6 Tips For A Marketing Focus To Match Your Solution

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If you are a passionate technologist , it’s easy to forget that marketing is required to sell even the most compelling solution, to cut through the information overload everyone sees today on the internet. If customers don’t know you exist, you can’t solve their problem, they won’t buy.



I guess it was bound to happen, I now seem to be writing a series of posts around Matching. This is where I’ll keep my list of these posts, related articles and posts from other sources: Social Media Matching – Looks at how in many ways, everything is matching. I think of LinkedIn as a A 24x7 networking cocktail party with 60M+ people – the challenge in that environment is how you get matched to other people. Social Filtering – Content matching based on social signals.


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How Your Mindset Has To Evolve To Match The Business

Startup Professionals Musings

According to most definitions, an entrepreneur is one who envisions a new and different business, meaning one that is not a copy of an existing business model.

Does Your Tech Stack Match Your Company Culture? 3 Tips For Alignment


The post Does Your Tech Stack Match Your Company Culture? Your tech stack needs to support your workplace culture, insists Denise Brinkmeyer. She shares some tips for aligning your tech stack with your business. 3 Tips For Alignment appeared first on Young Upstarts.

Advantage SaaS: Game, Set, Match

deal architect

My friend Josh Greenbaum writes Implementing SaaS: If it’s easy, it’s because you’re not trying He makes the case SaaS is an complex as on-premise, may be even more so. He cites The other way you can tell that complexity. Cloud Computing, SaaS Enterprise Software (IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP

Analyst Cam: pymetrics – Talent matching with a focus on soft skills

deal architect

As we have moved to virtual briefings, I have increasingly been excerpting short video segments (with permission ) as part of my Analyst Cam series. This time it is Dr. Frida Polli, co-founder and CEO of pymetrics which utilizes neuroscience. AI, ML Analyst Cam Future of Work

DonorsChoose.org Book Match Day

Feld Thoughts

Today, DonorsChoose has a match across the entire site for any donations for books. It’s DonorsChoose Book Match Day. The post DonorsChoose.org Book Match Day appeared first on Feld Thoughts. Amy and I love to read. Growing up, one of my favorite places in the world was the hammock in our backyard with a book. As an adult, one of my favorite places is our living room, on my couch, with Amy on her couch, and the dogs laying on the floor between us, while we read.

How To Find An Angel Funding Match For Your Startup

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Find the right investment advisor, or member of your advisory board, and the “match-making” will happen. entrepreneur startup angel funding match Paul Graham business Fundraising is brutal. Actually, according to Paul Graham of Y-Combinator fame, “Raising money is the second hardest part of starting a startup. The hardest part is making something people want.” More startups may fail for that reason, but a close second is the difficulty of raising money.

Monthly Match: National Immigration Law Center #NILCMatch

Feld Thoughts

Fred Wilson , Joanne Wilson , Amy , and I are doing our second Monthly Match. We will be matching $20,000 of contributions that our respective communities make to NILC. Since we are matching 1:1, each dollar you contribute gets NILC another dollar. If this is important to you, please join in on our Monthly Match and make a contribution to NILC. That will register it for our match. This one is in support of the National Immigration Law Center.

Matching Algorithm


Because I was the Acting CTO for eHarmony at it's start, I quite often get introduced to people who have an idea for a startup company that is based on some kind of matching algorithm. Each of these startup ideas has at it's core a matching algorithm that reduces the friction between a consumer and some need. In the case of college matching, it's the complexity of what college matches best with the person's needs.

Monthly Match: The Human Utility #GiveWater

Feld Thoughts

Our month match for June is The Human Utility. Fred Wilson, Joanne Wilson, Amy Batchelor, and I are matching up to $20,000 of contributions via our #GiveWater campaign. To donate and have your contribution matched, go here and hit the big blue Donate button. The post Monthly Match: The Human Utility #GiveWater appeared first on Feld Thoughts. Philanthropy #givewater monthly match the human utility

[Malaysia] Startups Unite To Form Launchpad, An Intern Matching Platform


Ideaspotting Asia interns internship job Malaysia skills matching startup The startup scenes in Southeast Asia – Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, among others – have been thriving, attracting scores of students and young graduates who want to be part of their local startup movement. And many of these startups, some flush with cash and others eyeing international expansion, are hiring. The problem, however, is knowing which startups are hiring.

