How To Hire Scrum For Your Startup


So, what you do now is that you basically approach a development company, you put up your requirements to them and then after discussions the company promises you to deliver the app one year later. We use SCRUM. SCRUM. As its official website suggests, it is a better way of building products. Moreover, scrum and agile aren’t the same thing. The first and foremost shelf of the scrum framework is the product backlog. Startups and SCRUM.


Does Scrum Apply To All Types Of Projects?

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It’s a regular question googled in relation to the adaption of scrum methodology, and still people are confused whether to implement it in their projects. All of us know in software companies that scrum is the most significant agile methodology for handling software projects. Scrum is a framework that can have a transforming power. Scrum is a lightweight agile process framework used primarily for managing software development. When Scrum can be followed.


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What do you need to become a scrum master?

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What is Scrum? Scrum is a framework that is used by software development teams to address complex problems while delivering products of the highest value. Scrum is the most popular subset of the Agile methodology and is used by seventy percent of software teams around the world for project management. Scrum is a lightweight project management technique that generally begins with a project backlog. What does the Scrum Master do?


Agile Marketing: How to Implement Scrum for Digital Marketing


Traditionally associated with development and product management, agile is a lightweight and, well, agile framework for software development and bringing features and products to market. It stands in opposition to “waterfall” production methods that treat analysis, design, coding, and testing as discrete phases – where in agile they are treated as continuous. An Introduction to Scrum and Agile Development. Roles on a Scrum Team.


How to Solve Problems in Your Business: Kanban, Kaizen and Scrum

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Kanban: a method used to control production. The word kanban means “signboard” or “billboard” in Japanese, and it’s a concept most commonly applied to “lean” or “just in time” production. Kanban is a scheduling system for “just in time” production. This is exactly what is meant by “just in time” production, and it’s crucial in any industry where perishable goods are involved. Scrum: a flexible way to manage product development.


Why Successful Product Management Involves More Than Spectacular Specs


In 2013, I left a CTO job overseeing a 50-person product engineering team for the same job at a four-person startup. Upon arrival, I incorporated a few elements from my previous stop into this new endeavor, including a battle-tested Agile Scrum process and the corresponding technology. This learning experience left me with one seemingly obvious takeaway: The two trickiest variables of early product management are the “product” and the “management.”

5 Types Of Business Strategies To Consider Before Opening Up Shop


Consider a Production-Ready SOM. Also known as a system on module, SOM offers companies a unique strategy when it comes to developing products while keeping customizability fully possible. Scrum. Use Product differentiation If You’re Small.


Minimum Viable Persona – Get To Know Your Customers All Over Again


Instead, we need to streamline and accelerate our processes by borrowing techniques from the world of lean and agile product development. Like its cousin the Minimum Viable Product, a Minimum Viable Persona seeks to provide just enough information to allow work to start.

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[Interview] Michael K. Levine, Author Of “People Over Process: Leadership for Agility”


I was an early adopter in financial operations and software of lean operational and product development techniques that originated at Toyota, and then of agile as it was promulgated in the Manifesto. I was one of four leaders of an enormous failed development project at Wells Fargo around 2007. Like the others, it grew out of seeing problems in practice, this time the problems of mistakenly thinking that implementing scrum is the same as become agile.

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Developing Strong Product Owners


In my last article I discussed the role of the leader of the product organization. I heard back from more than a few product leaders that it served to remind them that they weren’t doing as much as they knew they should be doing to build the strength of their product team, and I was asked if I could share some of the tools I use to help with this. I want every product leader to feel considerable urgency and importance around this need.

Learning from the High Flyers, Part Two

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Speed of product development, of brand-building, of customer acquisition, of team-building and talent aggregation. Well, you may say, if my business, my industry, my product was as exciting as theirs, then I would be more enthusiastic too! Last week, I wrote about how any business - no matter how "Old School" - can benefit via emulating the strategies of "High Flying" companies in industries like virtual reality, wearables, 3D printing, autonomous driving, and more.


Lessons Learned: Combining agile development with customer development

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Monday, March 16, 2009 Combining agile development with customer development Today I read an excellent blog post that I just had to share. In most agile development systems, there is a notion of the "product backlog" a prioritized list of what software is most valuable to be developed next. Customer Development - The Missing Piece! XP and Scrum don’t have much to say - they punt.

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12 ways to get your business development and tech teams on the same page

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To find out, I ask 12 founders from YEC the following: How can I get my business development team and my tech team to work more harmoniously with each other? Because they have two totally different roles, the business development team and the tech team often don’t understand each other’s hurdles and objectives very well. If you are having problems with your tech and business development team working efficiently, the real problem could be a result of a poorly structured organization.

