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U.S. military service member killed in raid against al-Qaida in Yemen

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

SANAA, Yemen — A U.S. military service member was killed Sunday during a raid against al-Qaida militants in central Yemen that also left nearly 30 others dead, including women and children. The loss of the service member is the first-known

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4/26/2015 - Rewind - Disruption threat sends oil trading to near four-month high


Japan Times: Oil traded near the highest price since December on concern that Middle East supplies may be disrupted as Saudi Arabia expanded its military campaign against Yemen. Futures were little changed in London after capping a third weekly gain. Complete Article. commodities crude oil EMEA Oil

8 Tips On Intercultural Communication And International Etiquette To Create Successful Business Relationships In Asia


Yemen). By Sharon Schweitzer, J.D., Because only then can they create lasting relationships that make prosperity and profitability possible.

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Why the Navy Needs Disruption Now (part 2 of 2)

Steve Blank

For targets over uncontested airspace (Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, etc.) If you haven’t, read part 1 first.).

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30-35 Million People Will Be Coming Thru


Libya, Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan are all countries with a huge population and an extremely unstable situation. Is this too fantastic or what (from Right Wing News)? An influx of 30-35 million people will bust EU nations at the seams! - This is why it's extremely important to protect our borders. EU Refugees Right Wing

Saudi Arabia Makes Security A Top Priority


With a crisis in Yemen to the south and ISIS to the northeast, from the cabinet shakeup, it appears that the world’s largest oil exporter and OPEC stalwart is now making security a top priority. The new deputy crown prince is also the Saudi defense minister. The king also appointed Adel al-Jubeir, Saudi ambassador to the U.S.,

US: Assad Must Leave, After Negotiations


Kerry and Hammond said they also discussed conflicts in Yemen, Libya and Ukraine. I understand the diplomacy but.CH says Assad must go, timing down to negotiation 9/19/15 08:23 (Adds Kerry and Hammond quotes, background) By Lesley Wroughton LONDON, Sept 19 (Reuters) - U.S. We need to get to the negotiation. We're prepared to negotiate.

The Real Jobs Problem

It's the economy, stupid. Well, yes, it always has been, if you're in the distortion field of politics. But whose economy? Got it? In droves. Wages?

Arab Spring. for High-Tech Teens?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A U.S. government-backed plan to spread the Silicon Valley vibe east--25 Arabic-speaking girls at a time. As such, the U.S. Have any others

Shane Smith: Gonzo-Gunslinger


It would probably be a rare event for Freston to find himself in Yemen or yielding a machine gun to ward off terrorist threats. by Teddy Hunt.

the world without altgate


  I was just looking at the 2008 Google Analytics data for Altgate.    It is an amazing tool.  and Israel (0.6%). 

Apple has made no more than $20-45m in revenue from the app store.


trackback About a month ago Apple announced that one billion iphone apps have been downloaded in the first nine months. Given that Apple sold 13.7m