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The Words You Choose Really Do Matter. 3 Signs The Future of Marketing is Semantic.

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The Semantic Web Opens a New Age for Entrepreneurs

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He calls his dream the ‘Semantic Web’ (or Web 3.0), meaning it understands user context. Technology environment savvy. Memorable personality.

It's Not Just Semantics. Words Make an Enormous Difference in Leadership

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

If you can''t communicate clearly, you can''t do business. A few weeks ago, I mentioned to a group of entrepreneurs that I am not a fan of Jim Collins.

The Rapid Evolution of Semantic Search

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

An overview of the history of semantic search and what this means for marketers moving forward

Still Cold Calling? Amp Up Your Innovation IQ

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Do triggered brainwalking, semantic intuition, patent prompts and trend bending sound mystifying to you? Read on

Entrepreneurs Needed to Keep Web 3.0 From Fading

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I suspect the real challenge is not the semantic web technology , but new attractive business models from smart entrepreneurs. are appearing.

Web 15

Web 3.0 isn't the Semantic Web, it's Hailstorm 2.0. Why it Matters.

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isnt the Semantic Web, its Hailstorm 2.0. Semantic Web , WTF? isnt the Semantic Web, its Hailstorm 2.0. Part II! Nope, CPM Sucks.

Venture Cyclist: Semantic Web Interoperability

Venture Cyclist

Semantic Web Interoperability. In preparation for attending the second annual Conference on Semantic Web in Healthcare and Life Science ( CSHALS 09 ) next week, I have been reviewing my notes from last years conference. Labels: Healthcare , Semantic Web , Tech industry. Semantic Web. (2). Semantic Web Interoperability.

Bridging the Gap: How Semantic Web can move into the mainstream through SXSW

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Personally, I believe that the Semantic Web will become mainstream in the next few years (I actually have a bet on this with some college friends). After reading the wonderful blogpost on the BBC’s dynamic semantic publishing system , it reminded me that the Semantic Web has two audiences: the common web user (my mom) and developers.

Building Competency in Semantic Web Technology

This tendency poses a challenge when teaching any new technology (and Semantic Web technology in particular); the key to communicating the innovative value of the new technology lies exactly at the point where previous experience fails to be applicable. Moments While the Semantic Web standards are fundamentally very simple (e.g.,


Why I won’t run another startup

The Next Web

It’s a semantic trick, but a really important one. Earlier this year, I closed my startup. Here’s why. Entrepreneur fail startup

Building Competency in Semantic Web Technology - Part II

The Semantic Web standards - RDF, RDFS, OWL, SPARQL, and SKOS are new technologies whose proponents hope will be adopted on a wide scale. In order for many of the Semantic Web scenarios speculated by the W3C to come to pass, these technologies have to be adopted on a large scale. But for adoption, simplicity usually dominates. OWL 2.0


A Guide: Successfully Hiring Code Bootcamp Grads

For Entrepreneurs

Prior to founding Salsify, Rob was at IBM, Endeca and Cambridge Semantics in senior product management roles. The following is a guest post by Rob Gonzalez. Rob is the co-founder of Salsify, a leading cloud-based product content management and syndication solution that I invested in in 2013 and where I currently serve on the board.

Play Offense When Predicting Revenue

Feld Thoughts

It is a subtle adjustment, almost semantic, but one that will make a very large difference in how we act, how we talk, how we think, and ultimately how much revenue we book. I got an email today from an exec at a company who I was with at a recent board meeting. Rather than trying to summarize it, I got permission to just reprint the email.

"Search engines have long been judges of what is important; now they are also arbiters of the truth."

Mark Birch

Hillis makes the case that adding by semantic knowledge into search Google and others are inherently and inescapably advancing a worldview, like the editor of a magazine. . search search engine knowledge truth semantic search Googlevia stoweboyd ).

Google’s Search Changes: Should You Care?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Google's adding more semantic features to its search engine. Here's a reality check on what it might mean for your business. Just in case

Why the Boston Bruins Banned the Word 'Rookie'

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

From a semantics perspective, it''s easy enough. But it''s not just about semantics. Take demeaning terms like "junior" out of titles.

