Bootstrapping Relevance: Making Web Conversions Meaningful for Long Sales Cycles


Often, little more than a form fill tells you about the potential for a five-figure sale months down the road. Google Analytics insights frequently end with raw counts of goal completions, leaving a yawning gap between on-site behavior and sales for companies with long sales cycles.

How to Shorten Your Sales Cycle and Avoid Wasting Time

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One of the questions I’m most often asked by CEOs is how to hire sales people. I’ve also written extensively on sales and on which sales execs to hire and how to think about the different kinds of sales leaders. Sales & Marketing Advice Startup Advice

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5 Stages of the New Sales Cycle

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5 Stages of the New Sales Cycle This content from: Duct Tape Marketing Generating and converting leads is mostly what marketing is about. Many businesses have differing cycles depending upon the complexity or cost of the purchase being considered.

Sales Tools Can Shorten Sales Cycles And Help You Sell More

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What all businesses have in common is the need to continually boost sales in order to grab more market share and achieve brand recognition. Grow Marketing & Sales b2b sales direct selling retail sales sales sales tools selling tips

You Should Self-Publish Your First Book — Here’s Why

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Writing a book can help you leapfrog the conventional sales cycle in several ways. Grow Marketing & Sales book publishing branding marketing personal branding self publishing

Buyer Centric Funnel Design

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In the talk, I cover: How to design and build a buyer-centric sales funnel that has low CAC and fast sales cycles. How to figure out why your sales funnel. Startup Help SaaS SaaS sales Sales & Marketing Machine Sales and MarketingIn my talk at the 2017 LAUNCH SCALE conference in San Francisco, I discuss how to get inside your buyer’s head to increase funnel conversion rates.

5 Ways AI’s Role In Sales Might Surprise You


by Ryan Moore, Director of Client Management, Peak Sales Recruiting. Sales isn’t exempt from this recent growth, either. AI tools are currently transforming the world of B2B sales, and some of the unique ways AI can streamline your sales process might surprise you.

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7 warning signs that your startup’s about to fail

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Your sales cycles or customer acquisition time is getting longer You may.

5 Ways To Validate Your Technology As Market Driven

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Technologies that cure world hunger may find that that hungry people don’t have money, and government agencies as customers are a very long sales cycle.

Weekend Favs September 28

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Customerly Marketing Automation – Automate communications with prospects to shorten your sales cycle. Weekend Favs September 28 written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing.

Is Your SaaS Go-to-Market Strategy Tsunami-Proof?


Three out of every four B2B buyers would rather self-educate than learn about a product from a sales representative, according to Forrester. Or would you prefer to go through a lengthy sales process to see if it’s a good fit? The sales-led GtM strategy.

Tech Essential For Real Estate Business


CRM tools likewise give highlights to enable you to bring close sales. You can digitally track your communications with your prospect so you generally have key information on hand and see exactly where they are in the sales cycle.

How Tech Can Help Your Business Grow


You can also leverage analytical data about your sales cycles in order to better understand how to maximize your revenue. If you’re looking for ways to help your business reach new heights, there are dozens of options to consider.

Marketing Your Startup: A Billion-Dollar Company’s First Marketer Reflects Back

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But even with that webinar’s success, we still had a lot of education to do in order to get people to understand what we did and even how we saw marketing in general, which we needed to do to generate demand and sales. But marketing should always be ahead of sales to alleviate pressure.

Confronting A Radically New B2B Marketplace: The Storytelling Secret That Will Rock Your Result


A recent survey by CEB reported that 57 percent of the typical business-to-business sales cycle is complete before the buyer’s first contact with vendors. When they do reach into engaging and experience-driven content, they do so as a “late in the sales cycle” component of their mix.

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Get Ready To Announce Your New Product Launch

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Instead of just sending out a last-minute press release, more time gives your PR team the opportunity to plan coordinated campaigns that cover the product introduction all the way through the year-end sales cycle and beyond. Tips For a Successful Product Launch.

Timing Is Everything: Tips For Improving Customer Communications


One of the most important factors is timing of marketing and sales outreach. At OptifiNow we have created the following tips businesses can use to improve the timing of sales outreach to boost results: 1. Analyze current sales outreach timing. Organize sales collateral.

Why an investor rejection isn't a knock on you


Think about it – if you’re using MailChimp and make let’s say $100 in sales for every send. 3) Your business model seems flawed OR is not the right fit I talked a lot about unit economics and sales cycles in my last post.

9 Steps Proven To Build A Successful Sales Team From Scratch


by Eliot Burdett, co-founder and CEO of Peak Sales Recruiting. Building a sales team from scratch is one of the most difficult and important tasks of a CEO. Generating revenue through sales, especially as start-up capital diminishes, can make or break a company’s success.

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ConversionXL Live 2017 Tickets Now Available


We’ve got the top optimization names discussing topics from long sales cycle B2B optimization to large scale testing challenges (think 100 concurrent tests) to really nailing your user research. ConversionXL Live 2017 tickets are now available ! Dates: April 5 to 7.

The SMB Guide To CRM In 2019


Your patrons have shared their data all last year through clicks, subscriptions, customer service requests, sales inquiries and more — and now expect your business to be able to turn those interactions and touch points into a more targeted, holistic experience.

Why an investor rejection isn't a knock on you


Think about it – if you’re using MailChimp and make let’s say $100 in sales for every send. 3) Your business model seems flawed OR is not the right fit I talked a lot about unit economics and sales cycles in my last post.

Discovery: How Sales Sets Customer Success Up To Succeed


Sales teams learn a lot during the courting relationship with a prospect, and Customer Success teams rely heavily on their Sales counterparts to extract information, consolidate it, and then share it at Handoff in a seamless fashion so that customers feel that they are known and understood.

