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On Monday , the White House announced Startup America. I have no involvement with Startup America, at least yet. " I live and work in startup america and I am glad the White House is paying attention to us now. On Monday , the White House announced Startup America. I have no involvement with Startup America, at least yet. The CTO of US, Aneesh Chopra, blogged about it on Techcrunch.    My friend Brad Feld was there and blogged about it.

Escape From Corporate America - Be An Entrepreneur

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Thus it’s clear to me that your journey from corporate America to being an entrepreneur does not begin with just an innovative idea, or an annoying dissatisfaction. corporate america disruptors entrepreneurs Kunal Mehta startups

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Starting-Up In America

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A few months ago several entrepreneurs took it upon themselves to create a great short (25 minute) documentary called Starting-Up In America. < Starting-Up in America from Starting-Up In America on Vimeo. Startup Visa Entrepreneurship startup america

Startup America Partnership

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On Monday I was at the White House to help announce the Startup America Partnership. As part of this, TechStars announced the TechStars Network , an affiliation of TechStars-like programs across the country along with our commitment to the Startup America Partnership to help 5000 experienced mentors work with 6000 entrepreneurs to create 25,000 new jobs by 2015. I’m extremely excited to play my small part in the Startup America Partnership.

Running America

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Over the weekend I read Running on Empty: An Ultramarathoner’s Story of Love, Loss, and a Record-Setting Run Across America written by Marshall Ulrich. The run across America took place between September 2008 and finished (coincidentally) on November 4th, 2008.

The 10 Most Endangered Jobs In America

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We knew it was happening: Automation is changing the way America works. Here are 10 jobs that could see big changes as a result

Calling All Entrepreneurs – Sign Up For Startup America And Help Us Win

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I’ve been a big supporter of the Startup America Partnership since its inception at the beginning of last year. I also gave my first Startup America webinar today to a bunch of entrepreneurs who are members of Startup America Partnership about fundraising. And there’s a lot more coming to entrepreneurs who are members of the Startup America Partnership. And help everyone in America win as we create more and more entrepreneurial companies together.

Boulder Startup Community Members: Help Fund the Code for America Fellowship

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If you are a founder or employee of a startup in Boulder and want to increase the overall effectiveness of our local Boulder government, please help us fund the Code for America Fellowship in Boulder. If you’d like to contribute, either email me or donate online at the Code for America site. Part of Code for America’s approach is that the city funds half and the community funds half, hence our call for action to support our half of the funding for the program.

Whole Foods Isn't America's Favorite Grocery Store (Look Who America Loves Now)

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Yet more despair for Hipster Heaven. Marketing

The Most Entrepreneurial Group in America Wasn't Born in America

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Immigrants now launch more than a quarter of U.S. businesses. All entrepreneurs should welcome reform that would make it easier for this class of strivers to stay--and succeed

PR in the global economy: How media is different in Latin America vs. the US

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Entrepreneur Latin America Social Media Conrad Egusa is the CEO of Publicize. He is happy to connect on LinkedIn here. Good PR strategy starts with good intelligence. You have to understand the value of the stories you want to tell.

How Intrapreneurs Are The New Leaders In Corporate America


What do young people value most in the workplace? A 2015 study by Ernst & Young showed that millennial workers value time freedom, personal development and the opportunity to make a difference all above even a higher salary.

Bank of America Retreats, Tail Fully Tucked

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Bank of America made it official today by shelving plans to charge a $5 debit card fee to their customers (which I am, gladly, not one of). Here’s what BofA said: “In response to customer feedback and the changing competitive marketplace, Bank of America no longer intends to implement a debit usage fee. ” They Said: “Bank of America no longer intends to implement a debit usage fee.” Uncategorized Bank of America BofA debit cards PR

America's Coolest College Startups 2014

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For the sixth year running, Inc.''s s list spotlights the nation''s top startups taking campuses by storm. Not long ago, people would call college "kids" who start businesses quaint. Now they call them the boss.

From the Vault: America’s Founding Entrepreneurs

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As this is a holiday weekend (and the entire team is trying to get in a little recreation), we thought we’d repurpose this and see if it still has legs… On this Independence Day I have been thinking about the summer of ’76 and America’s Founding Fathers. inspiration Small business 4th of july America entrepreneur entrepreneurship independence day leadership patriotism start-up startup startups Strategy

Help Get MakerBots In Classrooms Across America

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The post Help Get MakerBots In Classrooms Across America appeared first on Feld Thoughts. Yesterday Amy and I contributed $10,000 to the MakerBot Academy campaign which is on a mission to put a MakerBot 3D printer in every school in the United States. We did it via a contribution on Donors Choose , one of our favorite non-profit contribution sites.

These Are the 10 Fastest-Growing Companies in America

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From ice cream to solar panels, these businesses have found the secret to crazy-fast growth.

Virgin America Nails Connected Travel

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I often fly Virgin America from SFO or LAX to BOS or NY. ” It’s actually kind of enjoyable to be spending the day on Virgin America flying across the country. Travel travel virgin america wifiI travel a lot. I’m not a particularly high maintenance traveller as I can sleep from wheels up to wheels down on most flights.

