Open Source Funding Documents

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Cooley, one of the top startup law firms, has open sourced the legal documents required to do a Series Seed or Convertible Note financing. They are available on Cooley’s CooleyGo document generation platform and also on GitHub. Kudos to Cooley for doing this. We need to make the transaction costs of getting a financing done as low as possible and putting the legal docs into the public domain is a great step forward in doing that.

Open Source Entrepreneurship

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The Slides/Video tab on the top of this page has all the open source course material for my classes. One of the great things about being a retired entrepreneur is that I get to give back to the community that helped me. I assembled this collection of free and almost free tools, class syllabi, presentations, books, lectures, videos in the hope that it can make your path as an entrepreneur or educator easier. Free: Startup Tools.

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Why You Need More Than Just Open-Source


More IT decision-makers are turning to open source to drive better efficiency and digital innovation, as its flexibility enables organisations to build new customer experiences, services and products more quickly. But open source is much more than easily accessible tech.

Parker: Open Source and For-Profit Companies

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On the heels of Yahoo suing Facebook for patent infringement followed by Tim Armstrong at AOL saying “hey Wall Street – look at me – I’ve got great patents also “, Andrew Parker (Spark) wrote a post that brought me out of my “intellectual property depression” titled Open Source and For-Profit Companies. ” VC Post of the Day intellectual property open source parker patents spark vc post of the day

Why There Will Never Be Another Red Hat: The Economics of Open Source

Peter Levine

Open source software powers the world’s technology. In the past decade, there has been an inexorable adoption of open source in most aspects of computing. Without open source, Facebook, Google, Amazon, and nearly every other modern technology company would not exist.

Reduce need for 3rd party apps with open source solution

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Its secret is a business model that focuses on providing a premium service using open source solutions, 90% cheaper than its competition, according to Eleconomista. The post Reduce need for 3rd party apps with open source solution appeared first on The Startup Magazine.

Open-source Something Often

Diego Basch

If you write code for a living, when was the last time you released something as open source? Assuming you take pride in your work (if you don’t… well), open-source code is an incentive to: Make sure the code is not horrendously embarrassing.

Startup 101: “Open Source” Start up Legal Documents

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Legal docs don’t have to be a source of stress when you’re trying to set up a business. Don’t use these documents blindly ” Taylor Wessing – offers a suite of seed investment documents which are available on an open-source basis.

Open Source Coworking Opens in Austin


Luke Filipos and Chris Sica founded Austin Coding Academy and then decided to create Open Source Coworking to expand their current business and launch a new one. Our hope is to build a community whose network includes all of the human capital necessary to build any technology,” Filipos said in […] The post Open Source Coworking Opens in Austin appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin has another coworking site.

How to Create an Open-Source Office

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No one loves open-plan offices. Theoretically, an open-plan office is a great format for a changeable work environment, a place where employees have a say over how they work and a place that can adapt to their needs and to the needs of the business.

Introducing 411: A new open source framework for handling alerting

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Today, we’re introducing our open source solution to this problem: 411. Etsy’s commitment to Open Source means we use the same version of 411 as what’s available on Github , so you can expect regular project updates.

MIT Media Lab’s Leadership in Open Source Software

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Eric von Hippel , my PhD advisor at MIT (I didn’t finish) and one of my early mentors, co-wrote two of the seminal papers on how free and open source software ( FOSS – and now FLOSS ) impacts innovation. How Open Source software works: “Free” user-to-user assistance. Open Source Software and the “Private-Collective” Innovation Model: Issues for Organization Science.

Facebook's New Open Source Software Can Learn 1 Billion Words in 10 Minutes

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FastText is the tool that powers Facebook's AI--and now it's available for anyone

Harvard Professor Yochai Benkler: Cooperation Trumps Self-Interest

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Benkler cites the model of Free Open Source Software (FOSS), which now accounts for more than 40% of all software (Lerner and Schankerman). Free Open Source Software Trends .

Open Source Spring Cleaning

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At Etsy, we are big fans of Open Source. Etsy as it is wouldn’t exist without the myriad of people who have solved a problem and published their code under an open source license. In every nook and cranny of our technology stack you can find Open Source code. For engineers that means that we strive to give a talk at a conference, write a blog post on this blog or contribute to open source at least once every year.

How Open Sourcing Ideas Can Be Good for Your Business

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I could walk down an aisle and open a random book, and it would willingly offer me any knowledge contained within. Ultimately, open sourcing your ideas: Creates trust.

Controversy Erupts in Open-Source Community After Developer's Sex Life Made Public

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Larry Garfield did not violate any code of conduct, all parties admit. Nevertheless Dries Buytaert felt he was a danger to the community

Open Source and Big Data: Two Things I Love About LinkedIn.

Diego Basch

I’ve been at LinkedIn for four months now, and this day gives me the perfect excuse to write a post about two things I love about this place: open source code and big data. Open source: I think LinkedIn has contributed some great open-source products to the world.

Las Vegas and CES: The New Cannes

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They brought a six point manifesto for clients like AT&T, Marriott, GE, SAB Miller, Campbells Soup and others: Embrace open surce and behave like programmers. Leverage Open Source Platforms.

How Your Startup Can Get More Value from Research and Development With Open Source

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Resources are tough for startups to find -- so why not harness the power of a community

Open Sourced Software Differentiates Vaadin from closed source dinosaurs


But it is not, however, how things work in the world of open source. Open source software has been brought to wider public attention by brands like Linux and Firefox, both of which who have thrived to gigantic proportions due to their open nature.