Founder Conference: Not for Entrepreneurs, Says Google

FairSoftware's Blog

Where is the Semantic Web when you need it… Case in point: If anyone can explain this mystery to me, I’m all ears. Entrepreneur coefficient index of that group? I’d say about 99.9%. Uncategorized Founder Conference google

7 Ways A Business Message Gets Lost In The Process

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Technical semantics and jargon. Some entrepreneurs forget that talking is not communicating. Stereotyping and biases. Cognitive dissonance.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Boston Tech: 2016 Update

View from Seed

There’s Semantic Machines , one of the best collections of AI and ML minds in the world, led by serial entrepreneur Dan Roth.

Pitching a business idea? Check this list first:

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Semantic Search. 1) It might be that it is hard for mortals to formulate a semantic query. They don’t. Yet another T-shirt site.

In The World Of Startups, Consultants Need Not Apply

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" This is a minor semantic point, but an important one to the customer. Let’s face it, consultants have a bad image. Then lead by example.

10 Steps to Make Your Employees Smile

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Support out-of-the-box semantics. A common-sense approach to building a company culture of engagement. Listen to them. Implement their ideas.

4 Ways to Keep People From Derailing Meetings

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

He stresses the importance of defining semantics. It''s high time you make your team huddles more productive affairs. Here''s how to do it.

Startup Culture: Values vs. Vibe

Feld Thoughts

Instead, I think it critical to focus on establishing strong values early and hiring people that have aligning values. Maybe it is all just semantics on how you define culture, but I believe you shouldn’t sweat the vibe part. He’s written about this in the past on his blog, but we both thought it was worth reposting. Values.

New Social Media Trends For Brand Success in 2016: What To Expect On Facebook!


How this impacts your brand : You may now be able to get a very nuanced and semantic view on the emotional response to your content. Video.

Can You Build Your Business on Somebody Else’s Platform?

Both Sides of the Table

Many of you will know that Twitter unexpectedly cancelled it’s contract to allow DataSift to resell Twitter data to 3rd parties. billion people.

Find Underused Keywords, and Searchers Will Find Your Brand

Up and Running

One way to build that online presence is to use semantic search to make your brand more easy to find. Finding golden nuggets. Digging smarter.

11 Excellent Free Online Courses for Entrepreneurs

Up and Running

Together, they provide a broad entrepreneurship education from which anyone can benefit. Essentials of Entrepreneurship: Thinking and Action.

3 Pitfalls of Marketing Automation You Need To Be Prepared For


Many tools which semantically analyze brand mentions, often mistake bad to be a negative mention, when it actually is a place. gif via: Kapost.

Forget Work-Life Balance. This Is More Effective--and Doable

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The difference, Misner says, is not just semantics. Ivan Misner, the networking guru of BNI, says entrepreneurs will never achieve balance.

3 Steps to Turbocharge Your Startup

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But he sees potential for the market to grow due to the increasing popularity of cloud and mobile computing, big data, and the Semantic Web.

Yummly Raises $6M for Hiring (and Gratuitous Bacon)

Delicious semantic search engine Yummly has just raised $6M in Series A financing to continue expanding into a complete digital kitchen platform.

Why Has LA Suddenly Gotten So Much Attention from VCs and Entrepreneurs?

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But the “monetization heart of the Internet” doesn’t stop at Overture, Applied Semantics and MySpace. LA By The Numbers.

We Have Only Scratched the Surface of the True Value of Twitter. Here’s What You’re Missing

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I have written extensively about Twitter in the past. I still find that many people don’t understand the basics. ” **. Seattle? Chicago?

Don't Hire the Best Person for the Job

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Your first reaction may be that the distinction boils down to semantics. You want to hire the best person for the job, right?

How To Use Priming To Improve UX


Semantic priming – when the meaning created influences later thoughts. What Is Priming? Types of Priming. More Popular Priming Studies.

Accelerating Technology Change and Continuous Learning

Feld Thoughts

From a user perspective, on any given day you may connect to Facebook or Gmail or even a business application like, and find that there are new features, new layout or organization of screen elements, new keystroke patterns, even new semantics associated with privacy, security, or data entered and displayed. The essay follows.

7 Things You Need to Know Today

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Social Semantics Enough with the term "social media" already, says Twitter co-founder Ev Williams. Most Audacious Companies Inc. 2.

Some Thoughts on Branding Startups and Communities

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Brad Feld visited Los Angeles this past week. I always enjoy spending time with Brad as the antidote to the eco chamber. That seems very Brad to me.