Boost Your Customer Leads with Los Angeles SEO

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If you want to get more customers to your website or content, then you need help from a reliable Los Angeles SEO expert. Why You Need a Los Angeles SEO. A reliable Los Angeles SEO company specializes in boosting your online reach and presence.

A Guide To Starting A Business In Los Angeles


Los Angeles is a fantastic location to open up a business. You need to research your surroundings, even if you’re familiar with Los Angeles. The best way to fully know your surroundings is to settle early into Los Angeles.


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Know Your Rights: When to Call a Los Angeles Tenant Attorney

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Unfortunately, some tenants experience more complicated issues that would require the intervention of a Los Angeles tenant attorney. Common Issues that Require Help from a Los Angeles Tenant Attorney.

Growthink Ranked #29 on the List of Los Angeles’ Fastest Growing Companies

Growthink Blog

The Los Angeles Business Journal ranked Growthink #29 on its 2021 list of LA’s Fastest Growing Companies. The list recognizes companies headquartered in the Los Angeles area that exhibited the highest 2018 – 2020 revenue growth.

Los Angeles Startup Events


I recently posted about the Increase in Early-Stage Startup Activity in Los Angeles. I realized that it has been a little while since I posted about the Los Angeles Startup Community and so needed to update my list of startup events that will be out of date almost before I finish publishing it. So, you may also want to go look at: Los Angeles Startup Events Here are some of the events and meetups that I've spoken at, attended or at least interest me.

Los Angeles Startup Community


I was just talking with someone who's new to Los Angeles and wanting to connect into the Los Angeles Startup Community. Los Angeles Startup Community Posts/Articles Here are some interesting articles and posts on the ecosystem around startups in Los Angeles. LA Tech Survival Guide A Tale of Two Tech Cities – Silicon Valley vs. Los Angeles Guide to the LA Startup Community Why You Should Start a Company in.

Los Angeles Startup Community


I was just talking with someone who's new to Los Angeles and wanting to connect into the Los Angeles Startup Community. Los Angeles Startup Community Posts/Articles Here are some interesting articles and posts on the ecosystem around startups in Los Angeles. LA Tech Survival Guide A Tale of Two Tech Cities – Silicon Valley vs. Los Angeles Guide to the LA Startup Community Why You Should Start a Company in.

[Interview] Amanda Mills, Founder Of Amanda Mills Los Angeles


For Amanda Mills, the mind and face behind the Amanda Mills Los Angeles (AMLA) lifestyle brand, it is a term she takes great pride in. Amanda’s popular website is also much more than a fashion blog – the Amanda Mills Los Angeles site and brand is a reflection of some of her deepest passions, one of which is social responsibility and global awareness. Can you tell us about the journey that inspired you to create the Amanda Mills Los Angeles brand?

Los Angeles Web Developer


He was struggling to find high quality developers in Los Angeles. Just the kind of person I like to meet. :) But I was a bit surprised when he emphasized how hard it had been for them to find a web developer in Los Angeles. My flippant comment was, “If you do a Google search for Los Angeles web developer, you’ll find a LOT of people and firms.” There certainly are a lot of Networking Events in Los Angeles and Southern California that you can use.

Los Angeles CTO / VP Engineering Job Searches


What I’ve not written as much about is what to do if you are a CTO looking for your next opportunity – especially in Los Angeles. There are some really good executive recruiters here in Los Angeles that cover most of the CTO job searches especially for venture-backed startups. As the organizer of the LA CTO Forum , I get lots of inquiries by job seekers and people looking for CTO / VP Engineering talent.

Los Angeles Social Media Starters


I find myself speaking at various venues in Los Angeles to tell people (most often service providers) about how I've used social media and particularly my blogs, LinkedIn, twitter and topic hubs as part of my own services business. I'd especially like to find people in Los Angeles. I'm hoping you can help me figure out who I should be connecting with on this.

