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18 Point Checklist for the Perfect Website Redesign Launch

Duct Tape Marketing

14) Check your XML site map – If you are using a tool like the WordPress SEO plugin from Yoast , you’ll get your site map URL from the plugin.

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Happy New Year! Product Management in 2012

The Product Guy

Death of XML. XML is on the wane, and JSON’s time has come. With all of the frameworks that have been developed to extract, transform, and transport XML, there will be great entrepreneurial opportunities in 2012 tooling-up JSON. Happy New Year! The last year has seen many changes in the world of product management.

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6 Things You Need to Learn To Build Your Own Prototype

Vinicius Vacanti

XML: Just a format to put data in like HTML. That is, your website sends Yelp a request for the reviews of a business with phone number 555-1234 and Yelp returns an XML file with the reviews. Your site parses that XML file and puts the reviews on your HTML page. AJAX : Asynchronous Javascript and XML. Learning Python.

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What I Wish I Had Known Before Selling to Google

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Jonathan Sposato: Founder of Phatbits and Picnik I founded Phatbits, which made XML desktop applications, in 2004. That wasn''t the case.

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6 Things You Need to Learn To Build Your Own Prototype

Vinicius Vacanti

XML: Just a format to put data in like HTML. That is, your website sends Yelp a request for the reviews of a business with phone number 555-1234 and Yelp returns an XML file with the reviews. Your site parses that XML file and puts the reviews on your HTML page. AJAX : Asynchronous Javascript and XML. Learning Python.

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Distribution – A New Foundry Group Theme

Feld Thoughts

We’ve been investing in protocols like SMTP, RSS, XML, and SMS for years and expect to continue doing this. We’ve put up a post on the Foundry Group site about a new theme of ours we are calling Distribution. We’ve been investing in this theme for a while but have continued to formulate exactly how we think about it.

Why and How You Should Write REST-Centric Applications

Web 2.0 Development and Business Lessons

Setup is simple with only a few lines of XML, and the creation of a REST resource requires nothing more than a method declaration and 2-4 lines of annotations. In addition to the REST framework, be sure to find a good JSON/XML parser since your PUT and POST content will likely be in this form. What’s Public, What’s Private?

Latvian Database Platform Clusterpoint secures €1.25 million


Riga-based database platform Clusterpoint has secured a €1,25 million investment. The first month of use is free. Storage Space – 0,3 Eur / GB / month.

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Introducing Arbiter: A Utility for Generating Oozie Workflows

Code as Craft

Oozie workflows are specified in XML. xml version="1.0" However, the XML is not as useful for the people that work with it.

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12 Things a Small Business Owner Can Do to Get the Most Out of WordPress

Duct Tape Marketing

It controls title/description tags, avoids duplicate content, and sets up an XML sitemap for search engines. Grab a Theme. Contact Form 7.

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The Power of Twitter in Information Discovery

Both Sides of the Table

It surprises me how many really smart people I meet still doubt the power of Twitter. I guess it wasn’t in their DNA. was born. Look at Quora.

Odd Facts You May Have Forgotten (or Never Learned) About Gmail

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Before long, the approach would get the moniker AJAX, which stood for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML; today, it''s how all web apps are built.

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The Accidental API

Launch Any

XML attacks: An XML attack is designed to compromise servers by sending large, invalid, or malformed XML content. No problem.

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Why You No Longer Need a Blog

Duct Tape Marketing

The next evolution of the small business website will include proven blog technology – database driven pages, RSS feeds, and auto created XML sitemaps.

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What is Structured Data & Schema for Websites & SEO?

Duct Tape Marketing

What is Structured Data & Schema for Websites & SEO? written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape Marketing. Let’s Clear Up Come Confusion.

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Ultrafire Flashlight Review

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

CLICK HERE TO VIEW CURRENT PRICING UltraFire XML T6 U2 At 1600 lumens, this makes for one bright flashlight! At just 3.7 18650 battery.

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Got a Company Blog? 4 Tools to Organize and Optimize It

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

If you''re trying to figure out how to make that company blog more than just a chore--check out these tools. Simple and super effective.

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XBRL Data Forum Brings Opportunities To Austin’s Developer Community

Austin Startup

On September 11 at the Austin … Continue reading → Announcements Digital Enterprise Events Government McCombs School of Business XBRL XML


Entrepreneur Guru Focuses on the Value of Communication


WE had a cool product called the XML application server. Tell us about your background and why you started your business?

