A Day in Mongolia with Naadam CEO Matt Scanlan

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Matt Scanlan, co-founder and CEO of Naadam visits the company's sustainable wool manufacturing facilities in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Why would a son want a different life from his father's?

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The question jumped out at me in this article about the wide open spaces in Mongolia. It’s a question a nomadic herder asks. It may seem quaint to us these days but it is something that was accepted for generations. Silicon Collar

Greenville health care providers aid boys from Mongolia

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GREENVILLE — Khosbayar Oyun and Oyunchimeg Dashbalbar have much to be grateful for as they celebrate their first American Thanksgiving

When I Hear “Fastest Growing” I Reach for XKCD

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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a pilgrimage to Mongolia, along with Vice President Joe Biden and before him George W. Wow, is Mongolia the up-and-coming economic powerhouse of the world? In other words, Mongolia plays a negligible role in the world economy.

“Choking in China: Beijing Suffers Amid Deadly Smog”.

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The worst though would be the times when dust storms would blow in from the northwest deserts of Mongolia and blanket the city for days in a suffocating cloud of sand and pollution. “Choking in China: Beijing Suffers Amid Deadly Smog ” via BloombergBusinessweek.

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[Seoul] Serviced Office Cum Business Incubator WAHA Offices Opens New Location


Separated at Birth: Techstars and Startup Weekend

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At these events (there about 1,000 per year from Boulder to Mongolia to Chile to New Zealand), entrepreneurs and the community gather to build startups in 54 hours.

Entrepreneurship Flourishes for 54 Hours in Iran

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Over the weekend, some 120 entrepreneurs, engineers, and start-up enthusiasts linked up as part of Iran's first "Startup Weekend," a 54-hour event that's had iterations in more than 100 locations, from Michigan to Mongolia.

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Richie Norton on The Power of Starting Something Stupid

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For example, a woman from Mongolia wanted to start a cashmere company and had won the competition a couple years earlier. It was great way to start the second half of 2013 with a phone conversation with Richie Norton , the author of The Power of Starting Something Stupid.

Why it is hard for VCs to say ‘no’ and why that ‘no’ could be good news for an entrepreneur

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But if our website says that Credo invests in IT, Internet, mobile or healthcare startups predominantly in Central Europe, I just don’t feel obliged to respond to a gold mine in Mongolia or Australian TV production studio.

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of Congo Marshall Islands The Gambia Djibouti Mauritania Timor-Leste Dominica Mongolia, Rep.

Professor Clayton Christensen and the job your product does at Business of Software 2011

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And while I was worrying about this, our daughter Annie got sent by our church to go to Mongolia as a missionary and she worked there for a couple of years and when she was done she invited my wife and me to come and she gave us a guided tour of Mongolia and in the capital of Ulaanbaatar she took us to this massive open air bazaar and we happened upon a set of vendors that were selling dirt cheap solar panels.