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6 Sources of Help For Early Stage Concept Exploration

Startup Professionals Musings

If you need funding for these early stage activities, I have some suggestions on better strategies to follow. In this context, there are at least six stages often included in the scope of R&D to narrow your focus: Search for new technologies.

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NextView’s Early Stage Startup Guide: Product

View from Seed

Welcome to the first installment of the NextView Ventures Early Stage Startup Guides. Every stage of building a company comes with a certain set of challenges, and we have written a lot of content around the earliest set of challenges. The first guide we are releasing is around product. Download guide today. Click to download.


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The Shift from FOMO to FOLD in Early Stage Investing

View from Seed

For the last several years, the early stage investing market was driven largely by the F ear O f M issing O ut, AKA FOMO. My prediction is that FOLD will permeate through the early stage investing landscape and have some pretty broad effects. Conveniently, this forms a handy acronym as well – FOLD.

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Early Stage Advisor Equity Grants

Eric Friedman

I have been thinking about early stage equity and advisor grants for some time, including a post in 2016 , that I rely on and wanted to revisit. If you are looking for a primer or how much early stage equity to grant to advisors, this is it. What is an early stage advisor? Types of Early Stage Advisors.

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Beyond VC: Funding Options for Early-Stage Startups


The post Beyond VC: Funding Options for Early-Stage Startups appeared first on The Gust Blog. This is also the time when a lot of entrepreneurs wrestle with their plans for the next year, asking themselves: Where should I bet big? Are the growth targets right? How am I going to pay for all these. Read more >.

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Timing Is Everything: How To Secure Early-Stage Funding


Given that mindset, it’s only natural that most entrepreneurs jump at the first chance they get to secure early-stage startup funding. Most startups will need a viable product and proof of credibility before they can expect early-stage investors to really bite. Instead, approach your fundraising in tiers.

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The Acquihire Market for Early Stage Startups is Ice Cold. One Better Strategy? Announce You’re For Sale.

Hunter Walker

Especially in the early days of mobile/iOS engineering, if you hired strong technical talent into your early stage company, you basically created an acquisition outcome floor. .” Yes, this was the ‘fallback plan’ for many team in the web2 era and they weren’t wrong.