Pros & Cons Of Non-Compete Agreements


Non-compete agreements can be an effective tool to protect these assets. Under the right circumstances and when properly drafted and implemented, non-compete agreements are enforceable in Florida. Non-compete agreements must be limited in time and geographic scope.

Primary Problems with Enforcing Non-Compete Agreements


Businesses often require employees to sign non-compete agreements to protect their business interests. However, just because an employee has signed a non-compete agreement does not make the agreement valid under the law. Non-Compete Time Period.

Your Non-Competes Aren't Saving Your Business, They are Destroying Lives

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Non-competes for salespeople and executives? For everyone else? HR/Benefits

Competing Against Non-Competes

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5000 CEO says it''s time for non-compete clauses to go. That is why I am a firm believer that we need to take collective action--within both the public and private sectors--and, once and for all, universally eliminate non-compete clauses. What Are Non-Competes?

It's All About Talent (part 2) - Eliminating Non-Competes

Seeing Both Sides

For the last few years, many leaders in the Massachusetts innovation community have been arguing that non-compete agreements should be eliminated. Many studies have shown that non-compete agreements reduce R&D investment and stifle innovation.

Schrödinger’s Start-Up — Why VCs Don’t Sign NDAs or Non-Compete Agreements

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Every so often, I get an email from an entrepreneur that starts something like this: “By reading further, you agree to the terms of our non-disclosure and non-compete agreement” My immediate reaction is to delete these emails with prejudice.

Employee Non-Compete Agreements Come Under Fire in New York

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Employees seen as paying the price for the advantages an employer gains

Help Ban Non-Competes In Massachusetts


Thinking About a Non-Compete Agreement with Your Co-Founder? Then Find a Different Co-Founder

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I do not need an NDA with someone I trust, and conversely, if I thought I needed an NDA to coerce silence, I would be really careful about what I shared. Startup

NDA 53

MA: Lets Nix The Non-Compete Here So We Can Compete Better Everywhere


The Boston Globe reported this morning that Governor Deval Patrick will propose today a sweeping legislation to make it easier for workers in technology, life sciences, and other industries to move from job to job by banning the non-compete agreements companies use to prevent employees from jumping to rivals. There''s no evidence that abolishing non-competes has hurt them — quite the contrary. Here''s the irony: Non-competes do limit competition.

Does You Really Need a Non-Compete?

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Up this week: How to handle an employee who won't agree to a non-compete. Dear Jeff, I'm in the process of hiring a new employee and he says he will refuse to sign our standard non-compete agreement. So a non-compete makes sense.

The Business Case Against Asking Employees to Sign a Non-Compete Agreement

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Non-compete agreements may be on the rise, but they''re not the best way to protect your business--for many reasons

Georgia Non Compete Act Faces First Constitutional Challenge

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While MMM makes it clear that the alert is not legal advice it is also clear they feel companies need to wait before creating new more restrictive non-compete agreements. Not too long ago John Yates and Morris, Manning & Martin launched MMM Tech Law. It's nice and they have a quickly growing MMM Tech Law LinkedIn group with over 1,200 members to go along with it. The group is a who's who of the Atlanta tech scene.

Massachusetts Has An Innovative Approach To Immigration Reform

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First, he’s proposing to ban non-competition agreements. Even though I often say that was 11 years and 364 days too many for my “non-big city, non-east coast” personality, Boston still has a sweet spot in my heart. The Massachusetts non-competition situation has always been stupid. In 2009, my partners and I at Foundry Group joined a coalition of VCs to try to eliminate non-competition agreements in MA.

18th Centurey British Textile Industry and Non-Competes

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Immersive Web Home About 18th Centurey British Textile Industry and Non-Competes In another chapter of “There is Nothing New Under the Sun”, we find a close comparison between the attempt to control information for economic superiority and the economic impact of free flowing information. Employment non-competes will end up like Britain’s — shackles that fail in the end.

What about previous company non-competes?


What is the rule about those pesky non-compete agreements signed upon discharge or sale of the previous company? The good news is that if you were not a significant (usually 5% or more) selling shareholder of a previous company, many states specifically exempt non-compete agreements signed between companies and their employees or minority shareholders. Entrepreneurs tend to remain in the business arena they came from.

Watch out for the gray areas in non-competes.


Certainly the buyer’s asset purchase documents included a non-compete clause, usually valid for two years from the date of the closing. Separate confidentiality from non-compete, and obey the confidentiality clauses. The non-compete agreement does expire when stated. Some clever buyers try to slip in an unlimited non-compete, and some courts have upheld this. Does the non-compete start anew upon the employee’s departure?

Thoughts on Winner-Take-All Businesses

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Though his blog makes a case for why you need to be in Silicon Valley, that got me think about the non-compete agreement prevalent in MA. With the non-compete in place, employees can oly jump over ship to unrelated industry and are forced to forego the relevant experience built over time. If they were in MA, non-compete clause would've required them to work on something else that they cannot capitalize on previous experience.

Signing a Noncompete Agreement? Read This First

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38 percent of workers--from executives to wage staff--have been asked to sign a non-compete agreement. Here's what you need to know if you're ever asked to sign one

How to Protect Your Top Talent Against Poaching

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The age of non-compete agreements is coming to an end. Here are better ways to make sure you don't lose top employees

Jimmy John’s Serves Up a Lesson on How Not to Treat Your Employees

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Have you ever considered that the person who made your sandwich is bound by a non-compete clause that''s stricter than your senior vice president''s clause

Georgia Amendment One

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It's really a restraint of employee movement amendment via non-compete contracts that are currently not enforceable in Georgia. It is not what its supporters are telling you. Courtesy of Peach Pundit.

