve performance, increase efficiency, grow profitability and manage expenses. Due to the size and complexity of such organizations, maximizing technology use is a necessity. Scalable Technology.

Ubiquitous Technology

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At New Florence, the coverage covers a wide swatch including health tech, greentech, nanotech so end up researching obscure journals and magazines for stories. But you have to scan today’s USA Today, a mainstream newspaper, to see how tech coverage. Industry Commentary

How To Reduce Startup Risk Using Existing Technology

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It may not be as sexy, but starting a new business which builds on an existing technology or business model is usually less risky than introducing that ultimate new disruptive technology. There is always time later for your next startup, using that disruptive technology of your dreams.