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Tech Focus: Pressure to Improve Drug Development Drives Innovation

The Startup Magazine

Born in Syria, Dr. Hanna began his surgical residency at the Aleppo University Medical Center and continued his studies in the United States with the intent to return to Syria to practice surgery. Hanna has introduced a new research model that merges the strengths of academia with industrial research.

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[Infographic] Countries That Hate The Internet


It won’t be surprise anyone then, we can all agree, of the three countries to top the list – China, Iran and Syria. Here’s an infographic from Open Site that shows how much these nations hate the power of the Internet and how they control their online populace:

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Here’s What’s Driving Collaborative Consumption and Where the Market May Head Next

Both Sides of the Table

But an equally obvious case is BitCoin where people who live in Iran, Syria or Libya may rather put their money into non-governmental units (even knowing the risks) than to trust their local governmental leaders to protect their assets from inflation or seizure. Think Tunia, Egypt, Syria and now Turkey. It is open and empowering.

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Hacking for Diplomacy – The State Department Takes Notice

Steve Blank

We have stakeholders two or three times a day in the White House situation room, grappling with everything from the crisis in Syria to Ebola to the refugee crisis around the world,” he said.

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Mastering SEO in the Age of AI

Duct Tape Marketing

We've been talking about voice search probably since Syria came around. Mention the referral code DTM podcast, and you're going to get $150 off for your first three months. That's work better And don't forget that DTM podcast code. So you led really right into my next question. So where do we stand in voice search?

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A Story About a Startup Founded by an Immigrant

The Startup Magazine

Now, Cong Son Ta helps people in need from Africa, Syria, Nepal, and more. This is a unique business that inspires people to form long-term friendships and partnerships. There simply isn’t anything else on the like company created by Con Son Ta. Cong Son Ta is known for the kind person he has become as an immigrant entrepreneur.

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Twitter Link Roundup #286 – Ideas for Small Business, Startups, and Designers!

crowdSPRING Blog

ISIS Destroys One Of Syria’s Most Important Ancient Landmarks This Personal Seismic Gadget Will Warn You Before The Big One Hits With a Revamped Apple TV, Company Hopes to Camp in Your Home…. The Internet of Way Too Many Things….