Online Business Networking Los Angeles


Great by Cliff Allen Business Networking Online who I had blogged about previously in Marketing, Startups and Networking in Los Angeles. I'm going to be working with people like Cliff and Steve Gilison (see Product Management for Startups in Los Angeles ) and Tom Humbarger (see Social Media to Build Reputation and Reach Prospects ) to create this online business networking group for Los Angeles.

Why We Need to Elect @EricGarcetti on Tues as Next Mayor of Los Angeles

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On Tuesday Los Angeles will elect a new mayor. I’d love to see a mayor in Los Angeles who does, too. In 2010 the City of Los Angeles started trying to crack down on tax receipts of Internet startups allocating them to the least favorable gross-receipts tax bracket taking up their city tax by 500%. Can’t get much better in a city like Los Angeles, hey?

More Web Events in Los Angeles


I’ve updated my earlier post on Networking Events Los Angeles with some great suggestions from Lorin Cha who I just met through LinkedIn. Social media week Los Angeles Runs week of Sept 20 - 24. And take a look at Networking Events Los Angeles for the complete list Here were the new ones: LeanLA Startup Circle Meetup I’ve gone to a couple of these. Often the presentations are pretty basic because of a fair number of newbies in the audience.

Los Angeles & Tech

Bryce Dot VC

Los Angeles & Tech : seanbonner : Last week Tara and I had the pleasure of grabbing lunch with Bryce Roberts while he was in town scoping things out. Today he posted some notes about Los Angeles and it’s tech scene(s) that I wanted to follow up on because, well, you know I have a lot to say on the subject. If you haven’t read…. Thoughts on yesterday’s post from a true OG of the LA tech community. .

Events and Networking in Los Angeles


skip to main | skip to sidebar SoCal CTO Friday, February 23, 2007 Events and Networking in Los Angeles One of the issues I discussed in Innovation and Geography was that the geography and traffic in Los Angeles generally makes it more difficult for networking. ► January (5) Los Angeles Web Developer Startup CTO or Developer When to Use Facebook Connect – Twitter Oauth – Goo. Marketing, Startups and Networking in Los Angeles.

Networking Events in Los Angeles and Southern California


He talks about a bunch of the different networking events that occur in Los Angeles and other parts of Southern California. You can use keywords like: Events in Los Angeles or Southern California Events or even Santa Monica Events. Great post by John Shiple. In his post, he mentions the following events / event organizers, and you should visit his post for a bit more on each of them.

Los Angeles Technology Connector – Kurt Daradics


What networking events in Los Angeles or Southern California do you go to? Besides Tony Karrer for technology, who are some of your go to people in Los Angeles? Kurt Daradics ( Facebook , @KurtyD , FriendFeed , MySpace , LinkedIn , Delicious ) (pronounced dare-a-dix) is a great guy to know. He recently co-founded CitySourced and I think Ben Kuo nailed him when he describes him as "a connector.

Los Angeles Tech Launched - Hot List


I'm happy to announce the launch of the Los Angeles Tech Content Community. The goal is to create a place where it's relatively easy to find current content and highly relevant content surrounding Los Angeles Technology. To be clear Los Angeles Tech is a jump off point. The bottom line is that Los Angeles Tech is trying to help find and navigate that content.

Field Notes from Los Angeles

Bryce Dot VC

In fact, the greater Los Angeles area, and specifically it’s startup community can not be pigeonholed as beach bumming founders in board shorts. Despite the rise of the accelerators and an active local angel community, there are very few active local venture funds who can write a $2-$5M Series A check. When I came up with the idea for OATV’s Field Trip Series I had our early experience with the NYC startup community as a backdrop.

Product Management for Startups in Los Angeles – Steve Gilison


What networking events in Los Angeles or Southern California do you go to? We should keep comparing notes on your list and my Networking Events in Los Angeles and Southern California. Besides Tony Karrer for technology, who are some of your go to people in Los Angeles? It was great to hear from a long, lost colleague the other day.

Finding Good Developers in Los Angeles?


skip to main | skip to sidebar SoCal CTO Saturday, February 17, 2007 Finding Good Developers in Los Angeles? Posted byTony Karrer at 7:47 AM 0comments: Post a Comment Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) About Me Tony Karrer Dr. Tony Karrer is CEO/CTO of TechEmpower , a Los Angeles Web Development firm, and is considered one of the top technologists in e-Learning. Marketing, Startups and Networking in Los Angeles.

