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Czech Republic Company to Establish U.S. Headquarters in San Antonio with 1,400 jobs


The post Czech Republic Company to Establish U.S. “After a two-year site selection journey, we are delighted to announce that our U.S. headquarters will be located in San Antonio, Texas.,” Dan Smith, President, and CEO, OKIN BPS, said in a news release. The […].

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Eastern European Champions & the 4 V’s of Big Data

Cracking the Code

Skype is probably the most famous of them, but there are a lot of other examples including Game Insights, Kaspersky and Parallels in Russia, LogMeIn and Prezi in Hungary and Avast and AVG in the Czech Republic. Why Eastern Europe?


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[Asia] Socialbakers Opens Asia Pacific HQ In Singapore


Global social media analytics and optimization company Socialbakers has announced the opening of its new Asia-Pacific headquarters based in Singapore.

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What To Know About Accepting International Payments


For example, in the Netherlands, the majority of payments are done by direct debit, while in the Czech Republic, the standard is cash on delivery payment. Along with wanting to pay in their own currency, many consumers have different preferences based on where they live.

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Generate and Transformify: Umbrella Solutions to Help Businesses Hire Top Talent Worldwide


‘’Test-and-Hire’’ Solution.

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Global Multichannel Consumer Behaviour (Research/Purchase) Analysis

Occam's Razor

Let's compare USA and Czech Republic … 9% of the roughly 17 million cars sold in the US were purchased online. I love you Czech Republic! So how many people buy cars online, and what is the influence of digital research and mobile platforms? Did you think the number was that big? I was surprised.

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How Electric Companies Are Supporting Energy Conservation Efforts

Women Entrepreneurs Can

Increasing their efficiency can save 60 terawatt-hours by 2040, equal to the current consumption of the Czech Republic. Distribution transformers, which adjust voltage and current for customers, are another opportunity for large reductions.