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The End of the Web? Don’t Bet on It. Here’s Why

Both Sides of the Table

Fred Wilson recently posted a great video on his blog with the CEO of Forrester Research, George Colony. The money slide is the graphic below.

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Web Summit – Top 50 Hottest Early Stage Startups In The World

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

XML is a markup coding language that defines rules for encoding documents in a format that is readable by humans and machines. Rolio . Zoobe.

7 Essential Stages of Building a Total Online Presence

Duct Tape Marketing

There are many moving parts involved in marketing and the online elements increase in importance with each passing day. Content Platform. Organic SEO.

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What The Rails Security Issue Means For Your Startup

Rails allows XML documents to include YAML attributes. Kalzumeus Software. Greatest Hits. Standing Invitation. Start Here If You’re New.

Tech Wildcatters 2011 Pitch Day

The Startup Lawyer

Proxomo radically increases a developer’s productivity in developing web and mobile applications by providing an integrated collection of backend services into a single RESTful (JSON, XML) API. Tech Wildcatters will showcase their 2011 class of startups Thursday, May 26th at the Magnolia Theatre in Dallas, Texas. Class of 2011.

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How Etsy Formats Currency

Code as Craft

We wrote a script that would export all our CLDR overrides as JSON / XML / plist. Would you feel confident buying from this store? patterns.


Windows 8, plugin-free browsing, and UA spoofing

Niall Kennedy's Blog

The Internet Explorer 9 compatibility view list is available online in XML format including existing featureSwitch handlers. Microsoft


Winning the Game of Search with Tools

Duct Tape Marketing

It incorporates everything from a snippet preview and page analysis functionality that helps you optimize your pages content, images titles, meta descriptions and more to XML sitemaps, and loads of optimization options in between. Winning the game of organic search comes down to three essential activities. SEO Tools for Small Business. alpha.

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Design Staff ? Design at Valve: collaborating and innovating in a.

Design Staff

So I don’t write code, per se, but I do work in a system that’s effectively like XML and CSS to animate and render interfaces.

Latvian Lokalise makes it easier to get your app international


xml), Java Properties (.properties), It lets fellow translators work together while keeping the whole project team in the loop. ini), YAML (.yml),


11 Essential WordPress Plugins in 2016

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Creating XML sitemaps which has image support also. Users can select from a number of WordPress plugins to suit their site requirements.

6 Tools To Help Make Inspiring Presentations


The documents can be saved in a variety of formats including PDF, ODF, RTF, HTML, and Office Open XML. Empressr. Vcasmo. Prezi. Keynote.

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How I Blog

Duct Tape Marketing

Google XML Sitemaps - helps push content to search engines. Content approach. I don’t plan what I am going to write too far in advance.

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Startup Launch Checklist

Spencer Fry

Setting up and submitting an XML Sitemap to Google and Bing will help them crawl you more efficiently. Marketing Pages. It's as simple as that.

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Swedes behind Detectify hack Google for $10,000 bounty


If you’re a developer, you’re also able to create your own buttons by uploading XML files containing various meta data (styling and such).


Android Staggered Grid

Code as Craft

The example below shows how to add the view to your XML layout, specifying the margin between items and the number of columns in each orientation. <

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How QuizUp nailed international markets with OneSky translations


It also offers translation service supporting 40+ languages, and supports 30+ popular file formats including.strings,xml,yml,po,xls, etc.


Want to Ride the iPhone 5 Wave? Get into Apple's Passbook

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

iPhone 5 customers will be able to store loyalty cards and coupons on their devices. Here's how to make sure they can access yours, too.


7 Ways Form Accessibility Can Boost Conversions


SVGs (Scalable Vector Graphics) are graphics defined in XML format. Inaccessible sites lose sales. It’s a legal requirement. Let’s get to it.

Visual Guide to NoSQL Systems

Nathan Hurst

Document-oriented systems store structured "documents" such as JSON or XML but have no joins (joins must be handled within your application).

This Week’s Featured Product Management Jobs (Week of August 9, 2014)

The Product Guy

Product Manager, Content Distribution & Workflow @ Viacom Media Networks (New York, New York) Keywords: Atom, content creation, ETL, RSS, XML [link] Filed under: product jobs Tagged: product management. Product Manager  Web Analytics @ TMP Worldwide (New York, NY) Keywords: Agile, Analytics, SDLC, User Stories [link].