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What Are Important Components of Technical SEO?

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XML sitemaps are what web crawlers use to find and identify web pages to be indexed. Like broken links, if users click on an image and it leads to nowhere, it will raise your bounce rate, which negatively affects SEO. They’re common and frequently occur due to domain or site changes or a change in a file after it’s published.

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5 Things to Compare When Choosing an eCommerce Platform

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XML sitemap: This is a file located on your website that helps the search engines index your website’s content. Maintaining your XML sitemap is crucial to your search rankings. If you have a larger catalog, you definitely want an ecommerce platform that manages this for you automatically.


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Building Competency in Semantic Web Technology

Among techies, the Semantic Web bears some similarity to a number of common technologies, including relational databases, XML, and Object-Oriented design. for XML practitioners comes with the shift from thinking about hierarchically structured data in documents to thinking of data as a distributed data structure.

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Entrepreneur Guru Focuses on the Value of Communication


WE had a cool product called the XML application server. After reviewing and analyzing customer and prospective customer needs, I realized that no one wanted to buy the XML server, they wanted to buy what it did – integrate global company IT systems with their trading partners. But not many companies were buying it.

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Enterprise SEO: Don’t Outsmart—Out Execute


I’m talking about things like redirects, XML sitemaps, robots.txt files, etc. We call certain tasks “ technical SEO ,” but developers think it’s as technical as changing the background color of your old Myspace page. While SEOs know how important these are, developers hate them.

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How to Conduct a Technical SEO Audit


The URLs that feature on your site should match those in your XML sitemap. Like robots.txt, you can find your XML sitemap by adding “sitemap.xml” to the end of your root domain: [link]. A CMS like WordPress, Yoast SEO, or Google XML sitemaps can generate and automatically update a sitemap whenever new content is created.

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How Black People Leveraged Tech Bigotry to Boss the Blockchain Below the Radar

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The blockchain is service-orientated architecture like XML web services where XML is not “standardized” and neither is the delivery. The XML schema is agreed upon and enforced by XSLT rules and this is the same concept of blockchains and distributed ledgers.