Japan: Man-Machine extremes

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As Anthony Bourdain once said “Rigorously conventional on one hand, batshit crazy party animals on the other, Japan will always confuse outsiders. As part of my book research on automation and impact on jobs, I have been studying Japanese society. Industry Commentary

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Israel & Japan: Konnichi Wa to Collaboration, Sayonara to Stagnation

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Japan is the world’s #3 economy…but not for Israel. They join six other Japanese multinationals in the Japan MNC program administered by the Israel Innovation Authority- Terumo, Panasonic, NEC, Ricoh, NTT, DNP and Fujitsu. These should be protected in Japan.”

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OYO commences joint venture with Yahoo Japan Corporation

Our Own Start-up

On 22nd February, OYO started a joint venture in Japan with Yahoo Japan Corporation, forming ‘OYO Technology and Hospitality Company’, Japan. Hiro Katsuse, former Japan market leader for Handy and Booking.com is appointed as the CEO of newly formed company.

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Customer Development in Japan: a History Lesson

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The Japanese edition of The Startup Owner’s Manual hit the bookstores in Japan this week. I asked Tsutsumi-san to write a guest post for my blog to describe his experience with Customer Development in Japan. Evangelizing Customer Development in Japan.

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[Singapore] Japan’s No.1 Online Mall Rakuten Opens Here


Japan’s top online shopping mall Rakuten has been flying its flag in Singapore for some time now despite not having launched a local version of its site, but it has finally done so – the electronic commerce and Internet service provider has today announced the official commencement of its operations in Singapore.

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12 Questions: Meet Naoki Haruyoshi (Japan)

crowdSPRING Blog

Naoki lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. Hi, I’m KIONA, from Tokyo, Japan. What is the design industry like in Japan? In our 12 Questions blog series, we feature interviews with someone from the crowdSPRING community.

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OWA Beer – From Europe And Japan, With Love.


The 39-year old was previously working for one of Japan’s largest beer manufacturers, Kirin, albeit in a totally different capacity – he was in its restaurant section.

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[Infographic] Education By Country (United States, China, Russia, France, Germany and Japan)


and in front of Germany, France and Japan. Others China education education system France Germany government expenditure Japan Russia students United States

SXSW :: Hurricane Party’s Japan Fundraiser

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Here’s a brief 1-minute video I made at Kenichi, where Hurricane Party was holding a fundraiser for victim’s of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami. The team at Hurricane Party pulled this even together in less than 24 hours, and raised a significant amount of money for relief efforts. Many thanks to Kenichi for donating food, drinks, and space. There were many silent auction items that were donated, but the only one I remember was Tito’s Vodka.

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Recruit Co. of Japan Buys Austin-based Indeed.com


of Japan Buys Austin-based Indeed.com appeared first on SiliconHills. Recruit Co. announced today that is has bought Austin-based job listing site Indeed.com. The Japanese-based provider of HR and recruitment services, did not disclose the terms of the deal. MarketWatch is reporting that the New York Times, which invested in Indeed.com in 2005, stands to gain $100 million from the sale. Indeed will retain its [.] The post Recruit Co.

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Feel On! Turns Tweets Into Comic Illustrations


Created by Japan’s L is B Corporation (founded by Taisuke Yoko, its CEO), the app was originally released in Japan early last year and has since garnered some 250,000 users in the country. illustrations Japan L is B Corporation mobile app Twitter

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[Causes] Relief 2.0 – Bringing Relief Through Social Entrepreneurship


for the months of August to December is involved in various projects to aid quake-hit Japan. Thinking Aloud Ashoka Foundation ChangeMakers disaster relief Entrepreneurship Japan Relief 2.0

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Everconnect.me Unifies Your Social Networking Profiles And Contacts


I came up with the basic idea 15 years ago,” says Yutaka Shinohara, founder and CEO of Japan-based EverConnect Corporation, which developed everconnect.me. “I Japan online social communication social media social media aggregation tool social media management social networking web app

State of the Digital Music Industry 2014: An Insider’s View

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AKB48 in Japan…Is this the future of music? One anomaly worth noting is Japan, where a bundling strategy helped increase CD sales last year by 3% to $4.3 Music is everyone’s favorite example of digital disruption done wrong.