Matching All Colorado First Time DonorsChoose.org Projects

Feld Thoughts

Amy and I decided to match all of the funding for first-time projects in Colorado on DonorsChoosee.org. The criteria for our match is that these are projects put up by new teachers on the DonorsChoose.org platform. First, if you want to support a teacher and students in Colorado, go make a contribution of any amount on DonorsChoose.org from this link and we’ll automatically match it. We’ll match those projects as well, so getting more online is an awesome thing.

How Leadership Styles Evolve To Match Business Stages

Startup Professionals Musings

By Ernst Gemassmer, Chairman, Startup Professionals As a retired executive I now reflect on my own leadership styles in different situations during my extensive career. My leadership style has evolved over time and I am wondering whether this is related to increasing experience or different situations. I have concluded that leadership styles must be in line with the ‘life cycle’ of companies, as discussed below.

How To Pick A Startup Model To Match Your Motivation

Startup Professionals Musings

Thus it behooves every entrepreneur to pick the startup model that best matches their real motivation. The exciting part about being an entrepreneur is that you can tailor the role to match your real motivations. Being an entrepreneur seems to be one of the most popular lifestyle aspirations these days.

Global EIR and Silicon Valley Bank Funding Match

Feld Thoughts

In response to this opportunity, SVB is joining Amy and me in a match challenge to raise $300,000 for Global EIR. So – your $1 donation gets a $2 match. SVB had previously supported the Global EIR program in Boston with the University of Massachusetts, so I was delighted when they jumped on the opportunity to join a fundraising match with me across the entire country. The post Global EIR and Silicon Valley Bank Funding Match appeared first on Feld Thoughts.

Many Startup Cultures Cannot Match The Market Pace

Startup Professionals Musings

There is no time to be changing your culture to match the lifecycle. Successful startups seem to follow similar paths to greatness, and unfortunately all too often that path leads them back down the hill much faster than they went up. Big company powerhouses, like IBM and Xerox, took fifty years to make the cycle, but new companies today, in the age of the Internet, often make the cycle in five to ten years, or even less. Consider MySpace and Webvan.

Why Blockchain and Remanufacturing are a Perfect Match


The post Why Blockchain and Remanufacturing are a Perfect Match appeared first on ReadWrite. In its purest form, remanufacturing is taking previously used products or their previously used parts, putting them all back together again. You then reselling them — generally at a cheaper price. Remanufacturing is common for such products as medical devices, wood, computers, machinery, vehicles, toner cartridges, and much more.

How To Match Your Startup Stage To Investor Interest

Startup Professionals Musings

Time is too precious to waste trying to close a deal with the wrong investors at the wrong time. Luckily, not all investors are looking for the same thing, so it pays to know what type of investors are most interested in what your startup brings to the table. The key is understanding how potential investors see you, and especially how they view the maturity stage of your startup.

Match Algorithm and Inputs


One of the common questions that I commonly get is: Tony, what inputs should we use as the basis for our matching algorithm? The people asking the above question don’t have that research and they also don’t really know how the matches should occur. For example, do you match people with similar personality traits or complementary or opposites? Without the research, you are in the position of making educated guesses at what makes a good match.

A $25K Matching Gift To Boost Entrepreneurship in Kansas City Through Storytelling

Feld Thoughts

Today, Amy and I are announcing a matching gift from our Anchor Point Foundation to the Startland News’ Give A Start donor campaign. We will match any contributions from this point forward, up to $25,000.

