Fri.Nov 16, 2012

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What Great Leaders Have That Good Leaders Don't

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The difference between good and great leadership can be expressed in a single word: loyalty. “My loyalty to Country and Team is beyond reproach.”

Electrify Your Readers with Bolts of Information and Blast Away Boredom!

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Have you ever read something really, really boring but struggled through it because you recognized the information was of high value? Oh, the humanity!

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Tony Hsieh: 'Hiring Mistakes Cost Zappos $100 Million'

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Tony Hsieh describes exactly how he set up's hiring process to avoid bad hiring decisions

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7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Asking For Money

Startup Professionals Musings

The first question most people seem to ask when contemplating a new startup is where they will get investor money. Ask around. Get busy, and have fun.

Why I Love Hiring Failures

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

You think you've had bad days? HomeAway co-founder Brian Sharples once lost seven figures worth of funding in three hours.

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5 Ways to Generate Good Fortune

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Some people seem luckier than others. The truth is that some people just are better at recognizing and capitalizing on opportunities. Let them share.

Brilliant Clay Shirky post on why industries succumb to disruptive innovation

The Equity Kicker

Clay Shirky is one of my favourite business writers and last week he wrote a post about the coming disruption of the education industry. I love his explanation of why: The people in the music industry weren’t stupid, of course. They had access to the same internet the rest of us did. First, the people running the old system don’t notice the change.

Freshii Founder's 5-Point Leadership Manifesto

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Rather than a business plan, Freshii restaurant chain founder Matthew Corrin wrote a five-point manifesto for how he would run his company

Web Of Trust Invited Into Facebook's AV Marketplace


Now Facebook users can download the browser add-on for free from the Facebook Security page.

Why You Need to Choose New Heroes

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

It's great to have role models you admire--unless they're holding you back from reaching your true potential. Say you're a tech entrepreneur. Take me.

The Viking StartupBus Hacks Their Way To LeWeb


Need cheap tickets and a ride to LeWeb? WiFi hotspots will be provided on the bus, and sleepovers will be arranged.

4 Problem-Solving Analytics Tools

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Buried deep in your data are all kinds of clues you need to strengthen your business. Here's how to uncover them. Over-budget and not sure where?

Are You Building A Business That’s ‘80 Miles Wide and An Inch Deep’?


Or having products that seemingly have application across a series of vertical markets and attempting to penetrate all of them. Focus, focus, focus.

4 Ways to Take Advantage of Facebook Mobile Ads

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

You're a few clicks and a few dollars away from reaching customers on Facebook mobile. Here are four simple ways to do so. We average a 2.9%

[Infographic] What Nintendo Means To The Gaming Industry


Others infographic Nintendo video game industry video games

3 Start-up Secrets From Jerry Maguire

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The founder and CEO of learned a thing or two about business from the (fictional) Dicky Fox. Dicky Fox taught me a thing or two.

Seeing Accumulation At 60km/h On A Micrometer Scale


Editorial note: This post is part of a series of posts in collaboration with Lappeenranta University of Technology to promote their expertise and tools in commercialising research based innovations. Today, we take a look at a company that has focused on an extremely specific niche and been able to create a small albeit growing business out of it.

6 Ways to Survive a Holiday Work Party

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Here are six sure-fire survival tips for the inevitable holiday get-together. Many people dread the inevitable holiday work party. Never fear.

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As a startup CEO, you wear many, many hats. The deck that Mark.

Mark Birch

As a startup CEO, you wear many, many hats. When you are the CEO of a startup, you take on every role to some degree.

How to Scale Your Lean Start-up

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

In a recent article we told the story of Brightbox , a New York-based start-up that provides secure phone-charging stations to public venues.

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My psychedelic 360 journey

deal architect

As an author, I love flowery, poetic language, so I admired how Jamie Anderson of SAP opens his column at Forbes celebrating The Doors I can hear Ray Manzerek’s analogue keys (pounding bass notes) reverberating through my subconscious as I. Enterprise Software (IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP) Industry Commentary

2 Tools to Turn Customers Into Cheerleaders

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Incentivizing current customers to buy more and bring in new business is a huge opportunity you can't miss. Pretty cool! How successful have they been?

Welcoming a new blog sponsor: Infor

deal architect

It is an honor to welcome Infor to the past and present gallery of innovators and disruptors who sponsor this and the New Florence. New Renaissance blog. The timing is impeccable as Infor has an all-new look that reflects its. Industry Commentary


How CEOs Can Close the Skills Gap

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Entrepreneurs may be missing out on the best hires by not doing this recruiting tip. Roughly 12.3 million people are unemployed, and there are about 3.6

Three Things that One can do to build Second Line at Small & Medium Business (SME / SMB )


Building Second Line is the biggest challenge in SME’s. This may be due to the focus of entrepreneur which is very internal and personal. Development of Second Line needs a broader outlook and ability to think and create an environment of trust. Identify: Not that every employee who joins you would grow to be a Second Line material.

Justin Timberlake: Meet the New Myspace

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The social media site began its official comeback last night with a live demo that emphasized artist connectivity and discovery.

How to Use Anchor Pricing

Constantly Learning

Anchoring describes the human tendency to use the first piece of information presented when making decisions. The first thing offered is called the anchor. We use this anchor to make decisions about anything subsequently offered. Anchoring can be used multiple ways the most common being with product pricing and price negotiation. asked Jobs. "If

Should Campaign Finance Work Like Kickstarter?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A mix of tech entrepreneurs, investors and advocates asked for a move toward "small-d democracy" in a letter to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. ̶

COVER FRIDAY: Knife Manual performed by Gas Huffer - I remember.

Mark Birch

COVER FRIDAY: Knife Manual performed by Gas Huffer - I remember the time when I was rummaging through a pile of used CD’s in a music store in Kenmore Square. I had been on a major Mudhoney kick, and I pulled up a disc single with Mudhoney donning kung-fu outfits on the cover.

Invincible Ball Brings Joy to Kids (& Lions)

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Soccer balls from the One World Futbol Project stand up to life in a refugee camp. Soccer is enduringly popular in many poor countries. plus shipping.

"The road hasn’t been easy. It took over 16 months to bring a product to market. When we launched no."

Mark Birch

“The road hasn’t been easy. It took over 16 months to bring a product to market. When we launched no one cared and 24 months after starting we had only 10 paying customers and revenues of $99 per month. We moved into my parents’ basement for 3.5 years. But despite all the evidence pointing to our failure, we carried on.

How I Got My Office to Lose Weight

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Let's face it: A healthy company is a productive company. And mine needed a boost. But, I also know how critical it is to maintain a balanced life.

“If You’re Not Aiming for Something a Billion Dollars or Larger, Why Waste Your Time”

Scott Edward Walker

Welcome to our weekly series “ Motivational Clips for Entrepreneurs.” Each week, we share a favorite video clip to inspire and motivate entrepreneurs.

Fake It til' You Make It

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Sometimes you don't have all of the answers. Bright Pink founder Lindsay Avner says she uses self-confidence to drive ahead