Why Hiring a Staffing Agency is the Best Way to Staff Your Company in Houston

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Houston, with its population of over 2 million, is a large city and if you are an employer in Houston, you would want to be able to reach as much of the population as you could and go beyond too in order to find the ideal candidate for the job that you have on offer.

Burpy Expands to San Antonio and Houston


Burpy, which expanded into the San […] The post Burpy Expands to San Antonio and Houston appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin Aseem Ali Burpy Grocery delivery Houston Longhorn Startup San Antonio startups Texas

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Austin startup launches ridesharing service between Austin and Houston

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Hitch’s mission is to connect people who need to travel between neighboring cities with drivers who are already making the trip, and today they are officially launching service between Austin and Houston. for a 150-mile ride from Austin to Houston. news rideshare austin travel houston

Dropoff Expands to Houston


Austin-based Dropoff is now available in Houston. Houston businesses will be able to use Dropoff’s online platform to easily order same-day deliveries and to track them. Dropoff provides “accurate ETAs for pickups and deliveries, email confirmations and driver […] The post Dropoff Expands to Houston appeared first on SiliconHills. The startup provides same-day delivery for a variety of businesses. It originally launched in Austin last November.

Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed: Drew Houston

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This week, we present Drew Houston , the founder and CEO of Dropbox and a very impressive entrepreneur. Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed Drew Houston Dropbox entrepreneur investor Stanford Stanford University Entrepreneurship Corner startup

$100,000 Houston Diversity & Inclusion Investment Challenge in partnership with DivInc

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This Tuesday we’ve chartered a bus and are coming to Houston with 30 investors, mentors and entrepreneurs to announce $100,000 just for Houston ! We’ll start off with an Epic Office Hours session of speed dating between Austin investors and Houston entrepreneurs in the afternoon.

Houston-based Alert Logic Acquires Austin-based Click Security


Houston-based Alert Logic announced it has acquired Austin-based Click Security. The companies also provide complementary […] The post Houston-based Alert Logic Acquires Austin-based Click Security appeared first on SiliconHills. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. Alert Logic, security as a service solutions provider for the cloud, acquired Click Security to bolster its security analytics and threat detection solutions and to add to its security and engineering talent.

Houston-based Idera Buys CopperEgg of Austin


Houston-based Idera has bought CopperEgg, an Austin-based startup that specialized in software to manage cloud-based applications. The post Houston-based Idera Buys CopperEgg of Austin appeared first on SiliconHills. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. To date, CopperEgg has raised $4.1 million and it makes software that can monitor public, private and hybrid cloud configurations online. It’s available as a software as a service model to [.]

Whitney Houston’s Legacy And What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Her Rollercoaster Life

Entrepreneurs-Journey.com by Yaro Starak

It might seem a bit weird to have an article about a recently deceased pop singer on a blog about Internet Marketing, but bear with me, today we’re talking about Whitney Houston.

MyTime Launches and Finds Austin Less “Bougie” than Dallas and Houston


“You’re […] The post MyTime Launches and Finds Austin Less “Bougie” than Dallas and Houston appeared first on SiliconHills. MyTime allows people to book appointments online without any hassle. The app launched last November in Austin and lists more than 18,000 local businesses. It lets people book everything from haircuts to dog groomings to massages easily online.

At NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston for Expedition 37 Launch


In July, I went to a NASA Social meetup at Johnson Space Center to learn about Astronaut fitness and wellness in space.

Founders Learn One Day at a Time Like Everybody Else


Dropbox Co-Founder Drew Houston believes false mythologies about tech company founders do a disservice to aspiring entrepreneurs. Industry Experts Drew Houston Dropbox Stanford eCornerI like this a lot. The executive summary: .

4 Tips to Planning an Effective Warehouse Design

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The main goal, the Houston Chronicle says, is to speak with your employees and determine what goods you predict will be accessed the most — early orders might give you a reasonable idea about this — and also which items are the heaviest.

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How I Got My First Customer: I Volunteered For A Non-Profit

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Sam at Website Design Houston : “When I was starting out I was working for a non-profit for a few hours a week to help them build and manage their website.

CyrusOne Buys 22 Acres in Austin for Data Center Expansion


CyrusOne, a Houston-based data center operator, looks like it’s set to expand further in Austin. Last year, CyrusOne bought 54 acres in San Antonio and Houston and it […] The post CyrusOne Buys 22 Acres in Austin for Data Center Expansion appeared first on SiliconHills.

Michael and Susan Dell Pledge $36 Million to Help Rebuild Texas Following Hurricane Harvey


Austin Dell Technologies Houston Hurricane Harvey Michael & Susan Dell Foundation Michael and Susan Dell Michael Dell Rebuild Texas TexasMichael Dell, chairman, and CEO of Dell Technologies announced in a post on Facebook Friday plans to donate $36 million to a fund to Rebuild Texas. “We must rebuild the Texas communities devastated by Hurricane Harvey together,” Dell wrote. On Friday, Michael and Susan Dell launched the Rebuild Texas Fund with Gov.

