Social, Agile, and Transformation: Strategic Agile Thinking: Balancing Value, Innovation and Research

Social, Agile, and Transformation. I cover several topics including agile software development, software startups, web 2.0, Strategic Agile Thinking: Balancing Value, Innovation and Research. 2) The agile "happy place". Social, Agile, Transformation Pages. java. (10).

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8 Must Have Tools For Your Next App Build


Adding the right tools and automation, teams can design, test, build, and deploy software more agilely. Featuring more than 1400 plugins, it is a self-contained Java-based program that can distribute work across multiple machines and platforms to drive builds, tests, and deployments.

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Skills Development in Africa: How Wide is the Skills Gap?


Java EE, Java SE, PHP, and Javascript are the most common programming languages. Java EE, Java SE, Javascript, PHP, Software, Development, Software Testing, SQL. Scrum, Agile, Product Management. Scrum, Agile, Problem Analysis, Business Catalyst, Business Analytics.

Intermediate C++ 3D Graphics Developer


Though we’re a big team overall, each project is made up of small teams to remain agile and maintain good communication. These are some of the technologies and skills you can find us using: C++, Java, OpenGL, Vue.js, Magento, C#, Python, OpenCV, Bootstrap, Ionic, Swift, ASP.NET, CUDA, Yii , ReactNative, HTML5, Node.js, Angular, Symfony, Xamarin, PHP, React, Django, Qt, MySQL, Blockchain, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, 3D, AR/VR This is a remote, home-based position.

Telling the 800-lb Gorilla to Shove it up his Ass

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

It was the little precambrian warm-blooded agile (oh sorry, now we're saying "lean") rodents who adapted by getting "outside the nest" to discover how to eat cockroaches, because we all know that cockroaches are the one form of life that can survive anything.

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CEO Friday: Why we don’t hire.NET programmers

As one of the coherent commentators says below, Joel Spolsky himself laments schools teaching Java with the same basic reasoning of my article above, albeit more diplomatically stated.) .NET I say this having used COBOL,forth,assembler,c,c++,java,javascript,prolog and lisp since high school!

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A framework for categorizing and comparing cloud platforms

Agile Development. Application PaaS (aPaas) : language runtimes such as JVM and others that allows deployment of code written in different languages such as Java, Python, Go, Node.js, Grails, Scala, PHP etc. Agile Development (6). Travel. Adventure Travel. Cycling. Trekking.

Lessons Learned: The ABCDEF's of conducting a technical interview

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The six key attributes spell ABCDEF: Agility. When talking about their past experience, candidates with agility will know why they did what they did in a given situation. To probe for agility, you have to ask the candidate questions involving something that they know little about. At the time, I was a die-heard Java zealot. and going into a long diatribe about how insecure the ActiveX architecture was compared to Javas pristine sandbox.

Lessons Learned: About the author

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He is the co-author of several books including The Black Art of Java Game Programming (Waite Group Press, 1996). Although Catalyst folded with the dot-com crash, Ries continued his entrepreneurial career as a Senior Software Engineer at, leading efforts in agile software development and user-generated content. While I was still in high school, I became a Java "expert" during a time when there was no such thing.

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Embrace technical debt

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I hope to show why lean and agile techniques actually reduce the negative impacts of technical debt and increase our ability to take advantage of its positive effects. Yet other agile principles suggest the opposite, as in YAGNI and DoTheSimplestThingThatCouldPossiblyWork. Side-effects that reduce agility are the most damaging symptoms of technical debt. At least in strongly typed languages such as Java.

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t have time to learn iOS or Java during the weekend. Aptana Cloud (svn, IDE, php, java, rails etc…). Agile project management tool that enables real time collaboration. Agile project management. agile product management. Automates Agile / Scrum development.

Building Competency in Semantic Web Technology

The shift in mindset happens when they consider a truly agile application, where e.g., the user interface is configured based on a query to the schema, while it is populated with data from the triple store.

How to hire a programmer to make your ideas happen

Dont go C or Java, python is good for prototyping and easier to learn. Pat Patrick (2010-06-20) # Im programming in PHP and Java and designing relational and object oriented data bases since 12 years and I do absolutely agree with Drews comments (#50).

Lessons Learned: Why PHP won

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The inimitable Paul Graham has an excellent essay called The Python Paradox in which he argues: that you could get smarter programmers to work on a Python project than you could to work on a Java project. I didnt mean by this that Java programmers are dumb. I havent had a reason to try Python, but I certainly know Java and C# and ASP.NET pretty well. Java (as one example, probably the best one right now) is a far far better language for framework building.

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Lessons Learned: What is a market? (a guide for hackers)

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Remember Java? Kent Beck keynote, "To Agility, and Beyond" Six streaming locations Interviews ► March (7) New conference website, speakers, agenda Two new scholarship programs for lean startups Speed up or slow down? Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Thursday, February 12, 2009 What is a market? (a