Marketing, Startups and Networking in Los Angeles – Cliff Allen


What networking events in Los Angeles or Southern California do you go to? Besides Tony Karrer for software/web development in Los Angeles ;) who are some of your go to people in Los Angeles? Cliff Allen is someone I've known for quite a few years and he's a go to person for me when I'm thinking about issues around marketing, sales, technology, startups and networking.

Our Most Recent Marketplace Investment, DogVacay from Los Angeles

Earlier today, DogVacay, an exciting new startup in Los Angeles, announced that Benchmark Capital has led its most recent round of financing. We are also thrilled to be working with First Round once again (as in Mint, Uber), and are excited about our first partnership with Peter Pham, Mike Jones, and the team at Science in Los Angeles.

Two Austin-based Companies Acquired by j2 Global of Los Angeles


j2 Global, based in Los Angeles, announced this week it has completed the acquisition of two Austin-based companies., a coupon, […] The post Two Austin-based Companies Acquired by j2 Global of Los Angeles appeared first on SiliconHills. j2 Global bought, a digital media company based in Austin and MX Toolbox, founded in 2004, which provides managed IT services for small businesses worldwide. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Pedram Zohrevand Discusses How To Protect Your Building From Seismic Events

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Earthquakes like the 1994 Northridge quake in Los Angeles and the 1989 Bay Area quake claimed lives and destroyed buildings, leading to stricter regulations. In many parts of the country, earthquake safety is a must when it comes to protecting a building and its occupants.

How LA has become the model for keeping art alive during the pandemic

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And nowhere has done better at bringing art to its citizens than Los Angeles. Community Marketing Real Estate articles artists Blog coronavirus Covid-19 culture exhibit Finance Hollywood Humanity London Los Angeles opportunity pandemic Retail safety workers

Entrepreneurial Journey Takes Melvin Brewing To Denver’s Heights and Beyond

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He hopes to expand to Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, and San Francisco. Product is shipped to Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and San Diego on occasion. Jeremy Tofte’s family background in the beer business shows through in his work with Melvin Brewing.

Sam Haskell Shares Tips on Becoming an Entrepreneur

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I moved to Los Angeles in the summer of 1978 after graduating from Ole Miss to go to law school. Sam Haskell is an Emmy nominated Hollywood producer and author of the inspirational memoir, Promises I Made My Mother.

Two years ago we moved our startup from Los Angeles to Austin and I’m glad we did

Austin Startup

I’ll be honest — growing up in Berkeley, California, the last place I expected to ever end-up is Texas. I‘m not crazy about BBQ, in fact I… Continue reading on Austin Startups

The Snap IPO Happened. What Next LA?

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He was running to be the 42nd mayor of Los Angeles and he outlined his vision to “open up the city government to technology and innovation” if he were elected. It is fitting that 2012 is the year that Snapchat really took off in Los Angeles and raised its first venture capital and began a five year ascent to becoming LA’s most recognizable startup company and largest IPO alongside LAs other great startup brands such as Riot Games and Tinder. startup los-angeles

IPO 183

USC Marshall School Integrating into Social Innovation in Los Angeles

Campus Entrepreneurship

Here is a recent blurb highlighting how the school is integrating itself and its alumni into the social entrepreneurship network of Los Angeles. From the USC Marshall School Website : A group of USC organizations will join with StartingBloc Los Angeles to host Entrepreneurs Changing the World , a speaking event featuring Los Angeles-area leaders in social entrepreneurship. USC Marshall School has been an innovator and leader in entrepreneurship education.

How Philadelphia is Winning a Startup Renaissance

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Compare that figure to New York City ($75-$84), Seattle ($40+), or Los Angeles ($39), and it’s clear why startups benefit from locating here. The City of Brotherly Love. The Birthplace of America. The town that introduced the world to Rocky Balboa and cheesesteaks.

