Why the Civil Unrest in Ukraine Matters to Small Business

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Ukraine is my homeland; it''s the country where I spent my childhood and most of my young adulthood. at the age of 19, I still had hopes of going back to Ukraine one day. Unfortunately, recent events have proven to me that Ukraine is on the brink of collapse.

Franklin Templeton hires Blackstone to advise on Ukraine debt restructuring talks


Reuters Ukraine''s largest creditor, Franklin Templeton, has hired investment and advisory firm Blackstone to advise a creditor group during debt restructuring negotiations with Kiev, sources familiar with the situation told Reuters on Sunday. A significant bondholder of Ukraine''s foreign debt has appointed Blackstone as adviser and Weil (Gotshall) as legal adviser to assist in creditor discussions with Ukraine," one person familiar with the situation said.

How U.S. Business is Playing Ambassador in Ukraine

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Over the weekend Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker journeyed to Ukraine to offer technical assistance. It''s a reminder of the critical role businesses can play creating change

Ukraine, Estonia, Chile, Finland: The saga of four accelerators

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It’s hard to get the exact data on how many startup acceleration programs are being launched every year, but it’s definitely a lot. If you search Google News for something like “new startup accelerator,” it will return hundreds of headlines from all over the world.

Chile 18

From the Ukraine with Love

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I recently had the great pleasure of meeting Mr. Vladimir Lempert CEO and founder of Spetztekhosnastka, or “STO”, a plastics design and manufacturing company headquartered in Dniprodzerzhins'k (about 200 miles Southeast of Kiev), in the Ukraine. Like the unique combination of high-quality engineering talent, low labor costs, and a surprisingly stable tax and regulatory environment that is the modern Ukraine.

My Business Made $153,428 While I Was Traveling In Europe Because I Made One Important Change Years Ago

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Hello from beautiful Lviv Ukraine, the town I presently call home. I’ve had a very busy 2017, traveling from Toronto to Vancouver, then Paris, Nice, Monaco, Lviv, Kiev, back to Paris for the French Open tennis, London, Valencia, Barcelona, Warsaw, and then back to Lviv.

When Putin Invaded Ukraine, My Business Became Illegal Overnight. Here's What Happened Next

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Here's why staying crazy optimistic is the best way to get your company through a crisis. Extreme Entrepreneurship

?????????? – Tenacity: How I Spent A Year One Night in Kiev

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Here’s a guest post on what happened to him in the Ukraine. Only rarely does the teaching itself require tenacity, as it did late last month in Kiev, Ukraine. Ukraine was magnificent. Not if I had to spend two weeks in the Ukraine applying for a new Russian visa!

From co-founder to ousted CEO of 500px: Trials, errors, and lessons learned

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Shortly after the news hit the media, Gutsol left Canada where he’s lived since 2000 after moving from Ukraine, and he spent a few months in the Dominican Republic.

[Event] Ukraine, Thailand And US Take Top Spots At Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012


Taking top spot in the Software Design category is quadSquad from Ukraine, winning US$25,000 with its set of custom-designed sensory gloves and a smartphone application called ‘Enable Talk’ that allows the deaf to communicate verbally by translating sign languages into speech.

Amazon Credit As Global Currency

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I’ve worked with a developer based in Ukraine for close to 10 years on both personal and business projects. I used to send him payments via PayPal, but PayPal no longer works in Ukraine. It had never occurred to me that even in Ukraine Amazon is ubiquitous.

Autopsy.io is the anti-Product Hunt: A graveyard of startup failures

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to the geopolitical (“Consequence of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.”) Thankfully, Autopsy.io isn’t “Uber for hearses”. Rather, it’s a newly-launched site that collects stories of startup failure, with the aim of sharing the lessons learned with the whole community.

5 Terrible Social Media Fails in 2016 That You Must Avoid


Coca Cola traps itself between Russia and Ukraine Politics. This resulted in the Ukraine embassy showing its concern for the illegally occupied Crimea region by Russia. Brands are closer to their audience with the help of social media.

Hacking for Defense @ Stanford – Making the World a Safer Place

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Ukraine. Introducing Hacking for Defense – Connecting Silicon Valley Innovation Culture and Mindset to the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community. Hacking for Defense is a new course at Stanford’s Engineering School in the Spring of 2016.

Wrike: The All-In-One Project Management Solution


It later opened offices in Dublin, Ireland, Kiev, Ukraine, and St Petersburg, Russia. Wrike is a versatile project management software that enables multifunctional teams to collaborate and effectively achieve their aims from a single location.

The Donald Trump of Ukraine

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Entrepreneurship runs in Greg Pekarsky''s family. In fact, it''s what inspired him to launch his own realty firm in Chicago

Small Business Owners Say Main Street Is Back. Here's Why

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Despite uncertainty over health care, the minimum wage , overtime, and the situation in the Ukraine , optimism among these companies held strong at 69 percent, according to the March 2014 SurePayroll Small Business Scorecard.

Why It’s OK to Show Your Anger

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He didn’t even know or acknowledge that Putin has incursions into the Ukraine and had annexed Crimea. There’s an old saying in polite circles in the United States that there are two things one should never talk about a social gatherings: Politics & Religion.

Hacking for Diplomacy – The State Department Takes Notice

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We’ve just held our seventh and eighth weeks of Hacking for Diplomacy at Stanford, and the attention our course is getting from Washington – and around the world – has been interesting.

Hacking for Diplomacy – The State Department Takes Notice

Steve Blank

We’ve just held our seventh and eighth weeks of Hacking for Diplomacy at Stanford, and the attention our course is getting from Washington – and around the world – has been interesting.

