Framework Benchmarks


Framework Benchmarks. How much does your framework choice affect performance? Authors Note: Were using the word "framework" loosely to refer to platforms, micro-frameworks, and full-stack frameworks. Plain Go delivers the best showing for a non-JVM framework.

Frameworks Round 1


You are viewing the first round of web application framework benchmarks. Check out the new stand-alone framework benchmarks site if you are interested in the latest and most accurate data. How much does your framework choice affect performance? Why don''t you test framework X?"

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Frameworks Round 2


Last week, we posted the results of benchmarking several web application development and frameworks. On i7, we see that several frameworks are able to provide a response in under 10 milliseconds. JVM frameworks are especially strong here thanks to JDBC and efficient connection pools.

Framework Benchmarks Round 10


Round 10 of the Framework Benchmarks project is now available! These contributions have improved the project''s toolset and added many new framework test implementations. Round Frameworks Framework permutations.

Framework Benchmarks Round 13


Round 13 of the ongoing Web Framework Benchmarks project is here! The project now features 230 framework implementations (of our JSON serialization test) and includes new entrants on platforms as diverse as Kotlin and Qt.

Frameworks Round 4


We’ve posted Round 4 of our ongoing project measuring the performance of many web application frameworks and platforms. As with previous rounds, the developer community has contributed several additional frameworks for Round 4, bringing the total to 57!

Framework Benchmarks Round 9


The latest round of our ongoing Framework Benchmarks project is now available! Since the first round, we have known that the highest-performance frameworks and platforms have been network-limited by our gigabit Ethernet.

Framework Benchmarks Round 11


Round 11 of the ongoing Web Framework Benchmarks project is now available! Meanwhile, the total number of frameworks has increased by 26. The new frameworks are: silicon (C++). We'll keep this blog entry short and sweet. The highlights for Round 11.

Framework Benchmarks Round 8


Merry Christmas web framework performance aficionados! Now at 90 frameworks and 230 permutations (variations on configuration), Round 8 has something for everyone. But be aware, the highest-performance frameworks are network limited in the JSON serialization and Plaintext tests.

Frameworks Round 6


July marks the fourth month of our ongoing project measuring the performance of web application frameworks and platforms. By popular demand, Round 6 introduces a plaintext test that uses HTTP pipelining, implemented in 14 frameworks so far.

Frameworks Round 3


We''ve previously posted two rounds of results of benchmarking many web application platforms and frameworks. Speaking of pull requests, we received tests for several additional frameworks since Round 2 and we have posted Round 3.

Frameworks Round 5


We have posted Round 5 of our ongoing project measuring the performance of web application frameworks and platforms. Some frameworks reacted to the new request headers in unexpected ways.

See-Think-Do: A Content, Marketing, Measurement Business Framework

Occam's Razor

The world does not need a new business framework. seconds)" for business framework on Google today. But most of the frameworks available to us solve for divisional silos. Why build a framework? The See – Think – Do Framework: Content Strategy.

Is Your Brand Magnificent At Digital Marketing? A Diagnostic Framework.

Occam's Razor

I wanted to come up with a simple framework that companies could use to self-diagnose the sophistication of their digital marketing strategy. " framework with you. Let's get back to our digital marketing readiness framework… 4. A Diagnostic Framework.

Co-founder Equity Split: A New Framework to Objectively Divide Startup Ownership and Get Back to Building a Business


The post Co-founder Equity Split: A New Framework to Objectively Divide Startup Ownership and Get Back to Building a Business appeared first on The Gust Blog. We’ve just released our free Co-founder Equity Split tool. It’ll give you a fair and objective recommendation about how to divide your startup’s ownership, so you and your co-founders will have a sensible, real starting point for this notoriously hard, crucially important conversation.

Want More Respect at Work? Try This 1 Simple Framework

Inc Startups

Fight back withthis framework. It can be devastatingwhen you feel you're not getting the respect you deserve. The Inc.

Exposed: Sean Ellis’ Secret Growth Framework

Nick O'Neill

In this episode, Sean pulled back the curtain on how they grew the Dropbox user base and laid out the framework that he likes to use when he thinks about new projects. What You’ll Learn From This Episode: The framework Sean used to grow GrowthHackers. Listen To The Full Interview: The post Exposed: Sean Ellis’ Secret Growth Framework appeared first on Nick O'Neill.

Choosing a Programming Language and Framework for Your Startup


We had an interesting presentation at the LA CTO Forum by the CTO of a startup who chose Groovy / Grails as the framework for their startup. t prompted a good discussion around how CTOs go about choosing the programming language and framework for their startup. Misconceptions When I talk with founders and VCs there are often quite a few misconceptions around the choice of language and framework. There are LOTs of language and frameworks to choose from.

Start making better product decisions: A framework to go with your Agile Process

The Product Guy

Why do I need a framework? So to help you achieve this goal, I’ve laid-out a foundational framework that can be used to store and organize incoming product requests into repositories that describe your product’s strategy. But why did I choose this framework?

Framework Benchmarks Round 12


Round 12 of the ongoing Web Framework Benchmarks project is now available! Several new frameworks were added. A race against the clock. Recently, we were notified that the physical hardware environment we have used for Rounds 9 through 12 will be decommissioned imminently.

Web Analytics Consulting: A Simple Framework For Smarter Decisions

Occam's Razor

As I've gotten older I've come to appreciate the value of frameworks a lot more. This is the main reason I love frameworks. The DMMM and CLoS are strategic frameworks (you should embrace them right away!),

Web 35

3 Frameworks To Help Prioritize & Conduct Your Conversion Testing


Now, assuming you understand your data & how long it’s going to take to get a significant result (95% chance to win) here are 3 frameworks you can use to prioritize your tests. Framework. Framework.