Brother Mobile And Desktop Scanners For Quick Easy Scanning


Products & Services Brother International document management Japan mobile scanner scannerThe Brother ADS-2100 standalone high-speed desktop scanner goes through thick documents in seconds.

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Telco R&D Centers in Israel Scorecard

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Next month, one of the leading European operators is expected to announce a dedicated, Israel-focused venture capital fund. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to innovation clusters, some telcos are getting a better ROI from Israel than others. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

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I Think I’m Turning Japanese

Entrepreneurs-Journey.com by Yaro Starak

This was my first trip to Tokyo, although not my first trip to Japan. Travel Yaro's Projects anime harajuku japan shibuya shinjuka tokyoDon’t miss the first (Australia) and second (Hong Kong) laptop lifestyle travel diary posts that came before this one! Hello Tokyo! Touching down in Tokyo Narita airport I was well prepared. I spent a long weekend. The post I Think I’m Turning Japanese appeared first on Entrepreneurs-Journey.com.

Carousell gets cozy with Rakuten to bring its mobile marketplace to Southeast Asia

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Apps Asia Entrepreneur e-commerce Japan News Singapore Southeast Asia

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True Story: My Best-ever Business Plan Project

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He told me ( paraphrasing ): Tim, I have two guys who have Kanji word processing software that we want for Apple Japan. business planning consulting apple computer Apple Japan Apple Pacific Mike Rashkin

Even dumber pipes

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In Asia, another text messaging service, LINE has another 300 million users and is expected to IPO in Japan this year. WhatsApp valued at $ 19 billion for 450 million users. Facebook at $ 175 billion for 1.2 billion users. Telecommunications

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More global innovation

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Mexico Technology on the ICE Train – Germany Shipping ice cream globally – US, China Big Data of Long Lives – Italy, Greece, Japan Nokia alumni. Innovation from around the globe'' iElevation – Nepal A museum or a library? Globalization and Technology

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More New Florence

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on the innovation blog Google, Kurzweil and AI frontiers Kinect+Coke+AI+2PM = Japan’s Got Talent Pharma companies and beauty products Here’s looking at you kid Tech leverage of lower limbs 2013 CES Trends to follow Technology and auto accidents The New.

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More innovation

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On the New Florence blog Japan’s earthquake and tsunami innovations Tsunami forecasting Google’s self-driving cars The poor man’s tablet? Accessories get smarter with iPad2. Innovative Business Uses of Technology

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We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters.

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People howl at me when I ask enterprise vendors to benchmark themselves against operational efficiencies and innovations at Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google or I mock Western telcos for not matching broadband speeds and economics in Japan and S.

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The Lean Startup Tokyo edition

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Tuesday, June 9, 2009 The Lean Startup Tokyo edition I had a blast speaking at Startonomics Tokyo , which was organized to foster ties between the startup cultures in Japan and Silicon Valley. I want to thank everybody who helped oragnize the Startonomics Japan event and the whole Geeks on a Plane trip, especially Dave McClure and Founders Fund, who arranged for me to speak in Tokyo.

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Israeli eHealth: The Rx for Obamacare

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The top four (Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Israel), emphasize the role of Government in the efficiency of healthcare. [[ This is a content summary only. Bloomberg’s World Healthcare Efficiency Index, released last month, makes for very interesting reading.

Episode 5 on Sirius XM Channel 111: Pete Newell, John Kuhn, Matt Weingart, Takashi Tsutsmi and Masato Iino

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Takashi Tsutsumi and Masato Iino , founders of Learning Entrepreneur’s Lab in Japan. — — — — In this second segment, Takashi Tsutsumi and Masato Iino talk about how they brought the Lean Startup to Japan.

Video: How Seoul will become one of the world’s best startup cities

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The small Asian country truly punches above its weight as it’s starting to rival the digital prowess of its much bigger neighbors, China and Japan. South Korea is one of the world’s technological powerhouses, home to giants such as Samsung, LG, and Kia.