How Open-Source Code Can Save You Months and Boatloads of Cash

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Software code that's free? It's yours for the taking, as long as you understand the nuances of this generous subculture

4 Reasons Why Open Source is Hands Down Best for Business

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Open source software has started to dominate business, and is forcing private software made by big companies to adapt or die

An Operating System for Your Mobile Supercomputer

Peter Levine

Like Linux (and unlike Windows), Android is Open Source, which means no one company owns the code. One reason why Android is winning is due to that open source spirit of additive innovation. Because consumers are clamoring for increased personalization and customization options, the Android open source community has been happily taking up the task of fulfilling that demand. Portfolio Companies Android Cyanogen Linux Mobile open source

Vaadin Raises $6 Million For Open Source Development


Finnish Industry Investment and Swedish eEquity have invested $6 million in Vaadin , an open source company building components and tools for web application developers.

Infors Retail Initiative

deal architect

Enterprise Software (Open Source) Industry CommentaryOne of my frustrations with enterprise tech for the last few years is we have paid inordinate amount of attention to horizontal apps – financials, HCM, CRM – and neglected the much more operationally important industry apps. Without hesitation, I.

Bitcoin is Here to Stay and Safebit Wants to Be Its Wallet

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Using P2P technology Bitcoin is built on open source software which enables the use of this currency. As Open source is not always the prettiest software to look at, Israeli entrepreneurs Eli Sklar and Or Perelman came up with Safebit , an elegant cross platform Bitcoin Wallet/Vault.

10 Tools to Design Your Best Product Yet

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Many of them are also open source , so you can get a first-hand look at how they work and make modifications to the code, all completely free of charge. Open Source Ecology. The Michigan Institute of Technology (MIT) Game Design course from their open courseware series.

a16z Podcast: Software Programs the World

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So what … artificial intelligence big data bio cloud infrastructure innovation clusters internet of things machine & deep learning open source quantum computing SaaS distributed systems Moore's Law natural language new platforms & new mediums rise of the GPU trends

Can An Entire Society Be Open Source: Marcin Jacubowski Starts A Movement by Yaro Starak

The activities these people are engaged… Read the rest of this entry » Entrepreneur Profiles News, Technology & The Web Philanthropy creative visionary global village construction set Marcin Jacubowski Nikolay Georgiev open source ecology steve jobsAs promised, this is the first in a series of follow up articles to my original post about the creative visionary, Steve Jobs.

The Kick-Ass Cloud For Developers

Peter Levine

DigitalOcean is also taking a page out of the open source world and is using and contributing to the most relevant open source projects. In the same way that Github or Facebook or Twitter offers open source as a service, DigitalOcean does the same.

Cloud 26

WP Engine Launches Development Labs, Dedicated to Open Source and Product Suite Innovation

Austin Startup

The new WP Engine Labs will contribute to the Open Source community and serve as the innovation wing of WP Engine’s product suite. WP Engine, a leading SaaS content management platform for websites and applications built on WordPress, today announced the launch of the new WP Engine Labs and its first innovation, S3 Mirror. Headed [.]. Enterprise Nginx wp engine

SearchDaimon Enterprise Search Goes Open-Source


CTO Runar Buvik shows a brazen attitude about the move to open source. He''s built Open Test Search to allow a public comparison of SearchDaimon against eight other enterprise search systems.


Must-Have Free Tools for Startups

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Figure 1 Source: The Collaboration Club. Go for open source tools. One of the ways of doing that is by using the open source tools for the job. Most of the open source tools are available for free and have a good community support.

Hackathons and Open Source Invade the Real World

Hackathons and Open Source Invade the Real World. Then I saw this from the record label Ghostly International - they are starting to open up their processes for choosing artwork for their records - writing essays and taking comments about how and why they do it, while they do it. Basically open sourcing and making transparent what was once a closed and opaque process. Hackathons and Open Source Invade the Real World. skip to main | skip to sidebar.

Open Source Business Model


skip to main | skip to sidebar SoCal CTO Monday, March 5, 2007 Open Source Business Model A recent spate of posts on the challenges of running an open source business is interesting ( Tosh , Siemens , Downes , Tosh 2 ) and quite heated as one of the founders of elgg - a social networking platform aimed at the educational space - Dave Tosh laments - Elgg is the most popular white label social networking platform in the world powering over 2000 networks.

Mozilla Gets a Lesson in (Really) Open Source Communication

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My personal commitment to work on new initiatives to reach out to those who feel excluded or who have been marginalized in ways that makes their contributing to Mozilla and to open source difficult. I love @mozilla because we''re big, open, and messy.

4 Inspiring Ideas And The Entrepreneurs Behind Them by Yaro Starak

I will also share with you one of my latest projects and my… Read the rest of this entry » Marketing, Business & Entrepreneurship ali brown andrew mason andrew warner derek silvers groupon open source reed hoffmanIn my last article I wrote a few of my realizations and how I plan to adapt myself in 2012. In this sequel article I will share some of my personal inspirations , which have shaped me to become who I am, and how I think.

Lessons Learned: Great open source scalability tools from Danga

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Friday, September 5, 2008 Great open source scalability tools from Danga If you are trying to build a scalable LAMP service, its always best to start with the original and still quite relevant presentation, from Brad Fitzpatrick when he was at LiveJournal. Youll learn how they pioneered the use of a lot of open source tools at new levels of scale, and even created quite a few more, that are essential scaling aids.

Shimel Blogs on Open Source

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When Alan started writing his column for Network World he asked me for introductions to a bunch of our portfolio companies that were using open source. Earlier today, Alan wrote an article on Standing Cloud titled Seeding the Cloud with Open Source, Standing Cloud Makes It Easy. Related posts: Open Source as a Dumping Group. The Re-Rise of Open Source. Open Source or Closed Source?