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Russia is located in northern Eurasia. Being a proven Westerner, I often forget about Eurasia and Russia. I forget how Russia looms over a tremendous landmass and holds a staggering amount of natural resources, history and population. Kaliningrad, Russia.

3 Things Russia's Largest Fashion Retailer Can Teach You

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Russia's largest retailer knows the competitive landscape is changing. This is what the company is doing about it

Russia: Economy Gains Momentum


New Russia numbers rolling in from Focus Economics. Economically I am fascinated by the emerging modern Russia, despite the political noise that dominates the headlines. Russia: Economy gains momentum in Q2 - Full story plus new Consensus growth forecasts: [link]. Russia

Russian Oil (Urals)


Oil August 2016 Russia Russia Urals Russian Oil Russian Oil Blends Russian oil Price 2016

Russia reportedly planning state-controlled 'Sputnik' search engine


OK, here comes Russia. Re-posted from - [link] In what appears to be a further attempt to censor the internet , Russia is reportedly building its own state-controlled search engine. Economics Russia Search Engines Technology The report comes from Russian newspaper Vedomosti , which claims that the search engine will be called Sputnik, and is being developed by state-owned telecom Rostelecom. It could potentially become the default search tool for government institutions.

Sheryl Sandberg Says Facebook Owes America An Apology For Enabling Russia Meddling in 2016's Election

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"Things happened on our platform that shouldn't have happened," Sandberg said, referring to Facebook's role in enabling Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Uber Merges With Yandex and Exits Russia

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The combined companies have a $3.7 billion valuation and Uber exits another big market after leaving China last year.

China 10

You Can't Go Out for Vodka on Skype: What I Learned Managing an Office in Russia

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Make your international office an asset, not an albatross

American Entrepreneur Thrives in Russia

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His products have been used by Coldplay and Radiohead

Book: Red Notice: A True Story of High Finance, Murder, and One Man’s Fight for Justice

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It starts out as the autobiography of Bill Browder and his creation of a massively successful hedge fund ( Hermitage Capital Management ) that was one of the first non-Russian investors in Russia in the mid to late 1990s. Books book browder hermitage capital russia sergei magnitsky

[Infographic] Education By Country (United States, China, Russia, France, Germany and Japan)


Others China education education system France Germany government expenditure Japan Russia students United States

How This Company Kept Morale High After Russia Annexed Its Crimean Office

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Arkadium CEO Jessica Rovello says her top goal is "creating joy" among her 100 employees

Will Fintech Become A Buzzword Du Jour In Russia?


A new startup field boomed 5-7 years ago in the USA is gradually building its momentum in Russia. Will fintech become a buzzword du jour in Russia? In 2014 investments in FinTech comprised $11,8 million in Russia (comparing with the US situation that soared to $9,89 billion).

Those Crazy Americans

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Life Americans Humor Russia Ukraine Recently, Ukraine and Crimea reminded me that I am still a Russian.

Walkbase Raises €3 Million from Russia's SBT Venture Capital


We got a tweet out on it on Tuesday, but to circle back after all the Slush madness, Walkbase announced it has raised a solid €3 million in a round led by Russia''s SBT Venture Capital , and Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, the former CEO of Nokia. This is another announcement a little late to the game.

70% of Russian GDP is now in the public sector


"According to the expert, right now Russia is trying to apply orthodox market economy methods - a strict budget, strict monetary policy. Petroleum is king in Russia. Russia is the globe's largest natural gas exporter, has the largest natural gas reserves and produced 10+MMbbl of oil per day in December 2015 alone. Gazprom essentially owns the natural gas industry in Russia. Gazprom Petroleum Rosneft Russia Transneft

Twitter Reports 201 Fake Accounts Linked to Russia

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The company disclosed its findings hours after it met with Senate and House officials behind closed doors. Politics

The Next Silicon Valley. Is in Russia?

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The Economist has found the next “new Silicon Valley”--and it's in Skolkovo , Russia. Plans for Russia's innovation center include a research university, 40 corporate R&D centers and a “Technopark” to house up to 1,000 different start-ups.

Feds Kick Kaspersky Lab Products Out for Claimed Russia Ties

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At a time of crisis, businesses can find themselves under an angry microscope. Technology

Urban Technology: The Business of Smart Cities

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Skolkovo Innovation City in Russia has been recognized as an attempt to emulate Silicon Valley. Smart cities are a new approach to urban development.

From America to Russia, With Love

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Two Russian immigrants built $19 million-company BayRu, an eBay-like e-commerce website that sells goods only in Russia. Petersburg, Russia in 1989, his family and friends back home wasted no time asking him to supply them with American goods.

Online And Social Gaming Space In Russia


Online gaming and social gaming are the two biggest blocks of the gaming market in Russia. Russia is lagging behind due to its slowly developing Internet connections (especially in the regions), forbidding price of unlimited data plans and undeveloped online payment systems.

