Why we expanded our startup to South Korea

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Entrepreneur South Korea startup sceneRegardless of where your startup resides, you should always monitor where else in the world your product is gaining traction.

Why we expanded our startup to South Korea

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Regardless of where your startup resides, you should always monitor where else in the world your product is gaining traction. Expanding to a new country can lead to a larger client base, a foothold in another market, more media exposure, and more investors.

My First Trip to South Korea

Austin Startup

My first time to Asia, specifically South Korea, happened two days after Thanksgiving. culture travel wisdom startup koreaBeing in the U.S. Navy Reserves has it’s perks… Continue reading on Austin Startups ».

Korean accelerator SparkLabs showcases social and e-commerce startups at its second Demo Day

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SparkLabs , an accelerator program in South Korea that is bringing a Silicon Valley-like approach to the Asian country’s startup ecosystem, showcased its second batch of startups to investors at Demo Day today. Asia Entrepreneur News Roundups South Korea startups

The entrepreneur’s guide to the South Korean tech ecosystem

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Even though some people might have a hard time pointing out South Korea on a map, almost everybody knows South Korean companies like Samsung and LG — but they aren’t the only noteworthy companies in the country.

5 Communication Hacks For Startup Cofounders


Jeong also sits on South Korea’s Ministry of Science & Technology’s steering committee and the board of Chonnam Hospital, South Korea’s largest private hospital. by Saeju Jeong, CEO and Co-founder of Noom Coach.

5 Tips For A Traveling Entrepreneur


Over the last 24 months, I’ve had to adapt to live in places with limited connectivity like Patagonia and the Sahara Desert to places made for the digital worker like Seoul, South Korea. Prior to Ansel, John moved to South Korea to teach English and “figure things out.”

[Infographic] How The Digital World Fuels The Physical Economy


But India, China and South Korea are poised to take larger slices of the Internet pie with the largest growth in the global web ecosystem. How important is the Internet to the world’s economy? Plenty, as you can imagine. Consider this: the Internet accounts for 3.4%

Does Alternative Finance Exist In Singapore And Hong Kong?


In Asia Pacific, the volumes in alternative finance have come from South Korea and China. The biggest player in South Korea is Money Auction, and the largest P2P lender in Japan is maneo Inc. by Anthony Coundouris , trade finance evangelist for ApexPeak.

Wilkins Finance Cryptocurrency Predictions For Summer 2018


For example, regulators in countries such as China and South Korea started to toughen up on cryptocurrencies while in the US, there was a move by the SEC to try and gain control over the cryptocurrency market.

[Infographic] Economy And Education: How America Is Falling Behind


Already the top performers in education are in Asia – Shanghai and Hong Kong leads the way, followed by Singapore, South Korea, and Japan.

Ticketbis, An Online Event Ticket Trading Platform


The company then started its international expansion, and today has presence in 15 countries around the world in especially in Latin-speaking countries (which isn’t a surprise considering its Spain roots), but also covers parts of Asia including Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore.

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How To Profit From Bearish Crypto Markets


Additionally, countries like South Korea are implementing strict controls on digital currency trading and domestic brokers are no longer allowed to for accept foreign. The cryptocurrency markets have endured significant volatility in recent months.

Dog Days of Summer


As the United States celebrated its Independence Day on July 4th, several jurisdictions around the world, including South Korea, Bermuda and Malta, passed legislation to support crypto assets and virtual currencies. Of these, South Korea’s appears the most detailed by providing a classification scheme as a framework for regulation.

8 Tips On Intercultural Communication And International Etiquette To Create Successful Business Relationships In Asia


For years I’ve studied the cultures in 10 Asian countries: China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar (formerly Burma), the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan. By Sharon Schweitzer, J.D.,

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What the World Could Learn from an Internet Blackout in the World’s Most Connected Country


On a fateful Saturday morning of November 24, a fire broke out at Korea Telecom (KT) operation building which caused an Internet blackout in the metropolitan city of Seoul. According to Wikipedia, KT is the largest fixed-line and high-speed Internet service provider in Korea.

Three Examples of Practical Innovation

Life Beyond Code

This is where Tesco a supermarket in South Korea brings a shopping mall to train stations. Having an insight is to see what everyone else is seeing but notice only what a few will notice. Tweet This. Poster available at Sparktastic ].

How The 5G Revolution Emerged And How It Will Give Business A Boost


currently trails China and South Korea in 5G development, a situation which puts America at a disadvantage if it is not addressed. As a tariff war between the U.S.

Asian Exporters Drive e-Commerce Growth: eBay


These businesses are exporters from around Asia including China, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam.

The Great Winnowing of World Cup & The Startup Ecosystem

Agile VC

Picture I took in 2002 of WC stadium Daegu, South Korea. Those of you who know me are probably aware that I’m a rabid soccer (football) fan.

[ADV] Boodmo – Online Catalog For Buying Car Spare Parts


They import auto-related items from Japan, Europe, UAE, USA, South Korea, and China. Boodmo.com is India’s largest online company which provides a suitable marketing platform for people looking to purchase auto parts.

The Snap IPO Happened. What Next LA?