Upfront Ventures Adds Hamet Watt as New Investment Partner

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Los Angeles Today is a day I’ve waited patiently for for 5 years but more earnestly for more than 1 year. I am thrilled to announce that we have added Hamet Watt as a Partner at Upfront Ventures. Now that he’s become a VC he’s promising me he’ll provide way more public information and discourse so please welcome him by following him on Twitter and better yet welcoming him with a Tweet of your own linking to his Twitter handle or this post. Thank you.

On-Demand Beauty Applications to Keep on Your Radar 

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Cities such as New York and Los Angeles have had access to these convenient beauty services for years. This on-demand beauty app has compiled a list of professionals in Los Angeles, Washington DC, Nyc, and surrounding areas. . Marketing Startup style Startups applications Apps budget Customer Health Los Angeles massage New York on-demand salon Smartphone TechnologyWorking overtime has the benefit of more money in your wallet.

How Your Law Firm Should Market To Millennials

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A Personal Injury Attorney Los Angeles offer financial help to clients in a form of a wage embellishment attorney. Legal insight attorney Avvo Bankruptcy Credit direct mail Facebook Insurance law firm Lawyer legal legal advice Los Angeles Marketing millennials personal injury Social media Technology Twitter Video WebsiteMillennials are now the largest living generation in the history.

Why Online Video Just Took One More Big Step to Legitimacy

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Ynon was the obvious choice to help the founders take the company to the next level since he had the trust of the founders, the investors, the senior management team as well as YouTube and most of the large media players in Los Angeles and internationally. Los Angeles Tech Market Analysis

Here are More Signs that LA Tech is Moving to the Next Level

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At GRP Partners we’re all in on Los Angeles having written about $35 million in early-stage venture capital investments in this market alone in the past six months. And I’m delighted to see a bold move by Cooley in getting behind Los Angeles as well. Los Angeles Startup AdviceI wrote a blog post on how to work with lawyers at a startup nearly two-and-a-half years ago. It was very widely read.

Can you build “Silicon Valley” companies outside of the Valley?

Version One Ventures

Can upstart ecosystems in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, or Seattle churn out tomorrow’s billion dollar tech companies? News Los Angeles NYC San Francisco Bay Area Silicon Valley Start Up Toronto Valley The big debate among tech circles has always been if it’s possible to build a “Silicon Valley” company outside of the Valley. Is Silicon Valley a physical place or a state of mind ?

Online Network myRight Helps You Know Your Rights (And Wrongs)


That’s where Los Angeles-based startup myRight comes in. Ideaspotting law legal services LegalZoom Los Angeles myRight online network StartEngine startupMost of us aren’t familiar with the law – in fact, most of us probably try to avoid having anything to do with it until we’re forced to by some unfortunate circumstance. But what happens when you’re plunged into a situation where you need to know about your legal rights?

PostalPix – Photos From Phone To Doorstep


Founded in 2010, Los Angeles, California-based PostalPix allows you to order real photo prints of pictures direct from your smartphone via an app (on both iOS and Android). Ideaspotting Los Angeles mobile app mobile photography photo printing service PostalPixWe take tons of photos with our mobile phone. Most of them are destined to remain trapped in the deep recesses of our devices’ internal memory storage and never seen again.

Giant Media founder: How I turned $7,000 into $8 million in three years

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You see, Segura is the founder of a Los Angeles-based company called Giant Media, and TNW sat down with him to get his thoughts on his entrepreneurial experience. Segura said that it was important for Giant Media to get started in Los Angeles because that’s where the brands and customers are. What’s it like to create a tech startup with only $7,000 in your pocket, knowing that it’s quite literally all you have left of your savings?

Upfront and the Power of Startup Community in LA

Feld Thoughts

I’m finally home after three solid weeks on the road which included Austin, Dallas, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. Places annual meeting foundry group next LA los angeles startup community upfront upfront summitIt’s delightful to sit in my green zebra chair in Amy’s upstairs office, with a cup of tea, the Diana Krall channel playing on Pandora, and just catch up on stuff.