The Emerging Architecture Of Internet Applications

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What is most important about this emerging stack is, in Joel’s words, This imposes a very interesting set of challenges for developers, entrepreneurs, and investors as so much of the value in the current Internet stack will be commoditized by this architecture.

Getting The Website Information Architecture Right: How to Structure Your Site for Optimal User Experiences


Information architecture is no joke, yet overwhelming majority of businesses have structured their site using the IMO method – “in my opinion” While common sense is a useful tool and a lot of sites are very simple (e.g. What is information architecture?

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Science: Bland Architecture Is Bad for Your Health

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Research shows that having a Starbucks on every corner makes us miserable

Want to Know What the Office of the Future Will Be Like? This Architecture Trend Has the Answer

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Walls can't talk, yet, but they are listening. As we speak, smart architects are understanding are changing habits and creating habitats that expand what we can do and how we do it. Design

In Search of Digital Excellence

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When Karl-Heinz Streibich, CEO of Software AG invited me to help with his book The Digital Enterprise: The Moves and Motives of the Digital Leaders, he invoked Tom Peters and his best seller In Search of Excellence. Karl-Heinz said we.

The Sales Academy: An Architectural Approach to Growing Your Sales Team

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Build a sales-oriented culture with a defined progression structure

IaaS Architectures

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Timely article in InformationWeek as cloud provider Nirvanix goes out of business about the scrutiny IaaS architectures will increasingly get “The size of the pipes providers use to move data into and out of their cloud is an architectural decision, Cloud Computing, SaaS

Space Matters: Unveiling The Kennel

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K9 News The Kennel Architecture CHA:COL Creative space Design Industrial Lerch Construction SpaceIn April 2014, in the post Making Moves , I wrote about K9’s impending move to a new space and outlined my reasons for leaving downtown Palo Alto.

Slack, Chatbots, and Voice: At the Intersection of Humans and APIs

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Too long have we ignored the fundamentals of software architecture and design. Product Strategy api chatbots microservices product architecture slack SOAOver the last year, we have seen growth in messaging platforms for business.

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Help Detained USA Citizen In Abu Dhabi

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

He’s highly qualified, with a BS in Architecture, and three Masters degrees in Visual Communication, Interior Archite cture, and Guidance/Counseling. This is a departure for this blog.

Improving Your API Conversations with Hypermedia, ETags, and Real-Time APIs

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API api api architecture api design hypermedia real-time apisThere is considerable source material on great API design.

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Angels In The Architecture

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One of the events on our Do More Faste r book tour will be something we are calling Angels in the Architecture. The Eventbrite signups are below: Palo Alto: Tuesday 10/12/10 – 5pm – 6pm: Angels in the Architecture. Los Angeles: Thursday 10/14/10 – 4pm – 5pm: Angels in the Architecture. Seattle: Friday 10/15/10 – 4pm – 5pm: Angels in the Architecture.

When the architecture department is housed in the ugliest building on campus, something’s gone wrong.

Jessica Mah

When I heard that Berkeley’s architecture department was housed in agreeably the ugliest building on campus, I just about cried from laughter. If anything, this makes Berkeley look like an institution that endorses stupid irony. Another example: All new students at Berkeley are forced to go through an orientation website which doesn’t even function, yet Berkeley supposedly offers a top notch CS education. Is that not weird?

Pictures from the Ludwigsburg Residential Palace

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It is one of the finest examples of baroque architecture in Germany. These are pictures from my trip to the Ludwigsburg Residential Palace in Germany. The post Pictures from the Ludwigsburg Residential Palace appeared first on Guy Kawasaki. Life Travel

Creativity In Architecture

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Tags: Awesomeness design inspiration architecture creativity designer hong kong

MIT Built a Futuristic Office Pod That Self-Assembles

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MIT Re-thinks the Office Pod: Gives us a Glimpse into Architecture's Self-assembling Future

Lessons Learned: Sharding for startups

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Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Sunday, January 4, 2009 Sharding for startups The most important aspect of a scalable web architecture is data partitioning. So far, this is just a summary of what all of us who have attempted to build web-scale architectures considers obvious. The solution is to build an architecture that works for the startup condition. To me, the optimal architecture is one that serves four goals simultaneously.

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This Just May Be the World's Most Baby-Friendly Office

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Burns & McDonell is an architecture, construction, and consulting firm based out of Missouri--with one perk that will make every parent envious.

How This Revolutionary Solar-Powered Home Hacks the Sun

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Portugal-based architectural project Houses in Motion has come up with a genius new design to make solar power much more cost-effective

Architecture instructor reflects on 41 years

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Former Head of Microsoft Israel Dreams of Billion Dollar Israeli Startups

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His name is often associated with other successful Israelis such as: Shai Agassi , Better Place founder and CEO and former next-in-line to become CEO of SAP, Safra Catz , CFO and co-president of Oracle, and David Perlmutter , an EVP of Intel and GM of Intel Architecture Group. By Ben Bakhshi.