Russia Will See Huge Opportunities For Years


I talked to Marina Treshchova, CEO of Fast Lane Ventures , a Moscow based early stage venture capital firm a few weeks back about the investment market in Russia. Treshchova summed up the situation that there are so many opportunities in Russia at the moment that they have to run really fast.

What the West needs to know about Russia’s tech scene

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For many investors and entrepreneurs in the West, doing business in Russia can seem like a step into the unknown. Russia in numbers. To fully grasp the size of the opportunity Russia offers, let’s start by looking at the numbers.

Russia's Putin scraps New Year's holidays for ministers


Russia''s Putin scraps New Year''s holidays for ministers AP - Thu Dec 25, 7:15AM CST MOSCOW (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday scrapped New Year''s holidays for government ministers because of the unfolding economic crisis.

Why Building A Startup In Russia Is Less Risky Than In The Valley


When asked why he chose to build a start-up in Russia after working in the Silicon Valley, Serge shared that he noticed a lot of positive things in Russia that are missing in the Valley. In Russia there are few companies that know how to effectively attract good people.

Russia's (Future) Silicon Valley


Russian media has recently been buzzing with news about the Skolkovo project , dubbed Russia’s Silicon Valley. Half of the sum would come from Russia's Federal budget, the other from co-financing agreements. There is a common belief that it is difficult for foreigners to work in Russia.

Russia Drafts Its New IP Protection Strategy And Encourages Public Feedback


The Russian Ministry of Education and Science has announced the start of a public debate over this country’s new long-term intellectual property (IP) protection strategy, portal Science and Technologies Russia reportedearlier this week.

Report: Trump pressed Burr, other Republicans to end Russia probe

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Richard Burr revealed this week that President Donald Trump told him he was eager to see an end to a Senate Russia inquiry North Carolina's U.S.

Trump Is a Master Mind of This (and No, I'm Not Talking Russia Colluding)

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The same millions of dollars in tax breaks the Trump Organization has received are also available to small businesses too.

Ebola and the Russian Military


Ebola Russia Ebola crisis rekindles concerns about secret research in Russian military labs - bio war? She was an ordinary lab technician with an uncommonly dangerous assignment: drawing blood from Ebola-infected animals in a secret military laboratory. When she cut herself at work one day, she decided to keep quiet, fearing she’d be in trouble. Then the illness struck. “By

Russia Today Anchor Quits on Air. How Did You Leave Your Last Job?

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Liz Wahl, an American anchor for the Kremlin-funded news outlet Russia Today, is the toast of social media this week after leaving her position live on the air. The anchor was fed up to here with her employer. That''s a feeling familiar to many entrepreneurs. Up to 80% Of First Time Online Purchases In Russia Are Made On Couponing Websites


Two years after the Groupon fever hit Russia in March 2010, Leonid Gluzman, the founder of daily deal site aggregator, recalls the history of this thriving industry and shares its key figures and trends for the future. In Russia, there are approximately two hundred such sites today.

ASI Makes Its First Exit From Russia


Ambient Sound Investments , ASI, has made its first exit from Russia according to Quintura. Interestingly enough, LogneX was also ASI's first investment in Russia. ASI has sold its stake in SaaS-based inventory management software provider LogneX (Moy Sklad).

Rocketbank Of Russia Joins Holvi, Transferwise and Isepankur In Disrupting Banking


But they are not alone, we have gotten in touch with Victor Lysenko a co-founder and CEO of Rocketbank in Russia. At that point it was renamed to Groupon Russia. On a similar note, Lysenko mentioned that Russia and Europe are in fact miles ahead of USA in many ways.

Top List of Russia's Largest Internet Firms (And Up-And-Comers)

ArcticStartup has ranked the top internet companies in Russsia based on revenue, which shows some impressive numbers for their limited geographic range. Yandex, the online search giant, leads in front of, who have $690 million and $515 million in revenue respectively.

Online Surpasses Print Advertising Revenues In Russia, Up 56% In 2011


ArcticStartup has a partnership with the site and does content exchange and collaboration to bring you more coverage to and from Russia.

Contactless Payments Take Their First Steps In Russia


While most offline and online purchases made in Russia are still paid in cash, contactless payment experiments have been flourishing in several Russian cities over the last two years. ArcticStartup has a partnership with the site and does content exchange and collaboration to bring you more coverage to and from Russia. On Wednesday, Vimpelcom, a major Russian mobile operator, announced it will deploy the NFC-based contactless payment system it implemented in St.

Yandex Is Now The Default Search Engine For WP7 In Russia


While you would think Microsoft would have leveraged the Windows Phone platform to get add more use of its search engine, Bing, but things are looking otherwise in Russia. I think it makes more sense to include a native search engine for the people in Russia.

Russia Goes Mapping With Yandex Maps


Yandex has success written all over it when it comes to being the leading search engine and the most visited site in Russia with over 21.5 million average monthly users. When you are this big, there is little reason why you won’t try different things.