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Tips on Raising Funds from Angel Investors at CTAN Workshop


Austin Austin Startup Week Central Texas Angel Network CTAN Halo Fund Houston Angel Network HUVRData Rick TimminsBy LAURA LOREK Reporter with Silicon Hills News Raising money is really, really hard, said Bob Baughman, co-founder of HUVRData. “I I thought it was hard enough just to develop some great new idea and get the business case, but funding is really hard,” Baughman said.

Payment Data Systems Buys Akimbo of San Antonio for $3 million


San Antonio Akimbo Financial FiCentive Houston Frost Louis Hoch Payment Data Systems Payment Data Systems, an online payments company, announced Tuesday it has acquired Akimbo Financial for $3 million. Payment Data Systems is buying the company with common stock in two tranches with up to $300,000 in cash if any liabilities are assumed. Akimbo, founded in 2010, has raised $850,000 in investment.

Cinegif Raises $500,000 in Angel Funding


The investors included the Baylor Angel Network and the Houston Angel Network and its Halo Fund. Austin Baylor Angel Network Cinegif Halo Fund Houston Angel Network HP Pulsepoint T3Media Cinegif, an Austin-based startup specializing in animated graphic technology, has just received $500,000 in angel funding. Cinegif plans to use the funding on sales and marketing for its cloud-based Graphics Interchange Format, known as GIF, marketing platform.

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Sprint Prepares to Launch its 4G LTE Network in San Antonio


Austin Technology San Antonio Technology Austin Dallas Houston San Antonio smart network smart phones Sprint 4G LTE Vision NetworkA lot of consumers want smartphones to access data on the go. But smartphones only work well if they are connected to a smart network that can handle the bandwidth demand from consumers downloading videos, photos and music onto their mobile devices. Sprint Nextel Corp. has created a smart network, known as Network Vision, that [.].

Super Bowls and Scenes

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mobileTech Tuesday by Steve Guengerich The University of Texas and the other great public and private universities in Texas – from my alma mater Texas A&M in College Station, to Rice University in Houston, and many more – serve to educate each new generation’s youth with the skills and knowledge to make their mark in the world. Mobile dallas Featured houston Maps mobileTech Tuesday Scenes Texas Venture Labs

Hitch Aims to Make Hitchhiking a Ride in Texas Safe and Seamless


Hitch can hook riders up with a ride from Austin to Houston without ever putting a thumb in the air and no need to stand beside the road. The Austin-based startup wants to make hitching a ride from Austin to Houston easy and seamless and next year, it plans to expand to other cities.

A Slice of Silicon Hills Interviews Akimbo on Fast Cash


A Slice of Silicon Hills San Antonio Akimbo Akimbo Card Debit Cards Geekdom Houston Frost technology By ANDREW MOORE Reporter with Silicon Hills News What is the fastest way to share money with friends and family? Always carry cash? Use pre-paid cards? With an Akimbo Card account, users can share money with any other Akimbo card holder instantly by using either a mobile app or the Akimbo Website via the internet. [.]

Sense Corp. Moves Headquarters to Austin From St. Louis


It also has operations in Dallas, Houston, Columbus, and Minneapolis. A consulting company focused on data and artificial intelligence, Sense Corp., is moving its corporate headquarters from St. Louis to Austin. The company, founded in 1996, already had an office in Austin.

Walker Twitter Highlights: June 4th – 10th

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” [link] I’m excited that Bruno Tarabichi, a solid IP lawyer, just joined our team: [link] “It’s not about money or connections — it’s the willingness to outwork and outlearn everyone…” -Mark Cuban [link] Blog-Related New motivational vid post: “If You Live Without Fear, Anything Is Possible” [link] I just uploaded Drew Houston’s recent presentation at Stanford – some solid stuff: [link].

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Super Bowls and Scenes

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The University of Texas and the other great public and private universities in Texas – from my alma mater Texas A&M in College Station, to Rice University in Houston, and many more – serve to educate each new generation’s youth with the skills and knowledge to make their mark in the world. Specific to mobile, then, we took another step this week in mapping the broader mobile scene in two other Texas cities: Dallas and Houston. mobileTech Tuesday by Steve Guengerich.

Hypergiant Aims to Dominate the AI Industry on Earth and in Space


Hypergiant launched out of stealth mode in February of 2018 and has been growing steadily with 140 employees in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and Seattle.