Protect Your Startup From The 5 Most Common Employment Law Risks

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Restrictive covenants — Employers often use non compete and non solicitation clauses to retain employees. While non competes are not … Continue reading → Legal Why worry about employment law risks when you have enough things to focus on: building your team, getting traction, and lining up funding? Well, as the adage goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Georgians Should Vote No

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The proposed constitutional amendment will shackle employees to businesses, and strangle the present rights of employees to go out and work for competitors or start new competing businesses. You’d never know it by reading the ballot question, but the proposed constitutional amendment relates to “non-compete agreements.” Employers may already force non-compete agreements on employees -- as long as the agreements are reasonably limited in time, geography and job description.

DoubleClickers Don’t Worry!

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Valleywag recently reported that Doubleclickers got screwed by Google when they asked them to sign non-competes and then terminated them a week later. First, I am not a lawyer and I don't play one on TV. Do no evil, eh? Anyway, Valleywag reported that these

Non-competition Agreements in Massachusetts

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Yesterday VCRLG attended the Boston Bar Association’s “Freedom to Compete?” symposium on the current debate in the Massachusetts’ legislature about limiting or prohibiting the use of employee non-competition agreements in Massachusetts. William Brownsberger (who was on the panel) and Lori Ehrlich, that would prohibit non-competes in some employment relationships and otherwise limit when non-competes could be used and what restrictions could be enforced.

Key Contracts Every Business Must Use


Whether a business is contemplating entering into a partnership, hiring a service provider or in the process of selling itself, a non-disclosure agreement should be utilized when information is shared with third parties. by Tej Prakash, co-founder of

Protecting Your Business Idea


Anytime you decide to bring in someone who does not have a stake in your business idea you should have them sign a binding Non Disclosure Agreement or NDA before you tell them or show them a thing. Non-compete Agreements Before and After Hiring.

Ethics and Morals

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There was no NDA or non-compete between the parties involved so it is not clear that anything illegal transpired here. At the end of the Berlin talk I posted yesterday, there was a question about ethics. It was directed at startups and how they build a culture of ethical behavior. But ethics and morals is an issue that extends beyond startups. It is an issue for all businesses and business people. The Gotham Gal recently told me a story about one of her portfolio companies.

NDA 135

5 Startup Legal Shortcuts That Can Be Expensive

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Then they realize that they have talked to many people without signing non-disclosure statements, precluding a patent, or someone else has now beat them to the filing docket. Founders ignore non-compete clauses from former employers.

Entrepreneur Helps Businesses Focus on Passion Points Instead of Pain Points to Get Results


Thankfully non-competes are illegal in most states now, and even then, I didn’t let that stop me from following my dreams). Share. “Content is King.” ” It’s a popular phrase that has been used over and over again.

10 Keys To Finding That Perfect-Fit Business Partner

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Use caution to avoid employer conflicts of interest and non-compete clauses. In my experience, the initial idea for a new product usually comes from a single entrepreneur, but the implementation plan for a new business requires a team, or at least a co-founder. The reason is that any one person rarely has the bandwidth, interest, or skills to manage all the tasks required to build a business. Thus I find that two heads are usually better than one in a startup.

Is Amendment One Good For Business?

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Benjamin Fink of Berman Fink Van Horn has a very well thought out and footnoted article over on Georgia Non-Compete and Trade Secret News (who knew there was such a thing) titled. Georgia’s New Non-Compete Statute: Is This-legislation Good For Business In Georgia? The new legislation also runs contrary to a trend taking hold in other states with which Georgia would like to compete.

4 Things You Need to Know Today

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Goodbye, Non-competes? Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick proposed legislation to eliminate non-compete agreements in his state. A roundup of the day''s news curated by the Inc. editorial team to help you and your business succeed.

5 Ways To Protect Your Idea From Theft


Non-Disclosure Agreements – A non-disclosure agreement helps to protect your idea by committing all the parties you are working with to confidentiality. Have they supported any competing businesses in the past? by Lewis Robinson.

7 Shortcuts That Can Kill A Startup Business

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Clarify up front the potential for a conflict of interest or violation of a non-compete clause, and confirm the answer in writing. Remember that all businesses, even non-profits, require revenue to survive and prosper.

Five Legal Pitfalls That Sink Many Good Startups

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Then they realize that they have talked to many people without signing non-disclosure statements, precluding a patent, or someone else has now beat them to the filing docket. Founders ignore non-compete clauses from former employers.

How Important Is The Legal Department For A Startup Company?


You have to align your business model to the needs of the market, find competent staff to execute your plans, develop a high-quality product, invest in marketing and set up a corporate network that can boost growth and revenue.

Sharks In The Water: How You Deal With Competition In Business


Learn the difference between non-compete, nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements. Even if you don’t have the budget of your competitors, you can still definitely compete in the marketing arena. When it comes to business, you better believe that monsters are real.

7 Ways That Startup Competitors Can Win By Partnering

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Always start with a formal proposal, limited in scope to a specific common objective or technology, for a limited amount of time, bounded by a two-way non-disclosure statement. Every startup has a core competency which should not be shared. Expand core competency and solidify strengths.