Social Media Matching


Everything is Matching The real promise comes about as we get better tools for navigating all of this. If you know me - which you might not because you only have a thin relationship :) – you know that I’m going to say that a lot of this comes back to Matching Algorithms. There are many, very interesting and very complex matching problems that need to get solved. Some days I start to feel that everything is matching. Well it’s also knowing what kind of match you need.

Your Words Should Match Your Actions

Feld Thoughts

Over the past few months I’ve watched several powerful and successful VCs and entrepreneurs damage their reputations by having their words not match up with their actions. It’s similar to what Amy and I wrote about in Startup Life: Surviving and Thriving in a Relationship with an Entrepreneur when we talk about your words having to match your actions. And having them match your actions matters matters even more.

Bullies Are No Match For The Principles Of Empowerment


by Gregg L. Witt, author of “ The Gen Z Frequency: How Brands Tune In and Build Credibility “ Most people, at some point, have experienced a form of bullying. In fact, a lot of bullies were bullied, and they are just doing what they were taught. There is no excuse for this behavior, however, and awareness and education around the issue has made a big difference. What more can we do to address the effects of bullying?

Match Performance Support


I’ve had several recent conversations with startups who are building companies based on matching. One of the things that I think gets commonly missed by these companies when I first talk to them is that they need more than providing matching, they need performance support. Match Performance Support When I get asked about eHarmony, a lot of people miss that there’s some very interesting performance support going on after the match.

FinTech and Forex – A Match Made in Heaven

The Startup Magazine

This is a relatively new forex trading method used by beginner investors to match up the success of experienced ones. The post FinTech and Forex – A Match Made in Heaven appeared first on The Startup Magazine. The connection between Forex and technology is an obvious one. Because of the characteristics of currency trading, it’s normal to assume that technology can help investors perfect their strategies and make the most of the money they put in this trading method.

People Matching

Rob Go

When entrepreneurs think about approaching VC’s to cultivate a relationship for a round, they often try to match their company with what the VC has funded in the past. So, I think it’s sometimes tough to pattern-match based on sectors. But I do think it’s pretty successful to pattern-match based on founders. So if you’re doing you are thinking about how to best approach investors, don’t automatically just pattern-match based on sectors.

ExhibitMatch.com – Matching Trade Exhibitors With Vendors


Founded in 2010, Las Vegas-based startup ExhibitMatch ( www.exhibitmatch.com ) hopes to solve that particular problem – it is a global online interactive bidding platform that matches trade show exhibitors with stand builders from around the world.

Oracle & The Cloud: A Match Made in Heaven

The Startup Magazine

The post Oracle & The Cloud: A Match Made in Heaven appeared first on The Startup Magazine. The storage capacity of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and CPUs have always been an issue in the tech world. People want more and more storage. Many startups are big data-dependent as they implement innovative solutions. Over time, hardware manufacturers have produced storage devices of all kinds from floppy disks to flash disks and memory cards.

6 Ways Startups Must Match the Pace of Change

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Change is about the only thing constant in the world of startups. Despite their own focus on changing the world, they often forget that they too have to change rapidly and often as the market evolves. Too many find that out too late, and are left chasing a rabbit that is long gone. The solution is to establish and maintain a culture and processes that don’t view change as a discrete event to be spotted and managed, but as an ongoing opportunity to improve competitiveness.

5 Flocks Of Investors Looking For An Enticing Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

match your interests platform startup funding super angelsIf your startup is looking for an angel investor, it makes sense to present your plan to flocks of angels, and assume that at least one will swoop down and scoop you up. Or does it? Actually numbers and locations are just the beginning.

Lighting the match – going viral


It doesn’t happen by accident. Not every new game site is a Club Penguin or Minecraft. Not every social network is a Facebook or Instagram. Not every texting application is a Twitter. What are the elements needed to focus upon in making the attempt to take a product viral? Intrigued by the thought, I recently made a list. It was as much in reaction to my getting blank stares from entrepreneurs when I asked that question as it was for me to better understand the problem itself.