The RocketStar Engineers Behind the Apollo 11 Mission


By LAURA LOREK, Publisher of Silicon Hills News HOUSTON – The astronauts get all the glory, but hundreds of thousands of people worked behind the scenes to put the first men on the Moon. “It

Nine Austin Startups Make the SXSW Pitch List


Two startups from Houston and another from Missouri City, Texas also made the finalist list. “We Five finalists and four alternates from Austin made the list for the 11th annual SXSW Pitch event to be held at SXSW in March.

Austin-based Santé Ventures Raises $250 Million Fund to Invest in Healthcare and Life Sciences Companies


The firm is based in Austin and has an office in Houston. Santé Ventures, a healthcare and life sciences investment firm specializing in early-stage companies, announced Wednesday it has closed a $250 million fund. This is Santé Venture’s third fund, since its founding in 2006.

Crowds Gather in Austin to Play Ingress, a Mobile Game Aimed at World Domination


By LAURA LOREK Reporter with Silicon Hills News Amanda Saunders flew in from Houston to participate in the Ingress Shonin Anomaly [/caption]Dressed in blue, the color of the Resistance, Amanda Saunders flew in from Houston to do battle against the Enlightened in Austin on Saturday.

Mr. Candidate.

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I was surprised he did not blurt out NASA (of course not, given how big NASA is in Houston. Rick Perry in a brain freeze during the Presidential debate last night could not remember which federal agency he would cut. Industry Commentary

Techstars Announces its Austin 2019 Cohort


The companies come from Los Angeles, Chattanooga, TN, Toronto, Canada, Houston, TX, and Austin. Techstars is one of Austin’s oldest and most recognized accelerator programs. This week, Amos Schwartzfarb, its managing director, kicked off the 2019 program with 10 new startups.

Bunker Labs and Irreverent Warriors in Austin and Other Veterans Mobilize to Rescue People Following Hurricane Harvey


On Monday morning following the landfall of Hurricane Harvey, Johnathan Wojtewicz headed to Houston in his truck towing a Jet Ski equipped with a boat deck capable of rescuing nine to ten people and animals. But on the way to Houston, he ended up rescuing about 40 people stranded in their vehicles along the highway […].

Austin-based DISCO Raises $83 Million


The startup, which moved to Austin in August of last year from Houston, has raised $135 million to date. DISCO, which makes software for the legal industry, announced Thursday that it has raised $83 million in additional funding.

Austin’s Cloudsnap Raises $1.8 Million and Hires New CEO


Active Capital, based in San Antonio, led the investment round along with Houston-based Mercury Fund. Austin-based Cloudsnap announced recently that it has closed a $1.8 million funding round. In addition, Matt Bradley, a former Rackspace Chief Strategy Office, was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Cloudsnap. To date, Cloudsnap has raised $4.1 million. When Bradley worked […]. The post Austin’s Cloudsnap Raises $1.8 Million and Hires New CEO appeared first on SiliconHills.

ConfirmX Launches Urgent Care Check-In Service


Austin-based ConfirmX has launched its Urgent Care Check-In Service in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston and Phoenix, Arizona. The company, founded by Dr. Sherard Houston, an emergency room physician, makes online search and check-in for emergency rooms and urgent care facilities easier for patients. And the company drives more business to the healthcare facilities. Dr. […] The post ConfirmX Launches Urgent Care Check-In Service appeared first on SiliconHills.

Preaching the Texas Startup Manifesto at SXSW


He wrote the Texas Startup Manifesto last year and has worked diligently since then to bring Texas’ major cities together: Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas. Joshua Baer, founder of Capital Factory is bullish on Texas.

Texas 94


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GotSpot, Inc : (Houston, Texas): GotSpot is short-term space for your business. Startup Showcase + After Party ends ABOUT MASSCHALLENGE TEXAS 2019 This year, MassChallenge Texas ran programs it’s second Austin-based program and launched a new program Houston.

Tech Condemns #MuslimBan

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Tim Cook from Apple, Sergey Brin from Google, Elon Musk from Space X and Tesla, Paul Graham from Y Combinator, Drew Houston from Dropbox… Continue reading on Austin Startups ». tech travel immigration politics entrepreneurship

When Planning A Startup, A Top Priority Is Location

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Energy is still the domain of Houston and Dubai. Even in this age of globalization and virtualization, the geographic area where you choose to live and work can still make or break your startup business.

San Antonio Investors Launch an Angel Network


San Antonio doesn’t attract as much venture capital as Austin, Houston and Dallas. But now a group of high net worth individuals are trying to change that. Last week, they launched the San Antonio Angel Network and announced Chris Burney, a former Rackspace executive, as its executive director. While San Antonio has had investment funds, […] The post San Antonio Investors Launch an Angel Network appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

Parqer Brings Cashless Valet to Austin

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Founded by a University of Texas alum, Parqer launched in Dallas in May and has quickly expanded across the city and to locations in Arlington, Houston, and now - Austin. A new, better way to pay, Parqer is an exciting new app enabling consumers to pay their valet through their mobile app.