How One Architect Hatched the First Startup From Google's Top Secret Lab

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The unravelling of Michelle Kaufmann's architecture career led her to Google--and to reimagine design

Christine: Three Common Architectures for Blog Community

» Three Common Architectures for Blog Community Todays BlogHer workshop on blog community architectures, led by Nancy White of Full Circle Associates, elicited a set of common community templates: One blog, one blogger. Christine (.net)

Meet the 10 Fastest-Growing Companies in Seattle

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This Pacific Northwest stronghold wins big with "green" businesses, from marijuana to energy-efficient architecture

How Sam Mizrahi Is Bringing Old World Elegance To A Modern City


Mizrahi describes his passion for real estate and creating buildings of lasting impact in this way: “I fell in love with design and architecture and function and form when I was 16 years old … Real estate gives you the opportunity to create all of those things — to create art, really.

Christine: Web 2.0 Inspires Architecture 2.0, and World a Better Place

Inspires Architecture 2.0, and World a Better Place Architecture for Humanity creates sustainable, low-cost housing forboth impoverished and disaster-hit communities. James Baty of AFH is here at Web 2.0Expo to evangelize Architecture 2.0, Inspires Architecture 2.0,

Find a place to hack using NYC architecture

Nathan Hurst

Since starting Hirelite: Speed Dating for Software Jobs , I've been taking a lot of meetings around New York City. After each meeting, I like to find a place nearby to sit, plug in my laptop, and hack for a few hours.

Obligatory pic of the skyline… #HongKong #skyline.

Mark Birch

Obligatory pic of the skyline… #HongKong #skyline #architecture #harbour. hongkong skyline architecture harbour

#DefragCon 2013: Programming with Personal Clouds: A Post-Web Architecture — Phil Windley, Kynetx

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Programming with Personal Clouds: A Post-Web Architecture – Phil Windley, Kynetx. The post #DefragCon 2013: Programming with Personal Clouds: A Post-Web Architecture — Phil Windley, Kynetx appeared first on LaunchAny. Personal cloud made up of a constellation of persistent computational objects – picos. Picos have identity, storage, open-event network, processing, event channels, and APIs.


GlueCon 2013 Notes: An Architectural Look at Designing e-commerce APIs – Saranyan Vigraham, BigCommerce

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An Architectural Look at Designing e-commerce APIs – Saranyan Vigraham, BigCommerce (@saranyan). API-first architecture approach gaining traction. The post GlueCon 2013 Notes: An Architectural Look at Designing e-commerce APIs – Saranyan Vigraham, BigCommerce appeared first on LaunchAny. Bad Design. Rigid – too hard to change, too many parts get affected by a change. Fragile – unexpected breaks.

One million HTTP RPS without load balancing is easy


Especially poignant is the reduced architectural complexity that an application can reap if its performance requirement can be satisfied by a single server. You probably still want at least two servers for resilience, but even after accounting for resilience, your architectural complexity will likely remain simpler than with hundreds of instances. But the simplified system architecture and cost advantage of high-performance options deserve some time in the sun.

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GlueCon 2013 Notes: Single Page Architectures: The API and Appification for the Web Steven Willmott, 3Scale

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Single Page Architectures: The API and Appification for the Web Steven Willmott, 3Scale (@njyx and @3scale). SPAs help drive architectures to APIs for consumption by a variety of sources (intended and unintended). The post GlueCon 2013 Notes: Single Page Architectures: The API and Appification for the Web Steven Willmott, 3Scale appeared first on LaunchAny. Plenty of toolkits available to build SPAs.

Tech Giant Apple Honored for Helping Preserve Historic NYC Structures

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The company received the award for 'marrying modern technology with distinguished architecture

Intel Disrupted: Why large companies find it difficult to innovate, and what they can do about it

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ARM, a competitor, not only had a better, much lower power processor, but a better business model – they licensed their architecture to other companies that designed their own products. Today that’s built on the premise that an x86 architecture is the one best suited for big data.

Think about Performance Before Building a Web Application


Conversely, a low-performance application might have an architectural bottleneck through which many request types flow (e.g., Performs modestly complex calculations without requiring complex architecture. “It was running fine.”

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Why This Design Expert Is Slamming Mark Cuban's Court Redesign Plans

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A Dallas architecture critic is calling out Cuban for a 'pathetic' attempt at bringing innovative design to the Mavericks' basketball court

We’re not that unique

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architectureNew ideas for businesses are generally because we see a gap in the market. We consider not if there is a market in that gap. People are very often focused on solving imaginary problems that other people have.

Framework Benchmarks Round 9


Of course, other variables are at play, such as significantly more HT processor cores--40 versus 8 for our i7 tests--and a different system architecture, NUMA. The latest round of our ongoing Framework Benchmarks project is now available!

The spaceship has landed…

Mark Birch

Peak Tower Hong Kong architecture The Peak spaceship design The spaceship has landed….

Founder Challenges with Startup Development Teams and CTOs


Architecture All startups will make a lot of changes and scale the product as they move along. This means that early software architecture can sometimes not work as well as the startup moves forward. On the other hand, sometimes architectures are very poorly done and causes significant problems every step of the way. If the CTO/team has made some bad technical choices early such as the wrong architecture, every dollar you spend will be partially wasted going forward.

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