Isn't a 'Minimal Viable Product' Kinda Lame?

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by Charlotte Jepps Forgive me for being biased by the fact Im currently wrestling with distilling what I think is a great idea down into a minimal viable form, but I cant help but find this concept inherently frustrating.

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Are You Building Your Business With a Crock-pot or a Microwave?

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If the sales cycle that you are engaged with is shorter, and the prospect is self-educated, you have to have an extremely clear point of differentiation that is in-your-face obvious (and can be seen on a mobile phone). Are You Building Your Business With a Crock-pot or a Microwave?

Cashing In on the Campaign

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It also worked with a printing partner to wrap the vehicles in decorative vinyl. Mobile Commons Text-Message Campaigning In 2008, the Obama campaign embraced social media to get out the vote. Attorney Jed Alpert and engineer Benjamin Stein founded Mobile Commons in 2007. Acquires Voice Recognition Startup Yap

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The e-commerce giant apparently bought the Charlotte-based company in September, but no company made a public announcement – Amazon's foray into voice control a la Apple's Siri was uncovered by The Atlantic 's discovery of an SEC filing. In 2007, the brothers launched trials of the company's mobile application. Two brothers founded the Siri competitor after watching their teenage sister madly texting in the car.

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43 Entrepreneurs Explain Why They Started Their Businesses


One of the main reasons why my partners and I started TopFire Media is to fill a void within the franchise arena. Thanks to Kyle Reyes, The Silent Partner Marketing ! A product that provides stability and mobility for a child to practice their balance, transition and walking skills.

Allen's Blog: The Problem of the Forgotten Founder

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One important reason is that the rules on (1) whether a general partnership has been formed and (2) who’s a general partner (and therefore possibly entitled to part of the ultimate benefits of a successful venture) are not as clear as the rules involving who’s entitled to a stake in a corporation (or possible other “formal” types of business enterprise you might choose). Charlotte * Los Angeles. 704.460.9616 Mobile. Allens Blog. « More on "Tough Questions" | Main.

The Untold Story of Larry Page's Incredible Comeback

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He was a partner to Page, if, ultimately, a junior one. As Steven Levy reported, John Doerr, the partner from Kleiner Perkins, told Page that a world-class CEO would do a "much better job of building a world-class management team."