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We are the most diverse city in America — perhaps the world — with 200 nationalities, 100 languages and the largest population outside of a home country for 39 nations around the world including Mexico, South Korea, Armenia, the Philippines, Thailand and many others.

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And Then They Came for Me …

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The fact that he called on nations like South Korea or Saudi Arabia to have their own nuclear weapons? Yesterday was Halloween in the United States where children dress up and try to scare people as they “trick-or-treat” for candy.

The Case for Optimism and Risk at Startups

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I was fortunate enough recently to be invited to a private sitting with the president of South Korea, Park Geun-hye, along with 18 other entrepreneurs. What makes America great, as I told the president of South Korea, is our willingness to accept failure.

Financial Literacy Across Asia Declining: Mastercard


of disposable household income, a stark contrast to other countries such as Australia (9.3%) and South Korea (5.3%).

Asia 223

5 Singapore Industries In Which To Get Rich


To a certain extent, Singapore is competing with countries like South Korea in that regard, which is only going to stimulate development in the biotech sector of Singapore further. by Rhys Arkins, founder of Key Location.

Why It’s OK to Show Your Anger

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 —  @realdonaldtrump He’s a Foreign Policy Idiot He has said that he thinks non-nuclear countries should have their own nuclear weapons and specifically said he has no problem if South Korea, Japan and Saudi Arabia go nuclear.

Why Acceptance of Failure is Critical to Startup Success

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This came to mind a couple of years ago when I had the chance to sit down with the president of South Korea and she asked a small gathering of 19 tech & business leaders for opinions about how to make the Korean economy more “creative.”

41% Of Attack Traffic Originates From China – Akamai


China 173

International Business Do’s And Don’ts


A perfect example: Bill Gates once shook hands with the President of South Korea and he absent-mindedly kept his left hand in his pocket — as he commonly does because, as you can see in the media, Gates always has his hands in his pockets. by Scott L. Girard, Jr.,

Our Town – A Family Legacy


But then a family emergency struck – Michael Plummer Senior suffered a major heart attack, and Junior was called home from his station in South Korea. Michael Plummer, Jr never really wanted to follow in his entrepreneurial father’s footsteps.

around! Adds Joy To Location-Based Loyalty Marketing With QR Codes


QR codes have been used in the various countries, such as Japan and South Korea, for marketing purposes to mixed degrees of success.

SMEs Are Riding Global Wave of eCommerce – But Logistics Concerns See Many Swimming Against Tide


By Dr. Karen Reddington, President of FedEx Express, South Pacific. 4] In South Korea, mobile applications are key since almost one in three online clothing buyers last bought something via their smartphone. [5].



While public comments from the SEC as well as regulators in South Korea and Singapore were fairly positive, the SEC this week warned on “pump and dump” cryptocurrency schemes, with at least one prominent investor from Silicon Valley (Michael Arrington) tweeting over the weekend that he had received notices from the agency regarding his participation in Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s).

11 Entrepreneurs Explain Their Major Accomplishments in 2018


I expanded my business that was operating in South Korea and America to now Germany and scaled it into an agency model providing coaching and consulting to businesses and organizations with speaking engagements on the side.

[Singapore] A Look Inside Facebook’s Singapore Office


Facebook earlier this week opened the doors of its Singapore office to media for a familiarization tour, where executives took the opportunity to give us a brief rundown of the company’s attitude towards work culture.

International Do’s and Don’ts For the Traveling Entrepreneur

Up and Running

The infamous handshake between Bill Gates and South Korean President Park Geun-hye. A perfect example: Bill Gates once shook hands with the President of South Korea (pictured above) and he absent-mindedly kept his left hand in his pocket.

Growing Smaller: How Smaller Retailers Are Thinking Beyond Fashion Weeks For #fashion To Compete


by Raj Subramaniam, Executive Vice President, Global Marketing and Communications, FedEx Services. Like many reading this, I’m always intrigued by the small business owners I meet across the world, many running generations-old boutiques selling one-of-a-kind treasures.

The Multibillion-dollar China Question: Should a mid-sized tech company tempt fate in China?

Version One Ventures

About 10 years ago, I traveled to China, South Korea and Japan for AbeBooks with my co-founder Hannes to understand our expansion options. Didi Chuxing, the largest ride-hailing service is China, confirmed today that it will acquire Uber China. According to reports, the two companies will keep distinct brands, apps, and business operations, but the backends will be merged.

China 78

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Founders on a Mission

K9 Ventures

Sooinn had over a decade of experience working in the game industry in South Korea. She is Asian (South Korean). And I would like to welcome Softbank Ventures Korea and TAL Education group on board this journey and mission.

Asia Pacific SMEs Must Look To Cross-Border Trade


For example, New Zealand and South Korea have 94 and 92 percent Internet penetration respectively, but Thailand is struggling to get to 30 percent [3]. By Dr. Karen M. Reddington, president, FedEx Express Asia Pacific. The power of small business in today’s digital age is clear.

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Here are The Missing Positives of This Election

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Liberia, Argentina, Bangladesh, Lithuania, Trinidad, Brazil, Kosovo, Slovenia, Denmark, Jamaica, South Korea, Norway, Poland & Croatia. It’s hard to feel any positives these days: We’re in the eye of the storm. We’re at peak anxiety. Maximum rancor.