Viral 63

Innovative (& Free) Mental Health Matching Tool Launches in Austin

Austin Startup

Startup Mental Health Match takes inspiration from dating sites, connecting therapists and individuals using an innovative profiling model. Regardless of background, Mental Health Match finds therapists available who specialize in an individuals’ own unique situation?—?whether

What My First Boxing Match Taught Me About Business

YFS Magazine

got in the ring in front of 700 people, with a rather large woman, and subsequently raised over $2,000 for cancer research. Lifestyle boxing business advice business lessons lifestyle sports starting a business

Matching product solutions with problem spaces

The Equity Kicker

We will keep talking and help him through that process, but right now he has identified a great problem space but hasn’t matched it with a compelling product solution. The best business opportunities match great problem spaces with compelling product solutions. We held our monthly office hours yesterday morning, meeting with twenty idea stage founders over a period of two hours. It’s a a high octane set of fast paced meetings that I look forward to very much.

Dear VCs: What Happens When Your Words And Your Actions Don’t Match

Feld Thoughts

Almost exactly a year ago I wrote a post Your Words Should Match Your Actions. In my book Startup Life (that I wrote with my wife Amy) I said that one of the key things that has made our relationship work is that I realized “my words had to match my actions.” My biggest behavior change 14 years ago was to focus hard on having my words match my actions, and my actions match my words. But then their words and their actions don’t match up.

Local.com Launches Exact Match For Local Small Businesses


This is one of the reasons why Irvine, California-based online local media company Local.com has launched its suite of integrated Exact Match local business solutions, targeted at small and medium-sized businesses. Exact Match is designed to help local businesses go beyond the traditional business profile listings online, and expand their online presence to reach ready-to-buy consumers who are searching online for local businesses, products or services. Hyperlocal is in.

Flippa Raises $11 Million to Match Sellers with Buyers of Online Businesses and Digital Assets


To help match business sellers with buyers, Flippa created an online marketplace for businesses and digital assets. The Internet has enabled all kinds of new businesses from blogs to shops to apps to flourish.

Why Keyword Themes +Modified Broad Match = Winning PPC Strategy


Do your keywords match what people are typing in the search box ? Having Broad and Modified Broad keywords increases your odds of Google interpreting your keyword as a match to someone’s query. This is how closely the wording of your ads matches the keywords in your ad groups. Does the messaging of your ads match the messaging of your landing page? How Modified Broad Match Works. That’s the sign of Modified Broad match.

PPC 90

InternMatch: Helping Match Student Interns and Startups


While there are many programs that match students with internship opportunities at large, established companies - including, of course, the traditional campus job fair - it can be a challenge for small companies, startups, and non-profits to find qualified interns. The college recruiting experience is broken," says Andrew Maguire, whose experiences as a student led him to found InternMatch , a startup that, as the name suggests, matches prospective student interns with organizations.

Listen to Google — UX and SEO are a match made in heaven

The Next Web

To the layman UX and SEO (if they even understand what they mean) sound like two entirely unrelated things. The one is about some plumber jabbing away at their phone, while the other is about satisfying the algorithms of a company in Silicon Valley. But we know better. At its core they’re down to the same thing. That’s because the layman doesn’t realize that what Google cares about is ultimately what will satisfy that plumber.

Small Business and Startups: Finding Your Match

crowdSPRING Blog

Hiring a great support team is like casting a great movie or finding the perfect match on PlentyOfFish. But anyone who has played the online dating game also understands how much “noise” exists and how challenging it can be to sort through dozens or hundreds of potential matches to find “the one.” Macrophoto of two match heads , Wikipedia. Last week I wrote about customer service and the importance of scheduling and allocating your support resources.

Match Your Audience With Your Attire

Mike Michalowicz

No matter how comfortable we may have gotten in the business world, it is still important to pay attention to your attire and match it to your client’s expectations. But the closer you can come to matching the attire of those you are meeting with, the more likely it is that they will feel you are one of them. The post Match Your Audience With Your Attire appeared first on Mike Michalowicz. There used to be a time when I went to all my meetings in a suit and tie.