Video game maker using courts to stop online game cheaters

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courts to chasten cheaters from Ukraine to Minnesota RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) AP) — The maker of a video game that pits players worldwide in a fight for survival on virtual terrain is using U.S.

TutoTOONS reaches 50 million downloads, growing 10x in 10 months


Over 7,000 people from Argentina to Ukraine have tried the platform, with over 300 artists building games with TutoTOONS on a regular basis. TutoTOONS has most of its creators in Ukraine, Russia, the EU, Latin America and USA.

Freelancing is the new normal: oDesk and the future of the workforce marketplace

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In addition to speaking at IDCEE’13 in Kyiv, Cooper had another goal in visiting Ukraine (and Russia, a couple of days before that). The competition was intended for software developers from Russia and Ukraine.

5 Productivity Apps For Startup Entrepreneurs


Ann comes from Ukraine. By Ann Smarty, founder of MyBlogGuest.com. Anyone who runs their own business is putting a lot on their plate. Whether it is a single person start up or a company with other employees, there are endless tasks that need your attention.

GBP Austin Dimmer | Building a Software Company is Hard

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I live on the edge of a war zone in Ukraine. As I write this blog post, unable to accept the will of the people Russia is waging a war against Ukraine, murdering thousands and destroying the lives of many hundreds of thousands.

Are You in a Bubble?

Diego Basch

It’s like asking “are we in Ukraine?” Are you in Ukraine by any chance? ?????? Many people are talking about IPOs and bubbles, because it sells. Let’s jump in while the water is warm. I see the question “are we in a bubble?”

How I hired a great web developer on oDesk for $12/hr

Aymeric Gaurat-Apelli

I ended up hiring someone from Ukraine because he could work full time on weekplan but both were really good. I am working on the weekly planner called Week Plan and I decided I needed someone to help me develop it while I focus on the other tasks of the business.

I am a developer, yet I outsource the development of my startup

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That’s right, I prefer writing code than writing words and yet it’s been two months now that I started outsourcing the development of TaskArmy to someone in Ukraine.

Entrepreneurs Should Think More Like Athletes

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Last month, I was in Kiev, Ukraine keynoting a conference called IDCEE. Follow the course, run through the plays, and visualize what winning will look like. It''s the leading tech conference in Central and Eastern Europe, attracting 150 start-ups and 70 speakers from all over the world.

A Fish Out Of Water


I was up at 13,000 feet sharing the route with young Russian speaking circus performers from Ukraine. Image credit: Exotic fish in water from Shutterstock. By Bruce Hodes, CEO of CMI Teamwork Chicago and author of “ Front Line Heroes “. When does a fish notice water?

Why Nuance Is Giving It Away


Ukraine Tries to Sober Up Its Bears for Euro Soccer. Ukraine Tries to Sober Up Its Bears for Euro Soccer. Bloomberg Businessweek. Go To Businessweek.com. Bloomberg.com. Businessweek.com. Bloomberg TV. Professional Products. Bloomberg Anywhere. Bloomberg Tradebook. Industry Products.

Estimating App Development: What Small Businesses Need To Know?


Julia Kravchenko is a partner and a VP of HR in Qubit Labs , an innovative software development company with offices in Tallinn, Estonia and Kyiv, Ukraine. by Julia Kravchenko, partner and VP of HR at Qubit Labs. Why don’t we make an app?”.

The Next Web introduces 12 local Startup Awards to celebrate entrepreneurship across Europe

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The winners will be announced at the various Startup Awards ceremonies in Germany, the UK, Ireland, France, Romania, Spain, Poland, Holland, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and Denmark. Ukraine Startup Awards, Kiev, February 19th.

The Most Important Political Show on TV

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The Russian people love Putin’s moves and incursions into the Crimea and Ukraine because it stokes a nationalism (think Trump in the US) about making Russia great again.

Iran 24

4 Things You Need to Know Today

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EU Sanctions The European Union will freeze the assets of and impose travel bans on 21 officials from Russia and Ukraine--a response to Crimea''s declaration of independence and application to join Russia following a referendum vote there this weekend. -- Reuters 4.

Why Immigration and The Fourth of July are so Entwined

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His family was from the Ukraine and Romania. The Fourth of July. The day we celebrate American independence. It’s more about our celebrating what we love about our country than it is about winning a war. Like many who live here I’m proudly American.

What in the World ?!?


Jan Koum, one of WhatsApp’s founders, immigrated to the US from Communist Ukraine as a teenager. I gave a talk, titled “What in the World?”, ”, almost exactly 2 years ago to this day at Bloomberg LP’s headquarters in NYC as part of Social Media Week.

Examining the U.S.-Germany Relationship

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Germany has the most dynamic economy in Europe; Germany is the country that’s increasingly leading foreign policy in the region, especially around issues like Russia/Ukraine. Last week I participated in the Young Leaders Conference in Berlin, sponsored by the American Council on Germany.

Founder Institute doubles down on Europe, now runs 10 startup accelerator programs continent-wide

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The newly launched chapters are Zagreb (Croatia), Helsinki (Finland), Istanbul (Turkey), Rome (Italy) and Kyiv (Ukraine). The Founder Institute , the early-stage startup accelerator that aims to ‘globalize Silicon Valley’, is doubling down on Europe big time. As promised at the end of July , the organization has now announced the launch of five new programs across the continent, doubling its European presence to ten chapters across as many countries.

The Power of “In Person” – Why Distributed Teams are Less Effective

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This is sometimes done in a cheaper part of your country but is more often done in a developing country rich with technical talent and smart people such as the Ukraine, China, India, Bulgaria and the like.