[INTERVIEW] Glen McKay, Newfoundland Business Leader, Co-Founder of Newfoundland Hard-Rok, Inc.


Cornerstone continues to explore its Cascabel copper-gold discovery in Ecuador as well as other properties in Ecuador and Chile. Be alert to new technology and developing trends in your industry or in areas that could affect your business.

For tech to develop in emerging economies, the first obstacle is trust

The Next Web

Fast forward a few months and I’ve returned to my adopted country of Ecuador with the objective of helping to develop a thriving tech scene. Ecuador’s socialist government has prioritized the tech sector, even going so far as to create an entirely new city focused on the development of knowledge industries. Indeed, now is the time: in countries such as Ecuador mobile penetration is over 100%, meaning there are more cellphones than people, not to mention toilets.


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Why I Doubled Down on YouTube Investments with MiTú

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So they began signing up Spanish-language content producers in Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico and so forth. We’re growing our technology team because as I’ve outlined in the past the best online video companies are a perfect mix of technology and storytelling. Yesterday MiTú Networks announced that Upfront Ventures led a $10 million financing in what is now the largest producer of Latino online videos – primarily driven through YouTube.

Invest in Israel Newsletter June 2010 Edition

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Albaugh, which was founded in 1979, has six plants in the US, Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina, and a joint venture in China, and its South American sales in Brazil, Argentina, and Chile complement Makhteshim’s business in Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador. Red Herring, a global media company, included eight Israeli start-ups among its European Top 100 for 2010 in recognition of their innovations and technologies across their respective industries. SolarEdge Technologies Ltd.,

Epitaph for an Entrepreneur « Steve Blank

Steve Blank

When the kids got older our adventures took us to Mexico, Ecuador , India, Africa and Europe. Filed under: Customer Development , Family/Career , Technology | Tagged: Steve Blank , Entrepreneurs , Tips for Startups « Lies Entrepreneurs Tell Themselves Elephants Can Dance – Reinventing HP » 67 Responses Michael Curry 2.0 , on June 18, 2009 at 6:08 am Said: Steve- Many thanks for your last two posts.