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The 10 Greatest Social Entrepreneurs Of All Time


Bring up social entrepreneurs and one of the first names you’re likely to encounter is that of Muhammad Yunus. After a moment of clarity in Liberia, club promoter Scott Harrison decided to make it his mission to change that, heading up the non-profit organization charity: water. While it is admirable to build a successful business of any kind, some entrepreneurs do more than just make a profit with the fruits of their labor.

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Here are The Missing Positives of This Election

Both Sides of the Table

When I went to add partners at Upfront I called an LP of mine and told him I was trying to recruit a new partner named Kara Nortman. Liberia, Argentina, Bangladesh, Lithuania, Trinidad, Brazil, Kosovo, Slovenia, Denmark, Jamaica, South Korea, Norway, Poland & Croatia. It’s hard to feel any positives these days: We’re in the eye of the storm. We’re at peak anxiety. Maximum rancor. We’ve already blocked family members on Facebook or unfollowed obnoxious people on Twitter.

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Data Visualization Inspiration: Analysis To Insights To Action, Faster!

Occam's Razor

You see the big ones named, the hidden mysterious ones, you can unmask using a mouse hover. It would be nice to see all the sites named, but it is kind of nice that it forces you to internalize the big ones, likely where you can have the biggest impact, and then look at the small ones. It also does not include the other countries beyond Liberia and Sierra Leone where we know infections and deaths have occurred. Like a vast majority on planet Earth, I love data visualizations.

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