Happy Birthday United States of America

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I’m glad I get to live in the United States of America. I started reading the Declaration of Independence every year on America’s birthday a while ago and just read it again. I’d like to believe that in America, we’ll continue to be at the forefront of human society as we work through these issues. Happy birthday America. The post Happy Birthday United States of America appeared first on Feld Thoughts.

The Greatest Strength of America is Immigration and Integration

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After months of enduring the utter nonsense of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz talking about how America has lost its way I can’t recommend City of Gold highly enough as an antidote. America is us.

Sorry, America: You're Not Overtaxed.

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Americans may feel like their taxes are too high, but compared to the rest of the world, they're far below average. Money

The Best Cities in America If You're Looking for a Job

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A few cities you might expect--and a few you wouldn't--are home to the most new jobs at the fastest-growing companies in America

Time to Flip Power In America Upside Down

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The post Time to Flip Power In America Upside Down appeared first on Feld Thoughts. I’m totally sick and exhausted with our federal government.

In His Farewell Letter to Virgin America, Richard Branson Displays This 1 Rare Leadership Trait

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In his farewell letter to Virgin America employees, Richard Branson does a masterful job of recognizing them for their accomplishments. Icons of Entrepreneurship

America’s Entrepreneurial Innovation Needs Help

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The $30 billion trade surplus in advanced technology products that America enjoyed just one decade ago has now become a $56 billion deficit. Nothhaft, in his new book “ Great Again: Revitalizing America's Entrepreneurial Leadership ” are already calling these last ten years the “Lost Decade.”

Can Jack Ma Recreate Alibaba's Tech Triumphs In Middle America?

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"We are so influential in China--but nobody in America knows about us," the executive chairman and lead founder of Alibaba says. Technology

China 20

America's Favorite Fast-Food Restaurant Is. Clue: Not McDonald's

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All of America's burger, pizza and chicken joints are improving. Apparently. But one stands out

Experts: America's Happiness Obsession Is Backfiring Badly

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We're bombarded by happiness advice all the time, so why are we getting objectively more miserable

Jeff Bezos's Amazon Is the Most Authentic Brand in America

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Increasingly, customers reward brands they consider to be more 'authentic.'. Behind the Brand

Startup Day Across America on August 29

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That is why the Global Accelerator Network is thrilled to support the first ever Startup Day Across America on August 29. If you are interested in learning more about the Startup Day Across America, please contact Eve Lieberman in Congressman Jared Polis’ office who will connect you with the person leading the charge in your district. The post Startup Day Across America on August 29 appeared first on Feld Thoughts. Though it may seem as if politicians in Washington, D.C.

The 25 Top-Paying Jobs in America

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Some careers pay more than others. Here are the ones that pay the most. The Inc.

Code for America Hosts CodeAcross in San Antonio


Together, they seek to tackle issues around transparency, information about school closures, creating customer service portals, discovering […] The post Code for America Hosts CodeAcross in San Antonio appeared first on SiliconHills. San Antonio City of San Antonio Code for America CodeAcross Rackspace By LAURA LOREK Founder of Silicon Hills News Think of this group as super heroes for the city of San Antonio.

Americas Cup: A Polymath event

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Oracle invited me and a few other analysts to Bermuda to witness a few of the races in the 35th America’s Cup. It is a vendor of many technologies to the US team and I was interested in all the. Industry Commentary Innovative Business Uses of Technology

The Spirit of America

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On this great day when we celebrate America, our freedoms and our way of life, please enjoy (and add to!) And then they came home, put their heads down, and built a new America. my list of twenty of why this is the greatest country in the history of the world: #20. Hollywood. Disneyland. Broadway. Entertainment happens here. #19. Red Sox - Yankees, Celtics - Lakers, The Super Bowl, The Final Four. Sports are spectacle here. #18. Jesus. Moses. Mohammed. The Buddha.

If Jeff Bezos Wants to Make America Better (and He Does), This is Where He Should Bring Amazon

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Amazon is building a second headquarters in America. Here's why they should build it in St. Louis. Icons of Entrepreneurship

How The Food Industry Will Play A Role In Solving America's Healthcare Crisis

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Food is a top cause of illness in America. Why it matters to solving one of America's biggest problems

The 10 Richest Millennial Entrepreneurs in America

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With a cumulative net worth of $79 billion, these Millennial founders are seeing massive success

.Net 25

Goodbye, Corporate America: 4 Benefits of Entrepreneurship

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Thinking about leaving corporate life? Here are four perks of entrepreneurship to consider. Startup

The Most Innovative Cities in America

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Meet the 20 American cities that received the most patents in the last century. Plus, a look at the metro areas that dominate the most patent categories. Technological breakthroughs are contagious: They break out in specific areas, then spread.

These Are America's 50 Most Patriotic Brands

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New research suggests some surprises in what consumers believe is a patriotic brand