Financial Literacy Across Asia Declining: Mastercard


Japan remains rooted at bottom spot. While developed markets tend to rank higher than emerging ones, Japan remains a curious outlier staying in the bottom spot for the 3rd consecutive year. OECD figures show that compared to its G7 peers, Japan’s household savings rate is 0.6%

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100 Tokyo To Showcase Best Of Everything In Tokyo


100 Tokyo is a website that showcases hot products, events, people and places in Japan’s largest metropolis, covering subjects such as design, fashion, art, food, technology, architecture, tourist attractions, accommodation, events and more.

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[Event] [Asia] Asian Startups Take Centrestage At Startups in Asia


Phroni (Japan). Panoplaza (Japan). Sakebii (Japan). One stage. Two days. Four judges. Nineteen startups. One winner.

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Lean Startup In Japanese Companies

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Now compound that level of effort with trying to put a Lean Startup culture in place in Japan. Implementing the Lean Startup in any company is hard. All the culture and incentives are designed for execution. Innovation at times seems like you’re swimming up hill. According to Takashi Tsutsumi and Masato Iino, Japanese companies tend to be technology centric, obsess over quality and have weak leadership.

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My Commencement Speech?—?Life at Your Crossroads

Both Sides of the Table

It is better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission After 5 years in Europe I decided I really wanted to work in Japan. But I was struggling to find somebody to bring me to Japan. at least I got to visit Japan! Thus, I began my work and my life in Japan.

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[Singapore][Competition] Rakuten Startup Challenge


It also recently announced a US$10 million ‘Rakuten Asia Startup Fund’ in April earlier this year, signalling its recognition in Asia’s potential booming e-commerce market even as it seeks to expand its operations outside Japan.

Naughtybits – Nutritional Food Made From Algae.


But it never did take off, mainly because algae was too challenging to grow in a cost effective manner – even though it was successfully used as a protein source in both Germany and Japan when starvation was rampant after World War II.

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7 Strategies To Prepare For Global Market Challenges

Startup Professionals Musings

And aging populations in Europe and Japan will join the retiring baby boomers in the U.S. New entrepreneurs who want to survive, and optimize the growth of their startups, need to think globally, and act locally, from day one.

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10 Strategies To Make You A Lucky Winner In Business

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Andy Grove of Intel fame started making memory chips, but switched to microprocessors with a vengeance when Japan totally undercut his pricing. Did you ever wonder why some entrepreneurs always seem to have all the luck and success, while others never seem to catch a break?

Digital Transformation And The Evolution of Apps – What’s The Link?


by Keiichiro Nozaki, Regional Marketing Architect/Evangelist of Asia Pacific, China, and Japan for F5 Networks. Based in Tokyo, Japan, Keiichiro Nozaki is the Regional Marketing Architect and Evangelist of Asia Pacific, China and Japan, for F5 Networks.

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3 Steps Brands Can Take To Boost Bottom Line By Creating Behavior Change


Japan’s recent black light experiment showing how quickly germs and viruses like the coronavirus can spread at a restaurant in the absence of handwashing and social distancing is an example.

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2 Marketing Trends That Have Staying Power


The concept first came around in Japan. The importance of marketing your business effectively cannot be ignored. Below, we assess two marketing trends that have not gone anywhere, and won’t be going anywhere. . QR (quick response) codes.

Are You Using Mythology in Your Marketing?

Growthink Blog

It refers to the fact that Proctor & Gamble was failing miserably in Japan and had lost hundreds of millions of dollars. I love reading great stories in business books. I just came across this one from Exploiting Chaos by Jeremy Gutsche.

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The Future Belongs to Companies that Can Harvest Waste Into New Products


By LAURA LOREK Reporter with Silicon Hills News Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1951, William McDonough remembers his mom singing to him at night in Japanese with her Alabama accent about the night soil and the workers with their honey wagons. She was singing about the farmers who came into Tokyo at night to collect […] The post The Future Belongs to Companies that Can Harvest Waste Into New Products appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

Sandpaper Only Works If It Is Rubbing Against Something

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Boiled and dried, the rough horsetail plant is used in Japan as a traditional polishing material, finer than sandpaper. Cheap sandpaper was often passed off as glass paper; Stalker and Parker cautioned against it in A Treatise of Japaning and Varnishing published in 1688. I recently heard the line “sandpaper only works if it is rubbing against something” and loved it.