Lawyers and Blacklines: A Framework

VC Deal Lawyer

My goal with this post is to lay out a simple framework, one that will reduce confusion, hopefully create some efficiencies and eliminate the chance of disclosing meta-data, thus allowing you to devote your time to getting the deal (whatever it is) closed.

A Look at Responsive CSS Frameworks

Next → A Look at Responsive CSS Frameworks. CSS frameworks have gone responsive, squeezing content into a spectrum of desktop and mobile browsers with varying degrees of success. Today’s frameworks have an added feature: The ability to change when viewed on mobile devices.

How Jeff Bezos' One Simple Framework Can Make Your Hardest Decisions Crystal Clear

Inc Startups

How Jeff Bezos' One Simple Framework Can Make Your Hardest Decisions Crystal Clear

Why product now trumps distribution – a framework

The Equity Kicker

The 4Ps marketing framework can be used to explain why. According to the framework there are four key components to a marketing plan: P roduct (what is actually sold). Hat tip to Ben Thompson of Stratechery for the inspiring this post with his article on Selling feelings. Back in 1999 when I got my first job in the venture industry I remember having a debate with my boss about the relative importance of product and distribution for startups.

The Only Goal-Setting Framework You Will Ever Need

Inc Startups

This framework will make it tremendously easier The research is clear: Setting good goals is important.

Becoming a Truly Customer-centric Product Manager with the "Job to Be Done" Framework

The Product Guy

Although each section of the product canvas covers an essential part of the product, there is one that, working with my mentor Amanda has been really etched into my product mind, and that is “Jobs to be done” framework: When – I want to – So I can.

A Fascinating Framework for Time Management

Inc Startups

Yes, you can have a weekend. We all know the kind of sacrifice it takes to start and lead a company. From long hours and late nights to early mornings and missed meals, your company is your everything.

Introducing 411: A new open source framework for handling alerting

Code as Craft

Back in 2014, Etsy started using the ELK ( E lasticsearch, L ogstash & K ibana) stack. We’ve previously written about how we use saved searches as a reactive security mechanism.

The management framework that propelled LinkedIn to a $20 billion company

Redeye VC

Before Jeff Weiner took the top spot at LinkedIn, he asked founder and then-CEO Reid Hoffman three questions: “How do you want to handle decision-making? What decisions would you like to make, and what decisions should I be making?” ” Hoffman responded: “That’s easy. It’s your ball – you run with it.” ” A simple exchange, perhaps, but it kicked off one of the most successful CEO transitions in Silicon Valley history.

The Award-Winning Content Marketing Framework

Inc Startups

Here''s the secret sauce behind an award-winning content marketing campaign

Dave Balter’s framework for being a great leader

Fred Destin

Dave learned a framework called OGSM (Objectives / Goals / Strategies / Measures) after his company Bzzagent was acquired by market research firm dunnhumby. The OGSM framework can be use to manage change at each of these levels. Simple framework : the top 5 list.

Combating the Innovators Dilemma – HubSpot’s Experiments Framework


The foundation of this framework is based heavily on Clay Christensen’s work in The Innovators Dilemma. This framework was developed fundamentally to combat that challenge and create a lasting culture of entrepreneurial exploration. HubSpot’s Experimentation Framework. The framework has 3 stages, each with a distinct goal and approach. Will this framework sustainably create the type of disruptive innovation required to create a lasting company?

How Tom Bilyeu Built a Billion Dollar Company Using These Mental Frameworks

Inc Startups

Tom Bilyeu is the co-founder of Quest Nutrition, a globally recognized billion dollar nutrition brand selling high-quality protein bars, powder, and more.Within the first 3 years, Quest grew by 57,000%+ and was recognized by Inc. Magazine as the #2 fastest-growing company in the United States.

Interesting Framework for Analyzing Political Beliefs

Allen's Blog

“ A Conflict of Visions ”, by Thomas Sowell, is an historical/philosophical exposition and analysis of the two major views of human nature – called the Unconstrained Vision and the Constrained Vision -- that have dominated mainstream Western European and American political debate for the last 350 years or so. Sowell explores the different views, and the consequences of holding those views on a number of important issues: liberty, equality, freedom, etc.,

The Hardware behind the Results of Framework Benchmarks Round 10


At Peak Hosting , we're big fans of TechEmpower's Framework Benchmarks, an open source project the company has been coordinating since early 2013. Covering a wide variety of web application frameworks, this project gives developers useful data that can help them find the framework that will provide the performance and features they need for their application. By Jeffrey Papen, CEO and Founder, Peak Hosting.

A framework to think about pricing seed, angel, and venture capital rounds

This is going to be BIG.

How do you price a round? Its one of the most often asked questions and yet I've never seen a great answer given. It seems to me that the most important factor in pricing your round isn't your progress or your idea. It seems to come down to two things: 1) How much do you want to raise?

50 Creative Storytelling Ideas For Your Brands


Use mythological frameworks : Dig old mythological stories and use them in present settings. Use frameworks : McKinsey’s S-C-R framework, Freytag’s pyramid, sequencing etc.

Why You Should Shift To An Agile Marketing Framework

Inc Startups

Today''s savvy marketers are moving away from a fixed or linear approach to executing marketing strategy and embracing an agile philosophy and framework. And even if one or two fail, an agile framework will enable you to pick up the pieces quickly and move on.