Lessons Learned: A new version of the Joel Test (draft)

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I am convinced one of Joel Spolskys lasting contributions to the field of managing software teams will turn out to be the Joel Test , a checklist of 12 essential practices that you could use to rate the effectiveness of a software product development team. Plus, as product development teams in lean startups become adept at learning-and-discovery (as opposed to just executing to spec), its clear that some bugs shouldnt be fixed.

Lessons Learned: The lean startup

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But by taking advantage of open source, agile software, and iterative development, lean startups can operate with much less waste. I am heavily indebted to earlier theorists, and highly recommend the books Lean Thinking and Lean Software Development. The application of agile development methodologies which dramatically reduce waste and unlock creativity in product development. Labels: customer development , lean startup 8comments: Amy said.

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How To Scale a Development Team

How To Scale a Development Team. An equally important challenge in a growing business is scaling your development team. Most technology companies hit a wall with dev team scalability somewhere around ten developers. Having navigated this process fairly successfully over the last few years at Heroku, this post will present what I see as the stages of life in a development team, and the problems and potential solutions at each stage. Three developers works fine as well.

Lessons Learned: The product manager's lament

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Sunday, October 5, 2008 The product managers lament Life is not easy when youre working in an old-fashioned waterfall development process, no matter what role you play. But I have a special sympathy for the "product manager" in a startup that is bringing a new product to a new market, and doing their work in large batches. The product manager was clearly struggling to get results from the rest of the team.

You don't need as many tools as you think

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Heres something I can relate to: We used assembla for subversion, scrums, milestones, wikis, and for general organizational purposes. We had all the tools in place but we didn’t actually practice agile development. Scrum reports would come in once a month, nobody was actually responsible for anything. The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development ► June (3) What is a startup?

The four kinds of work, and how to get them done: part three

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Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Saturday, December 6, 2008 The four kinds of work, and how to get them done: part three Those startups that manage to build a product people want have to deal with the consequences of that success. Lets start with the most important thing you can do to help product teams succeed: make them cross-functional. Scrum recommends 30 days; I have worked in one or two-week cycles up to about three months.


Lessons Learned: Built to learn

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Thats the essence of so many of the lean startup techniques Ive evangelized: customer development , the Ideas/Code/Data feedback loop , and the adaptation of agile development to the startup experience. Creating a company-wide feedback loop that incorporates both customer development and agile development is a challenge. So instead of having sales, marketing, and business development, we have a problem team implementing customer development.

Embrace technical debt

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Like a financial debt, the technical debt incurs interest payments, which come in the form of the extra effort that we have to do in future development because of the quick and dirty design choice. Startups especially can benefit by using technical debt to experiment, invest in process, and increase their product development leverage. The biggest source of waste in new product development is building something that nobody wants. Those are product questions.

Should You Co-Found Your Company With a Software Development Shop (2 of 2)?

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Should you co-found your company with a software development shop? I’ve talked with a number of software development shops who are eager to get into the business of cofounding companies, i.e., getting product revenue and equity instead of just consulting revenue. Design, development, and digital media shops, sometimes just a few years old, are doing bigger and bigger projects and come bearing cash flow and that scarcest resource, talent.

Lessons Learned: ScienceDaily: Corporate culture is most important.

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Innovation appears to be a function of the degree to which a company fosters a supportive internal structure headed by product champions and bolstered by incentives and the extent to which that organization is able to change quickly" The concept of a strong product champion is a recurring theme in successful product development organizations, large and small. about what their function needs to do to fully support the product. What is customer development?

Social, Agile, and Transformation: Strategic Agile Thinking: Balancing Value, Innovation and Research

I cover several topics including agile software development, software startups, web 2.0, Left on its own, product owners and development teams just may make debatable and sometimes questionable decisions on priorities or implementation strategy. Agile teams - both business and technical members like being in the upper right quadrant where the business value of a product, feature, or enhancement is high, measured and can be implemented easily. product management. (23).

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Steve Blank on Lean Customer Development. s helpful to find an developer tool that allows you to write html/css and renders the view in real time, so you donâ??t Firebase : Are all your developers front-end engineers? s easier to use/develop with. Mobile Tools: If you are a web developer, you donâ??t pgbouncer (Lightweight connection pooler for PostgreSQL, from the developers of Skype). Test- and Behavior-Driven Development. Web Development Tools.

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Rackspace – Managed and cloud hosting Engine Yard – Ruby Cloud Hosting platform Linode – Linux virtual servers in the cloud Netflix experience in moving from datacenter to cloud Web Development Tools Rubyon Rails – open source framework for Ruby CakePHP – a PHP open source framework PHP Tutorial and PHP Manual and Freaks Drupal – open source content management platform Heroku – Ruby cloud platform. What about Django [link] as Web Development Framework?