6 PPC Tactics for Account-Based Marketing Campaigns


ABM campaigns dedicate resources and time toward only a few prospects, and enterprise-level leads often have long sales cycles. LinkedIn also allows for scheduled content promotion to keep your brand top-of-mind during the long sales cycle.

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How to Build a Business Around Referrals

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Today on the podcast, Maher and I discuss the importance of creating a referral-based business, why it’s far more effective than focusing on the traditional sales cycle, and what you can do to start winning referrals for your business, no matter what field you’re in.

Prevailing Wisdom

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2005 – “Sales cycle is too long for software companies selling to government and educational sector”. 1994 – “Consumers are fickle and unpredictable. Consumer products and services are hit driven, it’s really hard to build a scalable consumer company”. Internet).

5 Surprisingly Simple Ways To Improve Your Ad Conversion Rates


It often has to do with the sales funnel that occurs after a prospect clicks on your ad. Friction is best described as any variable, trend, or element that slows down the progression of your sales cycle.

What’s more important: product or sales?

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It’s the age-old debate among start-up circles: which is more important to the success of a start-up: the strength of the sales/distribution strategy or the quality of the product? To be successful, a stand-alone company needs a top-notch product and a clever distribution/sales strategy. It’s typically much easier to add sales expertise to a product-driven organization than it is to add product focus to a sales-driven start-up.

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Are You Building Your Business With a Crock-pot or a Microwave?

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If you’ve been in business for about 10 years or more, think back – what was your sales cycle before the search engine ruled the world? If we sell a product that used to have a 6-month sales cycle, we could reasonably do a weighted forecast, six months out.

B2B Ecommerce Sites: What Works for B2B Buyers?


Ecommerce sales are growing for traditional B2B businesses as well as direct-to-consumer brands, which are opening wholesale sides to get a slice of the growing B2B ecommerce pie. A more complex sales cycle. B2B sales cycles can last for months, even more than a year.

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Startup Growth Strategy: How to Pursue Multiple Market Opportunities

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It thus enabled the new venture to mitigate the risk of slow adoption and long sale cycles, without spreading themselves too thinly. The post Startup Growth Strategy: How to Pursue Multiple Market Opportunities appeared first on Market Opportunity Navigator.

Does Your Small Business Need a Sales Engagement Platform?

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There are so many moving parts, from accounting to sales software to inventory management, that it can take up a huge amount of time and put a strain on a company’s resources. Sales Engagement Software. The post Does Your Small Business Need a Sales Engagement Platform?

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Building the Best Seed Syndicates

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This can be helpful for businesses that have long sales cycles, ones that are in unpopular market segments, or are located in geographies without ample downstream series A capital. If you are convinced that you want go grow by building virality in your product a-la-Dropbox, you probably don’t want investors that invest in companies that win primarily on enterprise sales. As I like to say, fundraising tends to move slow until it moves fast.

Startups Need To Build Solutions, Not Technology

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Creators of technologies that cure world hunger may find that hungry people don’t have money, but government agencies as customers are a very long sales cycle.

How to Win Your Clients in Bulk

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How can you apply this sales technique if you’re not offering big packages? What you’ll learn if you give a listen: Why speaking at events or conferences can help to shorten the sales cycle significantly. What role establishing your authority has in making sales.

How to Found a Startup in a New Industry

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The perks of being early in the marketplace are obvious: shorter sales cycles due to lack of competition, less competition for top talent, and so on. It promotes the industry and positions your executives as industry leaders without hitting the audience over the head with a sales pitch.

A Quick Primer on B2B Conversion Optimization


Some of the same underlying principles apply, but because of the inherent differences in buying decisions and sales cycles, pulling B2C optimization practices straight from the book might be a bad idea. It’s often a higher purchase price (or at least a more complex sale).

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4 Ways To Give Your Sales Team A Boost In Q4


by Ryan Moore, Director of Client Management, Peak Sales Recruiting. Is your sales team buzzing with great morale, cheerful attitudes, and 100% effort toward meeting all their goals and KPIs? Longer sales cycle.

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7 Steps To Kicking Your Selling Skills Up To The Top

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Steelman does a good job of outlining the key selling steps that separate great sales people from the rest of us. Generate leads using social media, but don’t rely on it alone to make sales. A good entrepreneur is not necessarily born a good salesman.

5 Keys to Adopting Marketing Automation

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Reaching out to a cold list can come across as awkward and misdirected, especially at the beginning of a sales cycle. You might want to consider a position in the sales cycle, geography, interests, age, gender, industry, etc.

Streamline Your Sales Process With These Five Proven Techniques


All of these problems can often be traced back to an ineffective sales approach. Here are five techniques to nail your ad campaign, streamline your sales process, and achieve sustainable sales growth: 1. Refine Your Sales Process. by Lewis Robinson.

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Top Hat Raises $22.5M Series C in a Tough Vertical: What Can We Learn from their Success

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And selling to institutions requires a long sales cycle. Top Hat adopted a bottoms-up approach to distribution, as covered in the Globe and Mail article: Sales took off after Top Hat ignored advice and flipped its sales strategy. So Top Hat decided to flip their sales strategy and market/sell directly to university students and teachers. Our portfolio company Top Hat just closed a $22.5M (USD) Series C round.

The #1 thing successful founders think about for their next startups


For example, if you are running affiliate ads for hotels, you might get 3-5% on a sale. Sales cycles matter though. HOWEVER, the length of a sales cycle is a strong consideration for most repeat successful founders.