Staying Cyber Aware in a Crisis: Smart Tips for Nonprofit Boards

Board Effect

There are a good number of hackers lurking in cyberspace that have the backing of their governments —namely in China, North Korea, and Russia. At the beginning of March, a cybersecurity firm in Vietnam identified a hacking group with the code name Mustang Panda, which was sponsored by China.

Richie Norton on The Power of Starting Something Stupid

Rajesh Setty

I lost my 21-year-old brother-in-law and my 10-week old son (both named Gavin) and it hit upon me that life is too short not to act on those most pressing thoughts that come to our mind even if they seem “stupid.” For example, a woman from Mongolia wanted to start a cashmere company and had won the competition a couple years earlier.

Out of the Crisis #11: Jeremy Howard on the power of masks, health policy, and data science in medicine

Startup Lessons Learned

Jeremy Howard : I mean, just the data like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mongolia, right next to China, a lot of trade, a lot of social back and forth, Chinese New Year, yet they're in double figures, numbers of deaths. Mongolia, which I think had a law about requiring them. I was chatting to the people actually from the bar via Twitter DM and they sent me photos and they told me all their names and they described exactly what happened.