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Open Source Scheduling Software: The Future Of Business Efficiency


The post Open Source Scheduling Software: The Future Of Business Efficiency appeared first on Young Upstarts. Using scheduling software can boost operational efficiency and productivity, culminating in tangible business growth.

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Snyk, from first check to leader in dev-friendly open source security


We are thrilled to announce our investment in Snyk, which is a developer-first security solution that helps companies use open source code and stay secure. in open source world where much of it is third party code. in open source world where much of it is third party code.


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Open Source Business Model


However, there are lots of companies that are making money from open source and freemium models. A friend of mine has a company that builds open source applications in spaces that are a bit less innovative than Elgg, but they do very well financially through the packaging and support models.

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Why Your Startup Should Be Involved in Open Source


Oftentimes, when you hear the arguments for "Why open source?", they are aimed at convincing companies to use open source software. But the other piece of the argument is, of course, an argument for why your company should build open source - why it should develop its technology in a community-driven, open sourced way.

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Shimel Blogs on Open Source

Feld Thoughts

When Alan started writing his column for Network World he asked me for introductions to a bunch of our portfolio companies that were using open source. Earlier today, Alan wrote an article on Standing Cloud titled Seeding the Cloud with Open Source, Standing Cloud Makes It Easy. The Re-Rise of Open Source.

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Taylor’s Typewriter Boom, How Nvidia Handles Failures, and Matt Mullenweg’s Open Source Philanthropy [link blog]

Hunter Walker

Both of these programs are aimed at open source software community contributors. Automattic’s Matt Mullenweg’s Freedom Grants and Audrey Scholars – I so appreciate my friend Matt and love the creativity + intention he brings to the world.

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Open-source Something Often

Diego Basch

If you write code for a living, when was the last time you released something as open source? Assuming you take pride in your work (if you don’t… well), open-source code is an incentive to: Make sure the code is not horrendously embarrassing. What have you open-sourced for me lately?